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Abu Dharr

Sha'ban 14, 1436 2015-06-01


by Abu Dharr (Opinion, Crescent International Vol. 44, No. 4, Sha'ban, 1436)

Far from learning from history, the Arabian rulers continue to expose their criminal nature by aligning with the enemies of Islam against committed Muslims. They are digging their own graves.

The psychological fallout from the self-inflicted grand Saudi entrapment in Yemen is stunning. If only the Muslims of the world were listening in on the comments and commentaries that have been circulating within the councils of many officials and the menages of some pedestrians in that peninsula wedged between Asia and Africa the listening Muslims would be tickled silly because of the buffoonery of their highnesses and their majesties… or they would be crying tears of blood because of their highnesses and majesties conspiracies and capitulation…

While the world is keeping an eye on the military movements and social upheaval in and around Yemen (land, air, and sea), what has gone unnoticed is the mental life of those who are running desert dynasties, along with those who cheer their every move!

In the past couple of months those who have access to the “internal mind” of loudmouth (Saudi) Arabian sycophants have noticed they are living in a dream world. In the immediate aftermath of the commencing of hostilities led by the ‘asabiyah Saudis against their southern neighbor, poor and impoverished Yemen, we began hearing their personal opinions and off-the-record beliefs that this war in Yemen has brought back the lost pride and dignity of the Arabs and the Muslims! Listen to that! Bombing one of the poorest countries in the world has brought back the pride and dignity long lost on Arabian decision makers! Israel the bully on the Holy Land beats the poop out of Arab-dom from Morocco the monarchy to Kuwait the kleptocrats and this Arabian ‘usbah feels accomplished and triumphant as it kills and maims babies, children, women, the elderly, and innocent civilians in the thousands every month while brandishing the title of “the Custodian of the Haramayn”! Where do you begin to expose these parched politicians?

For starters, the lucrative lords of imperialism and the hero worshipers of Israel have succeeded in imposing a state of blanket fear upon the rulers in Arabia. This fear of “Islamic Iran” has trickled down to a portion of the population. This manufactured combined fear in ‘asabiyah Arabia of Islamic Iran has convinced Bahrain, the United Arab(ian) Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Qatar that they have to do everything within their means to combat Islamic Iran. The military coalition of the billing (the GCC countries along with a few others who are in on it because of their need for money and finances) attacked Yemen first because of the American-Israeli manufactured fear of Islamic Iran. In this theater, Netanyahu’s appearances and speeches in the United Nations and the US Congress — multiple times — contributes to the hysteria that is intended to eventually lead up to draining the bank accounts of the princely petro-politicians.

Al-Shaytan al-Akbar is playing all the relevant psychological cords. On one side, this shaytan is building up a terror-monster image out of Islamic Iran so that moneyed-politicians of Arabia are driven, for survival purposes, to purchase weapons that are used to kill other Muslims in the Peninsula and beyond, in the Gulf and beyond, in Holy Lands and beyond… On the other side, this shaytan has been sitting down with representatives of Islamic Iran and discussing the “nuclear issue”! And this is a non-issue as Islamic Iran has no nuclear weapons program. This has been going on for almost two years now —two years in which the Ahzab Arabians have been watching, fearing that their master will “switch sides,” and abandon them and embrace their Iranian “nemesis”! And here again these Arabian political toddlers would do anything to remain in the master-hug of their benefactor!

Figure it out: the master in Washington is talking peace with Islamic Iran and the slaves in Arabia are pushing for war with Islamic Iran! The ministers of defense and their deputies and assistants are streaming into the war-corporations to sign on the dotted line. Mind you, when these transactions for warplanes, tanks, missiles, etc. are signed, none of this material is to be used against Zionist Israel — it’s a gentleman’s agreement!

What are we to anticipate? Maybe the USA, France, and Britain will harvest this long-in-the-making Arabian fear to set up missile sites in the Arabian peninsula directed against Islamic Iran. The bootlicking Arabians will foot the bill from resources that belong to the people — and not to majestic muluk (kings) — parallel to the missile sites in Eastern Europe (Poland and Romania) against Russia. We may see an increase in the number of American bases in the land of Muhammad (pbuh). The Arabians pay handsome money; and if the Pakistanis and Turks are not willing to “fight the good fight” against an “Iranian bridgehead” in the Arabian peninsula then these Arabians will go and rent an army. We know that Pakistanis, Africans, and Muslims are on the bottom of the pay scale in ‘asabiyah Arabia and the blond Euro-Americans are on the top of their pay scale. Diplomatic chatter has it that there is a deal worth hundreds of billions of dollars — the Arabians buying and the imperialists selling. The Arabian officials are being blackjacked and blackmailed, pure and simple. Euro-American economies are faltering. Cash is in high demand. Natural resources are a priority. And these Arabians are the suckers.

Arabians, spoiled by their own greed and self-centeredness, can’t use their minds to agree on whether a deal between Tehran and Washington is a good thing or a bad thing! Minds incapable of taking Allah’s (swt) words into the real word end up enfeebled by what are called the P5+1’s discussions with Iran. The Arabian softies cannot figure out whether they have a friendly neighbor (Iran) or an unfriendly one — even when Allah (swt), His Prophet (pbuh), the Qur’an and common sense tell them to get to know their neighbor. Their playboy detachment from reality has some of them thinking that there is a formidable conspiracy by Washington and Tehran against them! They can’t make sense out of the contradictory signals coming out of Tel Aviv. They are so drunk in their sensual world that nothing makes much sense to them any longer.

This is where they are going to have to become sober. The have to wake up from their hallucinations where friends are enemies and enemies are friends. If they had what it takes and were sincere and serious they would come out of their psychedelic politics and look at the world as it is. If they were true to their Islamic civilization, ideology, and character they would simply acknowledge the strides of progress accomplished by Islamic Iran, which has come a long way in building its infrastructure, its industrial base, homegrown technology, military capabilities and, first and foremost, its untainted independence. Islamic Iran has gone from a flunky regime to a world-class participatory form of government. Big powers in the world have taken notice. Unlike the rulers in Arabia, the pacesetters in Islamic Iran have forced the hand of the “superpowers.” Even as the USA, on behalf of the Israelis, is trying its best to bring Islamic Iran to its economic knees, the Islamic Republic of Iran is standing tall.

If Arabians are ever to catch up with Islamic Iran, they would have to become Islamic and shed all this dependency on military hardware from Zionist-centric powers. The world respects those who have self-dignity, genuine independence, and the power of principles. This comes when citizens and rulers are working together as is the case in Islamic Iran and as is not the case in the myriad Arabian cantons. When the whole population — from head to toe — works together in the fields of science, social development, public services, economic integration, research and development, etc, then there will be forward movement. The Arabian regimes are at cross-purposes with their own peoples: they take away their liberties, they stifle their intellectual potential, they turn their militaries against them or they throw their cream of the crop youth into internecine warfare..

If these Arabians could shed their ‘asabiyah they could see with 20/20 vision that Islamic Iran survived hot wars and cold wars; it survived name-calling and fame-shaming; and it survived boycotts and sieges. Is it too much to ask these Arabians to identify the facts and be fair to the truth?

The Arabs themselves — not the Arabian rulers — have to learn from their Iranian brothers. The past four decades of the struggle of the Muslims in Iran is not something to be afraid of. It serves as a lesson for freedom lovers and justice seekers everywhere. The latest sectarian smokescreen is meant to delay that day of awakening when Arabs become the brothers of Iranians, Turks, Asians, Africans and the oppressed who are longing for equality, justice, and liberty. The people in Iran did not achieve what they did by daydreaming. They had to pay the price of independence and sovereignty. The people in Iran had confidence in their selfless leadership. The Arabs need a selfless leadership that inspires their confidence — not the ragtag poodles of imperialism and Zionism who rule by fiat in Arabia and farther. Throw the bums out of Arabia. Open the doors of Makkah and Madinah and have all Muslims come together in an ummah that befits its title.

Islamic Iran (leaders and people) is the only supporter of the Palestinians. And we dare say Arabian rulers are the only supporters of the enemies of the Palestinians, “You are [meant to be] the best Ummah [in your role] interacting with people: [which demands] you construct the self evident right and you deconstruct the self evident wrong…” (3:110).

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