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Abu Dharr

Muharram 06, 1433 2011-12-01

Guest Editorial

by Abu Dharr (Guest Editorial, Crescent International Vol. 40, No. 10, Muharram, 1433)

We said it before, and we will say it again: the only two powers that are fiercely independent and have the wherewithal to influence other powers are the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Zionist res publica of Israel. The other monarchies and nation-states in that part of the world are political tramps and economic ripoffs. Speaking from a strictly “power” point-of-view, who is or what is Saudi Arabia? Or Kuwait, or Jordan, or any of the other cardboard national regimes that report to America and Europe whenever they perceive of a threat coming their way? These two power centers are irreconcilable opposites. Plainly and simply, the Islamic Republic of Iran has at its core the principle and the objective of justice, while the Zionist tribal state has at its core the notion and the nerve of racism.

In the past few weeks and in the coming few months we will hear and see much more pertaining to the clash of wills between Islam in its state formation in Iran and “Judaism” in its state formation in occupied Palestine. The suicidal instincts of the Zionist officials are beginning to take over. The airwaves are heating up with rhetoric and reviews pertaining to an Israeli-American-European war plan against Islamic Iran. What used to be psychological warfare is quickly turning into military movements, troop reinforcements, and repositioning of brigades and land forces from the Pakistan east to the Persian center to Palestine and points farther westward.

The irrational Zionist politicians are beginning to believe their own propaganda, they are going off on a dangerous course of unilateralism hoping to enlist a discordant US body politic whose president is in his last stretch to gain a second term in office.

The “Judeo-Zionist” risk takers just finished concocting a scenario of Iranian agent(s) caught in the act of preparing to assassinate the Saudi-American ambassador in Washington! They hoped this would enlist the Saudis in their unfolding strategy of initiating war hostilities against the Islamic Republic, and some politically childish Saudi royals grasped at this Israeli fabricated event and mouthed fighting words. That balloon, though, got shot down from all directions. The lie was so sleazy and see-through that even the media echo chambers were unable to sustain it as a news item.

Meanwhile, the Israeli sayanim in Israeli occupied America are burning their night candles figuring out how to breath political life into an America that has lost its nerve to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan. So far they have managed to motion the Pentagon into beefing up its military presence in the Persian Gulf region. These sayanims’ counter-parts in not-so-Great Britain motioned her majesty’s servants into developing attack plans on various targets in the Islamic Republic. And to make a media-splash the IAEA came out with its report strongly insinuating that the Islamic Republic of Iran is in the business of working on nuclear technology with military adaptations… or whatever their Israeli-friendly wording is.

Is there a doctor in the house? The Zionist extremists are out of their minds, they have gone bananas. They need their shrinks before it is too late. They should be told that if they decide to ignite a war in and around the Holy Land there will be tens of thousands of missiles and rockets raining down on most if not all Israeli military bases, mobilization centers, Tel Aviv, and especially the northern half of occupied Palestine where Israeli officials retire — in other words Israel’s Florida and California. Anti-tank and anti-air missiles are ready to go off whenever Israel fires the first shot. Under the umbrella of a massive rocket assault from Lebanon into occupied Palestine a number of well-trained and time-tested commando contingents will surge into northern Palestine and head toward its center — and then onward toward al-Quds (Jerusalem). And should the power-crazed Israeli generals decide to move into Lebanon they will find themselves in a massive death-trap.

And this does not take into consideration the hell-fire response that will come from the Islamic Republic of Iran. Let us refresh the suborned memory of Tel Aviv’s politicians; Euro-American intelligence agencies are in possession of information indicating that Islamic Iran has obtained black market nuclear cruise missiles since the disintegration of the Soviet Union. Some may have come from the Ukraine, others from Belarus. The Soviets had Kh-55 missiles with a range of about 2,500 kilometers. It is said that they are also designed to carry a nuclear warhead with a 200-kiloton yield. Thus Iranian warplanes flying within Iranian airspace are more than capable of bombarding a Zionist state at war with Iran from the easy distance of 1,200 kilometers (the distance between Islamic Iran and Zionist Israel). Besides, Iran is 80 times the size of lilliputian Israel. Moreover, if Israel could not bring Hizbullah down, how does it figure it would be able to bring Iran down (an amplification of Hizbullah to the magnitude of tens of thousands)?

As things are shaping up now, it appears that Israel will strike first: either in Lebanon, Syria, or Iran. The current political climate shows Israel on a radar moving in a direction toward Iran. The US, Britain, and maybe even France and Germany will be trailing close behind. They will all lock logistics, intelligence, strategic and operational coordinates together. We will see a NATO on Israeli steroids in action. But where do they think they will go with this? They are like sitting ducks all over the Muslim world. A word of advice to these chief executives and commanders-in-chief who have dislocated their brains with their muscles: before you open the gates of hell in and around the Holy Lands you are counseled to shut-down all your transnational corporations and recall all your functionaries from all of Asia and Africa; otherwise, you will be putting them in harms way. This means you are better off turning the petroleum spigots off voluntarily than having others do it by force.

Such an Israeli war-offense will set into motion tremors throughout the Muslim world. Watch the Israeli diplomatic missions wherever they are in Muslim lands (and there are not many of them); if they begin to scale down or withdraw their essential personnel then they have war on their mind.

You Zio-centrics of the world! If you do make the historical and existential mistake of your lives and decide to go ahead and ignite your war option you will do the Muslims of the world a favor: you will unite all of them against you. The 1% rulers will be of no value to you once this happens. And at the same time you will disunite yourselves. Your own foot-soldiers will be scrambling for their lives. Your alia immigrants will remember their countries of origin in Europe and America and they will beat a path back to where they they came from.

And eventually and finally we, the Muslims of the world, along with all peoples for justice, will have at long last liberated Palestine from your occupation. You don’t know what a relief that will be for the whole world: from the infant crying for food because of your sanction-them-to-death policies around Ghazzah, to the agonizing American elderly couple whose pension, retirement plans, and social security payments are going down the debt-hole because of your politically sanctioned raids on the US Treasury and financial institutions — all done in the name of high and holy Israel.

Your current media tirades and officialese claptrap proves the words of Scripture that inform us thus, “You will most certainly find the most hostile of people toward the committed [covenant bearing] Muslims to be the Yahud…” (5:82).

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