Disintegration of Khilafah integration of monarchy Part 3

Empowering Weak & Oppressed

Muhammad H. al-'Asi

Sha'ban 25, 1431 2010-08-06

Bismillah Ar-Rahmaan Ar-Raheem. Alhumdulillah. Peace and blessings on Muhammad (sallalahu alaihi wa alihi wa sallam), his Noble Companions and Family. Dear Committed brothers, dear committed sisters,

In the past several weeks, (not to mention times before that), we have been drawing on ayaat and ahadith Allah’s words and the Prophet words to enlighten/instruct us when it come to people who have placed themselves beyond the reach of their citizens/subjects. These ayaat and ahadith happen to be omitted from the khutbahs, presentations and sermons that are given at different times and places. We are approaching the month of Ramadhan. Next week, by Allah’s leave we will begin our month long responsibility of fasting. The first ayah in the faultless book that we have in the lesson of fasting in Surah Al Baqarah says

يَا أَيُّهَا الَّذِينَ آمَنُوا كُتِبَ عَلَيْكُمُ الصِّيَامُ كَمَا كُتِبَ عَلَى الَّذِينَ مِن قَبْلِكُمْ لَعَلَّكُمْ تَتَّقُونَ

O you who are securely committed to Allah- fasting has been assigned to you as it was assigned to those who preceded you so that you may have a sense/value/standard/behaviour of taqwa. (Surah Al Baqarah verse 183)

Brothers and sisters, (we can’t overstate it), it is extremely important to understand what this taqwa is. We have tried to define this word before. We went to lengths to try to explain its implications, and here we are probably for the umpteenth time once again trying to explain an absent meaning. At taqwa is simply avoidance. We are expected to avoid Allah. Let’s put it in a more refined sense- this would strike the average thinking Muslim as odd! “What do you mean? You are telling us we have to avoid Allah?” We are not telling anyone anything. These words, explanations and definitions don’t come from us. They don’t come from a mortal human being. They come from Allah. At the same time that we are required to love Allah, be in the company of Allah and to move our lives/existence into the presence of Allah we are also expected and required to avoid Allah. We want Allah’s mercy. We are serious about having Allah’s benevolence, keen on Allah’s kindness, want to acquire Allah’s compassion but at the same time we want to protect ourselves from Allah’s justice lest His justice becomes detriment to our lives. There are many ayaat in the Holy text that tell us to avoid Allah’s corrective measures. Allah says

وَاتَّقُوا اللَّهَ ۖ وَيُعَلِّمُكُمُ اللَّهُ

… and protect yourselves against Allah, for in this manner Allah will teach you… (Surah Al Baqarah verse 282)

The inference here is our consciousness of Allah’s power presence will cause us to learn what He has to teach us. Now, this is more apt to be understood when we want to protect ourselves from something that is more powerful than we are. You don’t protect yourself from something that is less powerful than you are. There’s no need for protection. Protection is needed when you are weak and someone else is stronger and more powerful than you are. So the first cognition of Allah is to realise that we are weaklings and He is the Almighty. This relationship is disturbed because in what is supposed to be a one-on-one relationship between us and Allah there are others who interject themselves in-between and thus they interfere with this understanding of taqwa. We said in the previous khutbahs that Allah’s Prophet pointed out to these people who themselves claim that they are the powerful and they feed the public with their propaganda in a smart/subtle way (and) sometimes in a delicate way and sometimes with brutality so that we relocate our taqwa. We are no longer avoiding Allah’s justice and His application of power towards the ends of this justice. We are no longer cognisant of that. Our political behaviour proves it; our military policies authenticate this. Therefore in order for us to re-establish this taqwa relationship with Allah we are going to have to bring down the power figures that are on this line of communication between us and the Almighty. So, in this week before Ramadhan when we are preparing ourselves for a month of taqwa, we are going to have to, once again, redouble or efforts and refocus our attention on those who are behind the scenes who try to monopolise power and therefore they make us their subjects instead of being Allah’s subjects.

يَا أَيُّهَا الَّذِينَ آمَنُوا كُتِبَ عَلَيْكُمُ الصِّيَامُ كَمَا كُتِبَ عَلَى الَّذِينَ مِن قَبْلِكُمْ

O you who are securely committed to Allah- fasting has been assigned to you as it was assigned to those who preceded you ... (Surah Al Baqarah verse 183)

For what reason,

لَعَلَّكُمْ تَتَّقُونَ

… so that you may have this understanding of Allah’s power and the necessity of avoiding this power coming down on you/damaging your lives/causing your societies to wither away. (Surah Al Baqarah verse 183)

(In) the month of Ramadhan as it is traditionally observed, we spend twenty-nine or thirty full days meeting the physical requirements of fasting but year-in-and-year-out we seem not to acquire the social justice meanings of Ramadhan! One of the major explanations for that is we have establishments and institutions that interfere with this God-given relationship and so we will continue as we have done in previous khutbahs in past Jum’ahs to concentrate on these individuals who claim power for themselves and behave as if they are demi-gods on Earth. Allah’s Prophet says, (and this is an adjunct to the previous hadith that was quoted in the last khutbah), unlike the khutbahs that circulate in today’s world that want us to look askance when we have violators of Allah’s authority and power pounding on our lives (and) pulverising our existence. The Prophet of Allah draws our attention to a person who is in charge of only ten individuals. We’re not talking about Kings/Presidents who are in-charge of hundreds of millions of individuals. What does the Prophet say of a person who is only in-charge of ten individuals? There is not a person who has take over responsibility of ten individuals except that he will be brought forth on the day of Resurrection; his hands are going to be chained to his neck until the judgement is pronounced between him as the responsible person in this life and the crowd of people that he was responsible for in this life. Now, obviously people who have power in today’s world- Kings/Chief Executives/Commanders-in-Chiefs, etc.- who have power don’t want us to think about this Prophetic statement as it could mean to apply to them. And if it applies to a person who is in-charge of ten individuals, it much more applies to a person who is in-charge of ten/one hundred million individuals. It applies to them first and foremost. Now mentalize this hadith. Put this hadith in your mind and visualise it applying it to the Kings/Presidents and their sub-bureaucrats who are in charge of our societies. They will come on the Day of Resurrection. You can pick any ruler you want or take them all. These could be Muslims and non- Muslims- it doesn’t matter. When they appear on Yaum al Qiyama/Day of Judgement their hands are tied to their necks and they will remain like that until judgement is passed, until Allah decrees His word of justice between this ruler/King/President and the population over which he passed his policies and formulated his decisions. Obviously people in power today don’t want this hadith around. They have committees now- brothers and sisters: this is not a matter of hyperbole. These are facts. There are committees now that are going from country to country and they say “they are revamping the educational systems.” They are taking text books, especially Islamic and social science text books and they are omitting the ayaat and the ahadith and you can be confident that the hadiths that you have been listening to in these khutbahs and the ayaat are the target of what they call “their revamping of the educational systems around” because they want to protect their agents- the Kings/Presidents- who in a dictatorial/despotic way rule over a few billion people i.e. the Muslims and the oppressed peoples of the world. So they go about taking away from us the ayaat and hadiths that we should, especially at this time, be focused on.

Another hadith from Allah’s Prophet says certainly Allah is going to ask every person who assumed social responsibility about that responsibility. What were you? What decisions were you making in society? You were a Mayor/Representative/Emir/Prince/King/Monarch whatever rank you were at, Allah is going to summon you. There’s no escape from this and these facts should dwell in our conscious thoughts everyday and they should be nurtured in the Masajid and from the Manabir and we should not fall into their schemes if they take away some ayaat. They can’t take them away from the Qur’an and the books of ahadith. They will remain there, but they will take them away from our public mind. They will see to it that these ayaat and ahadith that shed light on the nature of those who make wars and kill many human beings in the process may starve before they die or be killed by a thousand cuts before they expire. Because of the way the Masajid and Manabirs are set up today, we are supposed to make believe that there are no ayaat and ahadith that stimulate our minds when it comes to these dictators/authoritarians. Allah is going to ask every one of these people who were in positions of social responsibility here in this life what did you do? You were put in that position, how did you behave? Did you discharge your responsibilities honestly and conscientiously or did you play fast-and-loose with these responsibilities? That’s a hadith and we have many of these types who want to dumb us down. They are the ones who quote to us profusely the many other ahadith, but when it comes to these types of ahadith they are not to be pronounced!

The Prophet of Allah says …Ok- what does this hadith mean? This is another hadith that you will not listen to in public; you will not even listen to it in the excluded study circles of many Muslims that take place behind closed doors. The Prophet of Allah says the first three types to enter the fire have been displayed to me/exhibited to me. I saw them before it happened. So who are these three types who are going to be the first ones who are going to be thrown into the fire? The first one by Allah’s Prophets words is a Commander who is authoritarian/a Prince who is autocratic/an Executive who is despotic... Now you take these words/definitions/meanings and carry them into the real world today. (Take a) look around- do you see people who are making decisions on their own without the participation of the public in that decision making? It’s all over the place. We don’t need to name names because you can almost pick any name and they’re going to meet this definition. … and a person who has been given a fortune of money but does not spend out of it what is required… There is a right, meaning a legal right, that belongs to the dispossessed when it comes to these fortunes. Ok- you can also look around the world (at) people who have stacked their wealth. Their wealth is phenomenal. It defies the imagination and do you think they are giving the people’s right out of their wealth?

وَفِي أَمْوَالِهِمْ حَقٌّ لِّلسَّائِلِ وَالْمَحْرُومِ

In their possessions, moneys (and) wealth there is a legal right that belongs to a person who asks for it and a person who is denied it. (Surah Adh Dhariyaat verse 19)

Are they giving it? Brothers and sisters: we are approaching Ramadhan- this time of taqwa. We figure (that) if any of us are in these positions, (we’re only looking at the political and economic responsibilities in society, there are other many other responsibilities). And then the last of these three is … the person who you may call the puny bureaucrat. He doesn’t have much but he’s proud to belong to political oppression or economic exploitation. He may be a tenth rank employee in a political/economic establishment/institution and he’s proud of being/belonging/having a rank in that particular Government or organisation. He’s the third who is going to be thrown with the rest into the fire. These puny employees who belong to these types of establishments go along with their bosses into incineration.

The month of taqwa/Ramadhan is coming next week. Remember these hadiths that no one wants to mention or discuss. The Prophet of Allah said I fear for my Ummah the consequences of three acts/behaviours/performances: the mistake of a scholar and the authority of a despot… You see in today’s world despotic authorities all around the globe and look where we are. We can see the prophet’s fear in today’s world. … and a public attitude of everything goes. Which is another feature of what we have become when we are no longer able to think about those who are making decisions for/against us. These people should listen to Allah’s Prophet more.

In another hadith he says whoever Allah has given in as far as the affairs of the Muslims are concerned a position and then what he does is he secludes himself not tending to their needs/not being interactive with them/not taking care of their deteriorating condition and their poverty then Allah will be secluded from him not taking care of his needs not interacting with him and not eliminating his poverty on the Day of Resurrection. Do we have rulers, decision makers, executives and commanders who are secluded and exclude themselves from we- the people? Of course we do. They all are. Kings/Presidents in Kingdoms and Republics, (it doesn’t matter- don’t be fooled by fancy words.) The fact of the matter is they’ve all left us. They live in a world of their own. Why? Because assuming power and becoming Heads of State and having all of the pomp and pride that goes with it has become a lucrative position. They make money out of that. They’re not concerned with your/my well being. The word justice, (is absent in all of this), they’re not concerned with any of that. They see that there are enough inferior people who endorse their breaking away from the public consciousness/condition. We have a lot of cheer leaders for these phoney rulers. A lot of us cheer them on instead of telling them “wait a minute! We have Allah’s words and the words of His Prophet concerning you. We have a way to evaluate you. We have a measurement to see who you are. We have ayaat and ahadith that give us insight about you.” But what do you do when they take out these ayaat and ahadith and no one speaks about them? Is it any wonder that we are in the condition that we are in today?

In another hadith from Allah’s Prophet, he says whoever assumes a social responsibility in my Ummah- whatever that responsibility is- a miniature or a mammoth responsibility and does not do justice… Brothers and sisters- this is the central word: justice. … and does not do justice then Allah will have him fall face first into the fire. Take these ahadith and apply them to the ruling classes in the Muslim world and for that in the whole world and then you’ll begin to understand the types of people who are riding roughshod over us.

And the last hadith, (as you have been very patient in this scotching sun), there’s not a person who will assume even authority over three except that he will have his right hand tied/bonded to him... And what’s going to free it? His justice will free it. And what’s going to strain it further? His injustice will strain it further. We pray for the day when we can take these ayaat and ahadith, (and there are more of these ayaat and ahadith than these), and place them in today’s world and then judge according to Allah and His Prophet the type of people who are causing wars on all fronts (and) from all directions against people who are only looking for fairness in life.

Brothers and sisters, committed Muslims…

As is the case every year, expect multiple beginnings and endings of Ramadhan! This is only to be expected when we have the type of rulers that we just outlined in reference to Allah and His Prophet. What do you expect? You’re going to have an accurate and conscientious Ramadhan with these types of decision makers all over the world reeking havoc upon us?! We get what we deserve. If there was a priority about Ramadhan we wouldn’t experience this ebb-and-flow every year or every time the month of Ramadhan begins and ends. Some Muslims are going to begin fasting this coming Wednesday and other Muslims are going to begin fasting the day after that i.e. this coming Thursday and there’s always the fringes, (so to speak), who will begin on some other day. We don’t know how long it’s going to take us to suffer from these types of divisions before we can have a unified month that begins on a particular day and ends on a particular day. How much more- O Committed Muslims- are we going to go from year-to-year repeating this humiliation of not being able to reach a consensus pertaining to the beginning and ending of our lunar months? In the hadith that was just mentioned, the mistake of a scholar was one of the three that the Prophet feared that would inflict us with the conditions that we are suffering from today and these rulers could care less about Ramadhan. They care more about their carnal desires. In Saudi Ar­abia- this is the land of Ramadhan, of Islam, of the Prophet and the Qur’an- in that wicked Kingdom, what is the issue that preoccupies them? Remember, just in Ghazzah- (which is) not far from them (and) not the other side of the globe- their neighbours, Muslims in Ghazzah- with figures of them coming from the United Nations, (not from this or that Muslim, pro and con), one third of these Muslims cannot satisfy their hunger in Ghazzah and just to the South of them in Arabia we have other types of Muslims who are preoccupied, (in these past weeks), with what they call zawaj an nahari which means day-time marriage. Just as they’ve come up in the past with zawaj al misyaar and zawaj al misfaar now they come up with zawaj an nahar! What is this may we ask? This is their preoccupation. All of their brains are concentrated on this! That, (zawaj an nahari), is a man has the right to marry a lady who has a night job. So he goes and cohabits with her during the day and then she becomes his legal wife even though his legitimate first wife doesn’t know anything about this! You see- brothers and sisters: the agony of it all? What has happened now in other parts of the Muslim world? This month of Ramadhan is approaching and these people who rule in the country of Al Haramayn rule with all of their brain concentrated on the central part of their body! They can’t see the Muslim body in the world. They can’t see two billion people! You can speak to them about Al Mustad’afeen- they get offended. They say “these are kafirs. You have nothing to do with them, etc.!” OK- take the Muslims the people of the Qibla- they can’t think about two billion people?! They have to think about their sex organ and this happens to be in the weeks that precede Ramadhan?!

إِنَّ فِي ذَٰلِكَ لَآيَاتٍ لِّلْمُتَوَسِّمِينَ

If you think about it you will find a demonstration of Allah’s power presence in just this one thing… (Surah Al Hijr verse 75)

And they never tire of bringing to our attention these types of shenanigans and foul character that they have covered with the appearances of Islam and the camouflage of Iman.

يُخَادِعُونَ اللَّهَ وَهُوَ خَادِعُهُمْ

… they try to deceive Allah and Allah will take care of this deception matter with them… (Surah An Nisa’ verse 142)

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