The nature of the zionists and imperialists threatening Islamic Iran

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Abu Dharr

Rajab 29, 1429 2008-08-01

Guest Editorial

by Abu Dharr (Guest Editorial, Crescent International Vol. 37, No. 6, Rajab, 1429)

Last month, the world's mainstream media was abuzz with news items about the world's only genuine Islamic state test launching missiles that it has designed and built itself. Lost in this media hysteria was the fact that the imperialist powers of the world have never since the Islamic Revolution in 1979 mustered the courage to recognize the independence, sovereignty, and – most importantly – the Islamic leadership of Iran's new Islamic State. Instead, vacillating governments from all parts of the political spectrum, left, centre and right, have insisted for decades on marshalling their officials and diplomats as negotiating foot-soldiers for Israel, virtually a consecrated deity in the modern West. Throughout the presidency of the war criminal George W. Bush, therefore, the world has been subjected to one intensive propaganda campaign after another, focusing on portraying the popular and legitimate Islamic leadership in Iran as "blood-drenched mullahs", in a typical neo-con demonization campaign similar to those used to justify their invasions and brutal occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan.

When we read of the US Navy's imperialist Fifth and Sixth fleets based permanently in the the Arabian and Mediterranean Seas, of repeatedly Israeli military exercises, the constant intensification of US military and intelligence operations on the Afghan-Pakistan borders, of repeated meetings between American and Israeli generals in the Pentagon and elsewhere, and the numerous other American-Israeli omens, Muslims should be able to see past the political propaganda facade they are trying to create and promote.

The mostly-unspoken truth of the matter is that the huge number of nuclear weapons stockpiled by Israel are no longer without a potential challenge. Just the "potential" of that challenge is what is ringing the alarm bells throughout the murderous Euro-American establishment. Within that establishment, Israel has the dubious position of victim and vulture simultaneously. Simply put, Israel as America's proxy has stopped dead all the Arabian regimes since they were born in a baptism of military coups or in a bar mitzvah of crown princes being anointed the kings. Israel, with its unholy alliance with evangelical groups in America, has taken over the "Christian" conscience since the holocaust. Its "moral" terror cells still roam the globe looking for geriatric Nazis from suburban America to the remote areas of Argentina and Chile. With their dual citizenship, Israeli Mossad and Shin Bet agents work under cover of their non-Israeli nationality to steal state secrets from the United States, to sell intelligence and military information and technology to China and to the highest bidder, and to spy on any American patriot who dares to put his country before the interests of Israel.

Not to be a David, Israel has acquired a Goliath status with its own long-, medium- and short-range ballistic missiles. Those missiles have come on-line thanks to the technology generously and clandestinely passed to Israel by the Euro-American imperium. The International Atomic Energy Agency – the UN body charged with monitoring nuclear proliferation – is powerless when it comes to Israel. Thus, the zionist rulers in Tel Aviv have been in possession of nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction for the past forty years, at least. If the world media's head was not dislocated from its shoulders, it would frankly express its greater fear of the criminal class of politicians in Tel Aviv that is in possession of nuclear weapons and has a long record of aggression and expansionism, than that of a "theological" class of rulers who are not in possession of nuclear weapons. And that is assuming that the peaceful nuclear programme in Islamic Iran goes into uranium-enrichment for military purposes.

The zionists and imperialists should be happy that they have managed to remove Islam from the minds and political cultures of hundreds of millions of Muslims for centuries now. But the greed born of their colonial hubris drives them into an ill-fated future that cannot bear to see Muslims rediscover their Islam, as have the Muslims in Iran. And the terror that shocks them into nightmares is to see an Islamic leadership with a Muslim population on their way to technological independence. The West with its imperialist and zionist wings has enjoyed a century of building nuclear reactors in Muslim territories, as in Central Asia, and dumping nuclear waste in Muslim territories in Africa. Now they want to snatch technological victory from the lion's teeth. For any Muslim country to possess even peaceful peaceful nuclear technology is unacceptable to them.

Satanic zionism has been at war with Islamic self-determination through the regime in Washington and other regimes in Europe. And now this Zionism is politically neurotic about the combination of Islamic determination and technological independence inQum and Tehran. At the same time, this manic-depressive political order lodged in Tel Aviv and Washington in particular is afraid of using its military might against independent Islamic Iran, lest it inadvertently awaken the military conscience of two billion Muslims. So, short of military aggression, the half-crazed thinking heads of imperial zionism are trying to turn the economic screws on the only proven state and leadership the two billion Muslims have: Islamic Iran. Total, the flagship French oil company, has withdrawn its intention to cooperate with Iran's oil industry. We can almost see the zionist American senator Joseph Lieberman and his staff working overtime to position the financial institutions of the West against the self-governing Islamic Iran.

Muslims reborn within the realities of a world order hostile to Islamic self-rule should brace for the zionists moving heaven and hell to try to damage the oil trade so that they can damage the Islamic Republic. The as yet unexplained jump in the price of oil may be the precursor to a worldwide shift from oil-dependence to oil-independence. If the thinking heads of the Israeli political temple have their way they will destroy the world economy to serve Israel.

Another object of this worldwide campaign to bring Iran back to jahiliyah is the westernized class of Iranians. Some of these westernized Iranians were genuine Revolutionaries during the time of the late Imam Khomeini. Now, these same individuals are attracted to the offers that are on the nuclear negotiations table: light-water nuclear reactors, commercial aircraft, direct negotiations, and a red-carpet reception of Iran back into the club of nations. Remunerations and enticements coming from theUnited States – once regarded as the Great Satan – have captivated their once Revolutionary hearts.

As the movers and shakers of imperialism and zionism are trying to move mountains of money away from what is supposed to be a ‘free market' world, the Creator and Maker is inflicting in His own mysterious ways economic and financial instability upon the gargantuan chief spirit of evil and adversary of God – the deeply-divided states of America. If we Muslims could see straight, we would recognise the truth of the blood-drenched plutocracy in Washington, the manipulative and canny autocracy in Tel Aviv, and a bunch of sold-out monarchies and oligarchies in Muslim countries, whose hearts are in the zionist temple and whose empty bodies circle around the Ka‘bah. Only Islamic Iran has its heart and body in the Makkah and Madinah of Muhammad (saw). That this is so hard to come to terms with for the imperialists and zionists we can understand; but why should it be so hard for the Islamic-movement Muslims to acknowledge and endorse?

It is heartbreaking to see the shrewdest kuffar moving mountains against an Islamic state while some misguided Muslims throw pebbles at it. It is, though, inspiring to see how the Islamic leadership of the Islamic state belonging to the Muslim peoples has weathered these challenges.

But of course, committed Muslims do not stand alone. And Allah shall have all things His way, however much some people may resist him.

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