In trying to destroy Islamic self-determination, US has destroyed itself on behalf of Zionist Israel

Empowering Weak & Oppressed

Abu Dharr

Dhu al-Qa'dah 03, 1432 2011-10-01


by Abu Dharr (Opinion, Crescent International Vol. 40, No. 8, Dhu al-Qa'dah, 1432)

Some people think that the US and Israel are really smart. We beg to differ. Let us explain. The bird dogs of Washington and the kennel dogs of Tel Aviv, in the aftermath of the Soviet Union’s demise, had enough information to be convinced that an Islamic “danger” was brewing.

Some people think that the US and Israel are really smart. We beg to differ. Let us explain. The bird dogs of Washington and the kennel dogs of Tel Aviv, in the aftermath of the Soviet Union’s demise, had enough information to be convinced that an Islamic “danger” was brewing. This they learned the hard way: they waited a full decade as they were arming their man in Baghdad to defeat the Islamic State in Iran. And when the results came in and the establishments in Israel and America realized that Islamic Iran could not be defeated, they set out with a grand scheme to smother Islamic self-determination in its cradle (Islamic Iran). The master plan was to fight fire with fire: in this case, to fight Islamic populism with Islamic populism. What this means is that the imperialist-Zionist brains were now convinced that the populist Islamic revolution in Iran had to be consumed by another strain of populist Islam. Behold! The birth of the Taliban and al-Qaeda.

Academic researchers would do well to dig out the information about the Afghan decade, when vulnerable mujahidin were intermingling with undercover agents from all over the world, particularly the CIA and Mossad, not to mention an array of Arabian intelligence agents who were planted deep inside the sundry factions of mujahidin. During the 1990s of the imperialist calendar, the meteoric rise of these two factions was phenomenal. Three US satellite nation-states offered them diplomatic recognition: the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the princedom of the United Arab Emirates, and the American turf of Pakistan. The takfiri strand in this American-induced popular Islam was supposed to ferment into a fireball of sectarianism that would burn Islamic Iran back into its sectarian and nationalist shell. With all the fuel of Arabia pumped into the combustible chamber of sectariansim, this project did not take off. The brush fires of this policy still burn in Pakistan, Iraq, Bahrain, and now possibly Syria.

So what do you think the next step by the hybrid politicians of Tel Aviv and Washington would be? You got it: America’s declared war on terrorism! America that was born out of an ugly bout of religious intolerance and strife in Europe was now ready to wage (religious) war half way around the world — deep down inside the internal affairs of other people’s countries — to kill off Islamic self-determination.

Osama bin Laden was to meet the fate of Saddam Hussein. The latter could not do the job of militarily defeating Islamic self-determination in Iran on behalf of the Zionist and American interests so he had to go. And go he did, on America’s orders, via the hangman’s noose. And then Bin Laden, who could not do the job of religiously defeating Islamic self-determination in Iran on behalf of the Zionist and American interests, had to go. And go he did, on America’s orders, in a method that will not be officially declassified for another half a century or more.

What is it in the American-Israeli psyche that motivates it to launch into this type of warfare, which by its own confession may last for more than 100 years? America’s official numbers so far tell us that in its first decade of warfare against a tribal Afghanistan and a diminished Iraq there have been around 6,500 American military personnel killed in combat, some 50,000 physically wounded, and over 100,000 psychologically injured. Along with them over 1,300 soldiers from coalition forces have been killed in these two war-torn countries. The costs of these “made for Israel” wars range from $1.2 trillion to over $4 trillion. And this does not include the coming 100 years of warfare against Islamic self-determination around the world.

Before Uncle Sam came out swinging in the aftermath of 9/11, a barrel of oil sold for $28. And now it is over $100. The price of gold shot up from around $215 to over $1,900. The US economy is, in slow motion, approaching a financial recession that has the potential of ballooning into a Great Depression a-la the 1930s. The unemployment rate is around 20%, though the US government officially acknowledges slightly over 9% unemployed. After everything is calculated and computed the national debt of the US is in the tens of trillions of dollars. The US (thanks to Israel) has the dubious distinction of being a superpower and a super-pauper at the same time. What a decade has done: the debt-credit relationship between the US and China has virtually switched sides.

Let us ask: was it worth it? Is it still worth it? A smart person will say: heck no! But the chief executives, congressmen, and national leaders in Zionist-occupied America and Zionist-occupied Palestine will tell you: of course it is worth it! This warmongering and this bloodlust continue to the detriment of all the peoples involved.

Besides, no one asks the question: is Islamic self-determination any business of the United States, Europe, India, or any other country that is interfering in the internal affairs of close to two billion Muslims in the world?

America! Chill out. Cool your heels and use your mind. You cannot occupy Muslim countries indefinitely. You cannot hold on to tyrants and dictators indefinitely. You cannot protect Israeli racism indefinitely. Justice has to take its course, with or without you. In 2001 your military budget was around $364 billion. In 2011 you have more than doubled it to over $725 billion.

The yearly gross national income of Afghanistan is less than $30 billion. Imagine if you — America — had spent the trillions of dollars in military expenditures on infrastructure in Afghanistan instead of pummeling that poor country into buildings of rubble and skeletons of bleached bones! We the Muslims ask: what is it in the depths of your hearts and in the core of your brains that rationalizes this all-out war against Muslims who are coming of political age and want to have representative governments and independent policies? What makes you dehumanize Muslims? Your official statistics do not speak about the millions of Muslims in these ten years who have been killed, injured, and displaced by your brutal occupations and offensive militaries. They do not count! And your statements do not fail to give the impression that Islam is of the devil (nastaghfirullah).

What is it in the political establishments on both sides of the Atlantic that sees in Islam a type of “eternal enemy”? You spent trillions of dollars in military budgets to antagonize one fourth of humanity, and in the process you are militarizing them. If you were really itching to spend trillions of dollars in those countries you could have spent it building hospitals, highways, light and heavy industries, agricultural development, etc. and wouldn’t the world have been a better place for everyone?

But, in your private thoughts, you know (and we know) that it all boils down to your unwillingness to live with us in a world of mutual respect and equality. To you it is a zero sum game.

And in our generation, your true nature surfaced with your blind and unqualified gladiator support for the racist, segregationist state of Israel. Things were going pretty well for you and your Israeli project until the coming of the Islamic Revolution in Iran. You could not summon enough courage to recognize the Islamic will of the Iranian people. And up until this very day you do not have the spirit to recognize Islamic self-determination wherever you see it: in Egypt, in Palestine, in Lebanon, and everywhere else it exists.

With this expanding record of imperial folly, we still have not heard a public voice that has the integrity to say that American political behavior toward the Muslims of the world has been criminal, and it has to stop. Such silence is an accomplice to Israeli-inspired American war crimes and crimes against humanity.

America’s military has buried its morality. A monster is on the loose. The Zionist-American Iraqi option did not work, the Zionist-American Afghan option did not work. Now it is the Zionist-American option bareheaded that shall not work. How long will it take for wearisome politicians to come to their senses and reverse course; even though we believe it is too late for that, “And [in due time] offensive criminals [of war] will come to realize the end result of their dereliction” (26:227).

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