Saudi genocidal war in Yemen continues

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Catherine Shakdam

Dhu al-Hijjah 17, 1436 2015-10-01

News & Analysis

by Catherine Shakdam (News & Analysis, Crescent International Vol. 44, No. 8, Dhu al-Hijjah, 1436)

Into its sixth month, the Saudi genocidal war on Yemen shows no signs of abating. Thousands of civilians have been killed and 22 million of Yemen’s 24 million population is food deficient but the Yemenis are not prepared to surrender to the Najdi Bedouin aggressors.

Even if much of the world has become accustomed to the litany of destruction streaming out of Yemen, it is time to focus on the human tragedies which are choking this once proud and buoyant people of Southern Arabia.

With a history stretching over a millennium, Yemen has seen its fair share of invaders and yet, never did its people face such vicious and systematic attacks, especially from an enemy who continues to portray itself as a ‘saviour’ and ‘benefactor’. If anything is to be remembered of this unlawful and amoral war on Yemen, it is that Saudi Arabia is actively engineering the destruction of an entire people. The sons of Hamdan have come under unprecedented pressure before the might of the Najdi Bedouins.

Even if armies can be bought and men’s loyalties changed, as the Najdi Bedouins are so fond of doing, the people of Yemen are carved from a different cloth altogether. Yemenis today are fighting for their children’s future. And while their weapons might be few and light in comparison to the huge inventory in Al Saud’s arsenal, thanks to the US, Britain and France, the Yemenis’ hands are strong and their hearts steady.

This war, however, is not just a battle of weapons between two armies or two people; this war is claiming Yemen’s innocence by manufacturing orphans. If every death is a tragedy in itself, what should be said of a life robbed of its future?

With a history stretching over a millennium, Yemen has seen its fair share of invaders and yet, never did its people face such vicious and systematic attacks...

As bombs rain down on their heads, it is such questions that have come to darken the skies of Yemen. Those war criminals that still can manage to rationalize the unthinkable, their deeds will be weighed in a higher court. If evil has indeed many faces, its victims all share in the same heartbreak. In Yemen today this pain has befallen hundreds of innocent children, the unwarranted victims of a colonial war, of which four symbolize this in graphic ways.

Those children are: Rayan, 12, Rawmisa, 10, Raf‘at, 8 and Retaj, 7.

Earlier in September the four siblings, three brothers and a sister, lost both their parents—their mother to breast cancer and their father to a Saudi-bomb. Both deaths were preventable and directly linked to the regime in Saudi Arabia.

Under almost total blockade like the Zionist blockade of Gaza, Yemen has been deprived of food, medicines and other essential items. To add insult to injury, Yemen’s power and water infrastructure have been systematically targeted in air raids leaving millions without drinking water and electricity.

In September, aid agencies, among them the Mona Relief organization (headed by Dr Riaz Karim) warned that Saudi Arabia’s blockade of Yemen had depleted the country of all its vital supplies. The Yemeni people have been left to endure a famine and while this is widely known, the world turns a blind eye to Riyadh’s atrocities.

“At the moment we only have enough fuel in the north and centre of the country for the next six weeks,” Mark Kaye, acting director of advocacy for Save the Children in Yemen told The Independent in an interview last month. Under the reign of terror unleashed by the Bani Saud, Yemen’s hospitals resemble more like mortuaries than they do places of healing. Yet many regimes in the world actively aid and abet Saudi crimes.

Those children now face an uncertain future. Who will offer them the protection they need and deserve? Who will be there to dry their tears and bring back their smiles? If it was not for the Mona Relief organization, those children would have remained anonymous, lost among the long list of others, the victims of crimes the Najdi Bedouins have and continue to commit in Yemen.

The 1.6 billion strong Muslims worldwide celebrated Eid Al Adha on September 24 (or 25). This is a re-enactment of the total submission and sacrifice of Prophet Ibrahim (as). How many Muslims coming together in prayers to remember Prophet Ibrahim’s absolute submission before Allah, spared a thought for the suffering people of Yemen? How many remembered Yemen’s orphans robbed of a future by the gang of criminals masquerading as rulers in the Arabian Peninsula?

The day we walk away from our children’s pain and suffering will truly be the day we lose ourselves completely.

Yemen is more than a territory, it is a people and a history.

But Bani Saud’s crimes do not end there. Riyadh wishes more than the murder of the people; it wants to rob Yemen of its soul by denying it its religious heritage. Delivering the Hajj khutbah in Masjid al-Nimra on the day of Arafat, the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia, Shaykh Abd al-Aziz al-Shaykh denounced the Houthis and the Resistance as apostates. In one grand sweep, one of the ‘highest’ authorities of ‘Sunni’ Islam, chose the sacred occasion of Hajj to strike the Yemenis out of Islam, implying that their stand against the Najdi Bedouins means that they forfeited their Islamic faith altogether.

These court appointed ulama have not been able to muster the courage to talk about decades-long Zionist atrocities against innocent Palestinians, yet they are quick to denounce opponents of the Saudi regime. How can they open their mouths against Zionist or imperialist crimes against innocent Muslims when the regime that finances them is subservient to Zionism and imperialism? Zionists are now the bosom pals of the Najdi Bedouins and are on kissing terms with each them!

For all their might and riches, the Bani Saud cannot rule on matters the last Prophet of Allah warned us lies in the hands of God.

Only hours after the Grand Mufti slammed Zaydi Islam for its so-called “divergence” a suicide bomber targeted a mosque in the Yemeni capital, Sana‘a. The blast occurred in the Balili mosque where Houthi men and supporters often pray. Witnesses reported that after the first blast inside the mosque, a suicide bomber detonated an explosives belt at the entrance as worshippers were rushing outside. Dozens were killed and scores more injured.

While the two incidents—the grand mufti’s kutbah and the suicide bombers—may not be directly related, they both speak to the sectarian-based hatred eating away at the global Muslim community. It must be noted that the Najid Bedouins and their takfiri agents whether in Syria, Iraq or Yemen are guilty of violating the fundamental commands of Allah as enshrined in the noble Qur’an. The months of Dhul Qa‘dah, Dhul Hijjah and Muharram are sacred months. Every kind of fighting is strictly forbidden. Yet the Najdi Bedouins have paid no regard to these Qur’anic commands. Even the mushriks of Makkah had greater regard for these sacred months. It shows how low the Najdi Bedouins have sunk and how far they have strayed from Islam. They have the gall to denounce other Muslims as “apostates” and “kafirs”.

Such is the evil the people of Yemen face. The criminal nature of the Najdi Bedouins that have illegally occupied the Arabian Peninsula stands exposed before the whole world but most rulers prefer to look the other way. They are complicit in the crimes being perpetrated by the Bani Saud.

Even if there is no justice in this world, there will definitely be justice in the court of the Just Lord. Of this, we are certain.

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