Bani Isra’il and Bani Saud: cousins of interest

Developing Just Leadership

Abu Dharr

Jumada' al-Ula' 10, 1436 2015-03-01


by Abu Dharr (Opinion, Crescent International Vol. 44, No. 1, Jumada' al-Ula', 1436)

Bani Isra’il and Bani Saud are conjoined twins. One cannot survive without the other.

Who said that the Tel Aviv-Washington diplomacy is not working? Where is the impression coming from that Benjamin Netanyahu is losing his edge over the president of the United States? Why are people so politically shallow as to believe all that comes to them from the mesmerizing mainstream media? Let us take a look, and see whether we should believe the politicians and their mouthpieces or the military-intelligence apparatus and their artillery pieces?

For all practical purposes, the joined-at-the-hip decision makers in Tel Aviv and Washington have made use of their command positions over the rulers in Arabia and in Arabdom. The fury of civil wars among Arabians and Arabians has broken out in Iraq and Syria, in East Africa, North Africa, and West Africa, as well as in South Asia and the way things are going pretty soon in the heart of Arabia itself. And you may ask: how did all this happen? And the bullet-proof answer is: because of the official and religious Saudi belief in kufr. There are thousands, nay, tens of thousands of Arabians and Muslims being killed month after month in the middle of the Muslim East without the Zionists and their imperialist slaves losing as much as a few incidental “mishaps” generally included in their jargon of “collateral damage.” How can anyone in their thinking selves not acknowledge that a policy having Arabians killing Arabians and Muslims killing Muslims is a success story? This has to go down in history as Zionist brilliance vs. Arabian stupidity.

Sit back and watch your nightly news; you will see Arabian fighter jets and Arabian pilots utilizing their aerodynamic skills as they target their enemies? And who are their enemies? Arabians scattered in the Levant, the land of the Euphrates and Tigris, North Africa, etc. All the casualties and all the devastation are self-made, self-destructive, and self-defeating!

There was a time, not long ago, when these Saudi-led and Saudi-fed Arabian regimes would go to the United Nations — for propaganda purposes of course — to forge some type of resolution or plan of action against Israeli aggression or occupation. That seems remote now. These Arabian featherbrains are now seeking international legitimacy to kill themselves. All of this is done in the name of combating terrorism. They never asked the United Nations for attacking Israeli terrorism with their armory and arsenal.

Where were these dauntless pilots and their thunderous warplanes when the Israeli military — combat aircraft, tanks, missiles, cannons, and howitzers — were attacking Arabians and Muslims in Ghazzah this last summer for over 50 days? Over 2,200 innocent Palestinians killed, about one-third of them infants and children, more than 10,000 injured and maimed for life, more than 1,000 homes obliterated… but in the political and military dictionary of the third-class Arabian regime, Zionist crimes against humanity do not meet the definition of terrorism.

The acts committed by those identifying themselves as ISIS are vicious and brutal by any religious or secular criterion, to be condemned by all people of conscience and morality. The Egyptian pre-Arabians scramble their aircraft and attack who knows whom in Libya under the pretext that 21 Egyptian Copts were slaughtered there — as the whole world saw. So, where was the Egyptian Air Force when Israel massacred thousands of Palestinians? Where was Egypt when Israel butchered and killed hundreds of Lebanese? The infants and babies of southern Lebanon and southern Palestine who were slain by Israeli forces do not appear on the radar of the Egyptian political class of slaves.

The whole world goes into a frenzy and forges a coalition of the willing to destroy Iraq under that broad heading that they are out to topple a dictator and democratize the Middle East. When Syria came up for destabilization and disintegration, these Zionist serving politicians gave us “the friends of Syria” with, initially, over 150 countries attending meetings and conferences four years ago. Now we have dozens of nation-states binding together to follow-up on their initial plans to break up both Syria and Iraq, using their own Saudi created ISIS to “legitimize” the whole enterprise.

As a reminder, four years ago at the beginning of that much-flattered Arabian Spring the same Arabian culprits through their “Arab League” provided the “legitimacy” for the combined Euro-American military attack against Libya (the Zionists are proving themselves right when they say something to the effect that the distance between them and the rest of humanity is the same as the distance between humanity and the animal kingdom — look they are all killing themselves for our survival!). Weren’t the explicitly rich Arabian regimes the ones who financed the whole debacle against Qaddafi? Let us remind ourselves of the macho royals who demonstrated their worth in the destruction of Libya: Saudi Arabia, the United Arab(ian) Emirates, and Qatar. Libya is a failed state not because it was attacked by Israel, it is a failed state because it was pounced on by the attack dogs of Zion: militarily and financially. The sorry saga continues with its blood and tears up until this very day, and now Egypt may finally fulfill Qaddafi’s dream of unity with Egypt. But on Zionist terms: a military takeover of Libya by Egypt is certainly a probability.

Egypt has its eyes on Libya for more reasons than one. The Saudi cash machine cannot be taken for granted. Libya has the petro-dollars that the Egyptian economy so desperately needs. Egypt has its own version of internal civil disobedience. Egypt has a low intensity war going on against “extremists” in the Sinai. Egypt does not know what Ethiopia will do with the water dam that can virtually shut off the Nile from being the major agricultural source of life.

Official Egypt covets a self-serving unity with Libya. And official Egypt may not know that what it wants is not what it is going to get. Egypt may be drawn into an internal Libyan civil war that will sap the Egyptian potential, which could otherwise be used to liberate Palestine.

Arabian officials are reaching the end of their line. They used to rely upon their intelligence services and internal security apparatus to protect them from their own people. Now those services are not enough. Now they have to rely upon their militaries for protection, in addition to the militaries of their Euro-American deities. Have you noticed that all the mainstream media in the world is conspicuously silent about those Euro-American military bases and aircraft carriers in Arabia, the Persian Gulf, on both sides of the Red Sea, in the Arabian Sea, and in the Mediterranean Sea?

The Zionist regime is the largest military base in the Muslim East, it occupies Arab territories, it treats the Palestinians (Muslims and Christians) like animals, it has a racist ideology, it is governed by bigots and fanatics, it has thousands of Palestinians in administrative or civil detention, it is building new colonies (not settlements) on lands belonging to Palestinians, it has a nuclear arsenal of more than 400 nuclear weapons, and it is in violation of scores of international laws and United Nations’ resolutions… and the Arabian regimes are busy and preoccupied with a “nuclear threat” from Islamic Iran!!

So who is the genius behind this “Arabian bloodletting” and “Islamic” self-defeat? Lest we forget, the obnoxious Brits were the creators of Saudi Arabia. The Saudi officials are eternally grateful to their British lords for seeing them through the challenges of the past two centuries from the takfiri battle-cry of the Wahhabis against the Ottoman Turks, to the takfiri refrain against godless Arab nationalism, to, now, the takfiri catchphrases against Shi‘is and watchwords against Muslims of self-determination who are neither coopted by the Saudi trap of ISIS, nor fooled by political agendas that exclude the liberation of Palestine from their purview.

If Muslims could liberate themselves from the Zionist and British smothering of the Quranic language they could see very clearly that Bani Saud are the munafiqin of our time. The inability, so far to do that, has given the Zionists the deep cover they enjoy by playing the Arabians as the fools that they are.

Saudi Arabia, the predecessor of ISIS, the originator of takfir, and the prototype of the other Arabian regimes, is the source of all the evil in the Muslim world. An incapacity to see the Saudi “double-crossers” for who they are will haunt every effort to bring peace to that tortured part of the world. When will Muslims see through the British imagery of the Saudis as “custodians of the two Harams”? When will Muslims see Zionist politicians cloaked in Islamic appearances within Islamic geographies called “the family of Saud”?

We have to confess: the Zionists have outsmarted the Muslims by creating the Saudi fifth column in the birthplace of Islam, in the homeland of the Prophet (pbuh), and in the country of the Qur’an… a Saudi fifth column of nifaq proportions that educates ISIS and its enemies, finances ISIS and its enemies, and then seeks to destroy both ISIS and its enemies. All the while the inventors of the Saudi monarchy are smoking their cigars and drinking to their success for destroying Islamic ideology with Islamic theology.

By the depletion of time, man is in a state of loss, except for those who commit themselves [to Allah’s power and authority] and work together in expressing the truth, and work together in perseverance [for it] (103:1–3).

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