Al Quds Day 2010

Empowering Weak & Oppressed

Muhammad H. al-'Asi

Ramadan 24, 1431 2010-09-03

Bismillah Ar-Rahmaan Ar-Raheem. Alhumdulillah. Peace and blessings on Muhammad (sallalahu alaihi wa alihi wa sallam), his Noble Companions and Family. Dear Committed brothers, dear committed sisters,

This is the last Friday in this conscientious and empowering month of Ramadhan. We have spent now around four weeks or so observing the growth of our will power and our determination, defeating our lustful inclinations (and) exercising our resolve. We should emerge from this month with the courage to say the truth. This day is the day in which we should be speaking the truth about Zionism and the Israeli occupation of the Holy Land. Unfortunately we live in a world in which saying the truth, even to people who know it, has become a formidable task and therefore knowledge is not enough. There are people who know the influence, the intrigue, the clout (and) the combination of powers that are under the control of these Zionist Israelis, some of them are Muslim and some of them are not Muslims but whatever they may be- Muslims or non- Muslims- the rule still applies; only a few of them, (if that), are able and willing to expose this Zionist power contraption in the world. Zionism is not limited to the occupied Holy Land, it has its tentacles stretched throughout the world. We may say a lot of things. Human beings have a tendency to understate the facts or to exaggerate the facts- that seems to be part of human nature and that may be peculiar to a person or a population but we refer ourselves to Allah the Exalted, the Extolled. He doesn’t exaggerate and He doesn’t understate the facts. So on this day the International Day of Jerusalem, Al Quds- what are the facts?

Allah says to us and to anyone who’s willing to listen in the seventeenth chapter of the Holy Qur’an which is called the chapter of Bani Isra’eel or the chapter of Isra’, Surah Bani Isra’eel or Surah Al Isra’- and His words are the truth, nothing more, nothing less.

This is the third ayah or the third verse in this chapter and there are a few other verses that follow it that speak, describe, define and delineate these Israelis that people don’t have the courage to speak about. He says, and this is not a human being speaking; this is the Creator and the Maker of us and them

وَقَضَيْنَا إِلَىٰ بَنِي إِسْرَائِيلَ

We, (meaning divinity- God himself), have destined Bani Isra’eel… (Surah Isra’ verse 4)

Now there’s a different choice of words as to the translation of Bani Isra’eel. The literal translation of it is the Children of Israel. So Allah is saying

وَقَضَيْنَا إِلَىٰ بَنِي إِسْرَائِيلَ فِي الْكِتَابِ

We have destined the Children of Israel in our registrar (or) in Our book or in Our scripture … (Surah Isra’ verse 4)

What have we destined for them? He says to these Children of Isra’eel

لَتُفْسِدُنَّ فِي الْأَرْضِ

… you will cause chaos and corruption in the land or in the world … (Surah Isra’ verse 4)

Both of these capture the meaning of the word fi al ard.

لَتُفْسِدُنَّ فِي الْأَرْضِ مَرَّتَيْنِ

… you will cause chaos and corruption in the land or in the world twice … (Surah Isra’ verse 4)

This is looking at their whole history. In their whole history they shall cause chaos and corruption, instability and confusion on a world wide scale twice. This is not a historian who is speaking, this is God who is speaking.

وَلَتَعْلُنَّ عُلُوًّا كَبِيرًا

… and you, the Children of Isra’eel, shall reach an unprecedented status of ascension in worldly affairs. (Surah Al Isra’ verse 4)

Not in their morality, not in their ethical character but in world affairs. Twice in their history they shall be able to disturb the world and then they will reach unprecedented heights in worldly issues and affairs. This is what Allah is telling us and everyone else. This is an open book- the Qur’an is an open book. Anyone can open it and read what it says. This is what Allah says. Now (what is) the interpretation of this? How do we understand it? We have our God-given human minds that are required to understand these meanings. God didn’t reveal scripture and then expect us to look the other way as if He’s not speaking to us. He is. So if He is speaking to you and me what is He saying in this particular issue? He is saying that these tribalists of Israel are going to have the positions in this world to knock it off its course- in social issues, in political schemes, in military wars, in economic plundering. We know- you and I know- that the word Bani Isra’eel in the Qur’an. There’s the word the Jews (i.e.) Yahud, and then there’s the word Bani Isra’eel (i.e.) the self-centered Children of Isra’eel. Israel in Biblical information has two names, Jacob and Israel (alayhi as salaam). In other verses in the Qur’an, (for those of you who are interested in pursuing this further, refer to the chapter Yusuf or Joseph (alayhi as salaam), these two words occur. Bani Isra’eel the tribal descendants of Isra’eel and Aal Ya’qub (i.e.) those who are affiliated to Jacob by family ties. There’s a difference between these two because if you’re affiliated to Jacob you no longer have this element of self-centeredness in you that becomes in the affairs of the world racism and nationalism and any other ism that excludes the other. So God chose His words very carefully. When we speak about Bani Isra’eel we are speaking about those who are self-centered all the way to their own definition to their own nationalism and their own tribal nation state and they know who they are. The power they have in today’s world is that they don’t want us to know who they are and if any one of us discovers who they are they want us to shut up! Then he who does not shut up they want to deal with him just like they dealt with Prophets before who were speaking truth to power. Wwhat were they doing to Prophets? What did they do to Prophet Yahya, John the Baptist (alayhi as salaam)? What did they do to Prophet Zakariyya, Zachariah (alayhi as salaam)? What did they do to Prophet Musa (alayhi as salaam)? What did they do to Prophet Isa, Jesus (alayhi as salaam)? What did they do to Prophet Muhammad? What did they do to all of them? Some of them they killed. This is not what we are saying because we are counter racists or because we are self centered and think we have a lock (or) a monopoly of the truth- this is what Allah has said the Qur’an and in revelation. These facts are within the Surahs in the Qur’an. The problem is especially with us the Muslims! We have access to these facts, some other peoples don’t. They may have bits and pieces of them but we have the full range of it. They killed some Prophets and other Prophets they harassed, intimidated (or) in other words gave them a hard time. They tried to kill Jesus- in their history they say they actually done it- and some of them claim that they got away with it and that is information only they are privileged to. What does God tell us about this?

وَمَا قَتَلُوهُ وَمَا صَلَبُوهُ وَلَٰكِن شُبِّهَ لَهُمْ ۚ وَإِنَّ الَّذِينَ اخْتَلَفُوا فِيهِ لَفِي شَكٍّ مِّنْهُ ۚ مَا لَهُم بِهِ مِنْ عِلْمٍ إِلَّا اتِّبَاعَ الظَّنّ

… they did not kill him, they did not crucify him; they thought they did (or) they were led to believe that they did (or) they were confused and they drew that conclusion… (Surah An Nisa’ verse 157)

These are God’s words. If something we Muslims can be proud of, (and we say this with humility and with a sense of historical responsibility as well as a social one), it is that our scripture has not been corrupted. Not one word coming to us from God has been changed. Our- we the Muslims- problem is God’s words are still there but our minds have been corrupted! We don’t understand what He is telling us- that’s our problem. This is the area we have to work on. And between us and God’s enlightening words there are these trouble makers. They are experts in Islamic history. They are experts about the politics in the Muslim world. You see (its) today- turn on your masses media connection, whether it’s a TV or radio or journal or whatever it is (and) you see one of these Israeli centered academicians or politicians or strategists or think tanks or whatever they are telling the whole world who we, the Muslims, are and they’re telling us who we are! Some of us listen. We chose to listen to them and not to listen to Allah, especially in this particular case. When it comes to their control- they have control; let’s speak the truth. They have so much control that from issues that are psychological to issues that are military they have a monopoly on them and even though some of us know what God, their Creator and Maker and our Creator and Maker, has told us they say “no you can’t say that. Don’t speak like that. It is not wise. It’s not diplomatic. It’s not the right thing to do or it’s not the right time to say it.” They should know better! Did God reveal His word to be hidden? We mean this is information that comes to us courtesy of the love and mercy from our God. What do I do with it? I hide it? I don’t say it? I don’t explain it? I don’t put it into context? I don’t expose the war criminals (and) crimes against humanity- war crimes that they are involved in my life? And then I on to my Maker and what do I expect? “Oh God, I understood what you told me but I just couldn’t say it.” Why? What’s wrong with you? Why couldn’t you say it? You didn’t have a tongue? You didn’t have a mind? You didn’t have a conscience? What were you lacking? What did I not give you that you couldn’t say the truth that I entrusted you with? But this is who we are! Muslims today say “look, if we begin talking like that then we are not going to get the financial assistance that we need.” Some of these people who run these Islamic Centers get paid. They have budgets to run their centers just like this one right here. Its budget comes from Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia has money and it gives that money and that budget to Muslims who tow their line. What is their line? Their line is- they don’t say this frankly and directly but they infer it through their finances- Israel is a fact of life. Ten years ago Abdullah, (the same king now who was not a king at the time but at that time he), devised a type of peace plan that would recognize the Israeli Zionists theft of the Holy Land, in other words “look, we- Muslims, Arabs, Palestinians- are willing to live in peace with you- the tribalist Children of Isra’eel (and) the racist Children of Isra’eel- provided you just return to the 1967 borders before June 5th 1967. If you do that we’re your neighbor and you are our neighbor, no more military issues. We all live in peace.” (If there are any) Islamic Centers around the world who dare say that these tribalist, racist, occupiers who have stolen the Holy Land should move out of that Holy Land and Zionism and Israel shall seize to exist then not only are they knocking heads with the Zionist Israelis but they are also knocking heads with the Zionist Arabians in the Arabian Peninsula. Back to Allah’s words

لَتُفْسِدُنَّ فِي الْأَرْضِ مَرَّتَيْنِ وَلَتَعْلُنَّ عُلُوًّا كَبِيرًا

… you will cause chaos and corruption in the land or in the world twice and you, the Children of Isra’eel, shall reach an unprecedented status of ascension in worldly affairs. (Surah Al Isra’ verse 4)

You can challenge the most senior Islamic scholar to these verses in the chapter of The Children of Isra’eel in the Qur’an, say “come to me, come here- this is Allah’s words; between me and you explain to me what this says.” We don’t know how any person is going to explain it. We can’t speak about the potentially thousands of Islamic clergymen in Islamic garb and Islamic features will explain these ayaat. Some of them did and they have written about it and they said the first time these Israeli racists had this domineering presence in world affairs was during the time of King Nebuchadnezzar and he dealt with them and as a consequence of that they suffered what they call their Babylonian exile. The second time was when they reached the highest positions of influence during the time of Jesus and all of that resulted some years later in their evacuation or their dislocation from the Holy Land with that Masada in their history. Some people will tell you these were the two times when they were all over the world running it, (more or less where it counts). Others will tell you the first time is the time when they tried their best to undermine the last Prophet in Arabia. You know from elementary Islamic history what they did in Al Madinah and what they did in Khaybar. If you read, (what is called), the Jewish version of this history, (they don’t come out and say it but), they imply that seven hundred of their men where slaughter by the Arabian Muhammad in Al Madinah and (add to their vocabulary or their incidents of holocaust) that was one of their holocausts in Arabia. The second time is today in our world. They are in positions of power all over the world. They are in control of religious institutions- whether they are Jewish or Christian or Muslim, they’re in control all over the place but none dare point their fingers at them and say “go away. We want to be ourselves.” This is an evil presence in the Holy Land. Israel (and) their Zionist state is an evil manifestation of politics and military might in the Holy Land!

They hide behind nuclear weapons. You see how they play this nuclear issue out in the world. All the powers that have nuclear weapons (and) nuclear bombs are alright. No one is speaking about them. First and foremost is that evil Zionist erection of a nation state in the Holy Land but no one speaks about them?! Two hundred (or) three hundred (or) up to five hundred nuclear warheads, “oh that’s fine. That’s peaceful.” An independent and sovereign and free Islamic will in Iran wants to gain nuclear technology- they don’t have a nuclear bomb- and then all hell breaks loose! Now you have, as if it was a world wide orchestra and everyone is singing the Zionist tunes “bomb, bomb Iran” or whatever words to that affect and they work this in. They work this in so much that even some Muslims who should know better and who should know more come and say “Iran is exposing itself to the wrath of the Israelis and their American enablers.” What do you do? It’s recognized by the United Nation’s own laws that the Israelis and the Americans and the Europeans and all other nation states in the world sat down and agreed to it (that) “it is the right of every people in the world to acquire nuclear technology” and that’s what they are doing and when Muslims do that these Zionist Israelis say “that has become an existential threat.” Once again, these Muslims who are privy to the truth and who should know this is the way criminals act and speak- but they don’t know better! (It’s) as if God is not speaking to them and telling them this is the character of this monstrosity in the Holy Land. The Holy Land has to be liberated and they have to crash from their high positions in this world. Inevitably that is going t0o happen and this day of Al Quds is a demonstration of what shall come in the years ahead and as long as we are with Allah, Allah is with us.

Dear brothers and sisters…

The troublemaking, the intrigue, the vile character of these types of people that we just spoke about have managed now to try to dislocate the Palestinian issue instead of the Palestinian issue being an issue of justice. Justice cannot be done in this world as long as the Zionist racist expansionist occupation of the Holy Land persists. There can be no justice in this world! It’s going to take the free souls that are liberated from the shackles of their lies and fabrications- souls that can breathe freedom, dignity and justice with every breath that is taken in to bring an end to a problem that seems unable to go away. As we speak and in the previous months a lot of effort has gone into changing the subject. These powers that be are trying to tell you and me “this is not a subject of oppressed people and Muslim people against the Zionist Israeli culprits and criminals in Palestine.” That’s not the issue?! What do they want to make an issue out of? The new issue that they are bringing us is that we Muslims should begin to kill each other. Of course, they don’t put it like that because if they put it like that we’ll never do it so how do they approach us? They go into Syria and they stir up the latent sectarian feelings of people there. You’re no longer a Syrian- whatever you denomination or whatever your religion; right now you have to think about yourself as a sect or as a religious group of people. Their nationalist map right now has to fold. Now they want to draw a new map in the area based on confessions and sects and religious persuasions- that’s the new map that they want to draw beginning with Syria. They tried this in Iraq and after almost ten years they found out that this is not going to catch on in Iraq “now we have to do it in Syria” and the airwaves now are charged with Sunni and Shi’i vocabulary and beneath this vocabulary you can throw in other denominations- Druzes, Christians, Alawites- whatever there is there put them on this side (and) put them on that side. It doesn’t matter as long as they keep on killing themselves. Don’t believe that they want this war to stop. These powers that be (and) the levers of powers are in the hands of these Zionists. They will play an equalizer. When one side is about to win over the other they will move in and give the side that is going down more power to keep on fighting and if the same thing happens on the opposite side they will move and support that opposite side. How do they do all of this? You’ll be surprised. How are these Zionists Israelis able to enter into Islamic psychology and pit one Muslim against the next and draw in a crowd, (not stop there), but to spread this fitnah throughout the Muslim world so that Muslim kill Muslim and they can sit back and watch this scenario and laugh all the way to the military industrial banking complex out of which they are making a killing out of our killing. How do they do that? It’s very easy. They move themselves through the robes of Arabia. Saudi Arabia has jumped into this mess and now it is financing and giving arms to certain Muslims so that they can kill certain other Muslims and certain other non- Muslims. They don’t care. People know this and they don’t say it out loud- Saudi Arabia that has within its financial class very numerous Lebanese Christians and now what does the same evil government- just like the Israelis: tribalist here, tribalist there, exclusivist here and exclusivists there- want to do? They want to arrange a type of war where the brethren of their own financed class of Christians in the kingdom are contributing to killing the Christians in Syria. This is how evil they are. They don’t care. They don’t have a purpose. They don’t have a principle. They are free-wheelers and they are slaves when it comes to their Israeli masters but no one wants to say this! “How dare you speak ill of these…” (You) see brothers and sisters, sometimes it is a mercy not to understand these people in Arabia, sometimes ignorance is a blessing. If you ever heard the king of Arabia or the princelings of Arabia trying to compose an idea verbally you’d fall off your chair laughing because they don’t have a cogent idea to present. They can’t speak even when you give them a piece of paper and tell them “to read this piece of paper.’ They make so many mistakes reading this piece of paper! Are they in-charge of these types of wars or are they just fronts and there are people behind them who are moving them to say this and to pray that? This is what is happening and because there are not enough people, (we’ve said this before and we will repeat it), we wish that in the Jewish context there are enough Jews who will take issue with Zionism and oppose it like the way they would oppose the devil himself; and we wish that there are enough Christians in the world who will take issue with the government in Washington like they would take issue with the government of Satan himself and we also wish that there are enough Muslims in the world who will expose and denude the Saudi Satans with the same force and determination and on par with Tel Aviv and Washington. If these three evils are gone, humanity will relax and breathe an air of comfort.

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