Eid Al Adha 2011

Ensuring Socio-economic Justice

Muhammad H. al-'Asi

Dhu al-Hijjah 10, 1432 2011-11-06

Bismillah Ar-Rahmaan Ar-Raheem. Alhumdulillah. Peace and blessings on Muhammad (sallalahu alaihi wa alihi wa sallam), his Noble Companions and Family. Dear Committed brothers, dear committed sisters,

This day of Eid is a day of Jama’ah. (On) this day Muslims from all around the world come together as a mass of people concentrating their thoughts and their hearts on the fact that Allah is greater than all the powers of the Earth. They express their gravity to Allah (with) the words they repeat in unison. This is a day (that) because of its meanings we are to express our unity with each other, our solidarity to each other, our affinity to each other, our common brotherhood and camaraderie. This is a day that unities and does not divide. This is a day in which we express our happiness or cordial feelings to our brothers and sisters in our immediate local and around the world; but on the other hand this is a day when we should realise that the unity that Allah intended for us has become a division (that) the usurpers of His power and authority have imposed upon us. We know, brothers and sisters, that the psychology of the Muslims is a broken psychology. They say with words what they cannot demonstrate with behaviour! Muslims say Allahu Akbar but do their social behaviour exemplify the word Allahu Akbar? Many Muslims say to themselves and say to their fellow Muslims “we live in a world in which we have to deal with these superpowers and we don’t have the power to deal with these superpowers as we should.” Whoever comes to you with that notion and that idea has not expressed Allahu Akbar from the depths of his heart and from the core of his thoughts; in other words they are not honest and they are not truthful to the resounding echo of Makkah nowadays when the Muslim public expresses to the world Allahu Akbar. Then there is another attitude in the Muslim community and Muslim society that says “ Muslims who want to look at the world through their understanding of Allah and His Prophet are reckless or they are unnecessarily ambitious when they try to focus in on the root (and) on the cause of all the problems we have in our lives.” We remind these latent and manifest attitudes and personalities that the Prophet of Allah instructed Muslims who went in his last year in this world or in his last two years in this world, (or just about) to express the meanings, first of all, to announce and then to declare and then to publicise and furthermore to socialise and put into concrete action the first twenty-nine ayaat of Surah Bara’ah or Surah At Taubah. What are these twenty-nine ayaat speaking about? They are speaking about the independence and the disavowal of the Muslims from the Mushrik powers of the world. Once again, when the Muslim expresses just these meanings from Allah and His Prophet we have the inferiority psychology step forward and say “wait a minute, hold on! What are you saying?!” We say nothing from our own selves. It is Allah and His Prophet who say to us what we are echoing to the world.

بَرَاءَةٌ مِّنَ اللَّهِ وَرَسُولِهِ إِلَى الَّذِينَ عَاهَدتُّم مِّنَ الْمُشْرِكِينَ

An ending to these types of agreements between Allah, His Prophet and the Committed Muslims (on one side) and the Mushrikin (on the other side). (Surah At Tawbah verse 1)

Where is this expression today? The inferior psychology has become a policy in Makkah and around the Haram. Muslims are not allowed to express the meanings (or) to explain the meanings of these ayaat, twenty-nine of them, to themselves. Muslims are not expressing this at the United Nations, Muslims are not expressing this in foreign territories; Muslims are to express this in their homeland, in their birth place, in their Qiblah, in their Haram, in their Holy sanctuary (and) in the birth land of Allah’s Prophet. We are not allowed to do that! What’s wrong? This inferiority psychology has become laws and has become penalties from those who just want to do what Allah and His Prophet are telling them to do. Don’t be inferior brothers and sisters, especially on this day. Know that Allah and His Messenger have taught us and instructed us to express our disavowal from hegemonic and exploitative powers that have become the representatives of the colossal dhulm in this world.

إِنَّ الشِّرْكَ لَظُلْمٌ عَظِيمٌ

… Shirk is of a magnitude of oppression without any equal. (Surah Luqman verse 13)

So Allah wants us to disassociate ourselves (and) to break our dependency relations on these Mushrikin and their powers structures and their power systems. Why are we incapable of doing that? Because the enemy dwells within us! There are sentries and there are armies for the Mushrikin who are implementing policies and procedures where they don’t belong.

Dear brothers dear sisters, on this day and on other days because you don’t say Allahu Akbar the Prophet says beauty your holidays by saying Allahu Akbar. This beauty is the beauty of its meaning. What did these Mushriks give us and the rest of the world? They gave us a culture of war. We don’t have this in their countries and their homelands but when we turn around and look, they have armies and weapons to kill our people in our countries and our homelands. Who’s guilty? Who’s bleeding? Can’t you see?! They want to flip this the other way around (and) they want to make us feel as if we are guilty! If that feeling moves into your psychology, defeat it by saying Allahu Akbar. If that notion takes hold in your society, defeat by saying and understanding Allahu Akbar. On this day we remember that we are responsible for the other. These Mushrikin that we are supposed to disavow and the Mushrikin that we are supposed to distance ourselves from camouflage their identity (and) they try to fool you and me. They say “we are Ahl Al Kitab, we are People of Scripture, we are People of the Book.” What scripture (and) what book are they talking about that permits them to go and shed the blood of populations (and) millions of people?! What are they talking about?! And many Muslims stand apologising for the brave souls among the Muslims who can speak truth to power. There’s nothing to apologise for. We haven’t done anything wrong. We haven’t broken any laws. We haven’t sent our militaries to occupy their countries. We haven’t drop atomic bombs on other people! As we speak they are gearing up for another military adventure. Where in the world? In our lands (and) in our geography and they want us to look the other way and pretend and say nothing is happening- the world is a rosy place? No, it is not. We know the challenges ahead of us. We know what’s involved and because we know that we say Allahu Akbar. It’s not because we know that we invite them and say “come give us security” like these rulers in Arabia do. Remind these rulers of Allah’s words

وَلَا تَرْكَنُوا إِلَى الَّذِينَ ظَلَمُوا

Don’t rely upon alladhina dhalamu or don’t depend on alladheena dhalamu or don’t trust alladhina dhalamu or don’t bestraddle alladhina dhalamu or don’t believe in alladhina dhalamu... (Surah Hud verse 113)

These words are to those who present themselves as Muslims (and) those who make decisions for Muslims. Allah says to them

وَلَا تَرْكَنُوا إِلَى الَّذِينَ ظَلَمُوا فَتَمَسَّكُمُ النَّارُ وَمَا لَكُم مِّن دُونِ اللَّهِ مِنْ أَوْلِيَاءَ

Don’t take refuge or don’t rely upon alladhina dhalamu- oppressors, aggressors, exploiters, hegemons- because if you do you will burn and you have no support to the exclusion of Allah... (Surah Hud verse 113)

They’ve excluded Allah. We can’t look the Saudi royals in the face and say to them “you have excluded Allah from the Hajj (and) from the Umrah?!”

We’ve said this before and we’re going to say it again, they use the word bid’ah. “Oh- if you don’t have a beard the length of the extension of your hand you are courting a bid’ah?! If you happen to go into the Masjid with the wrong foot first you have committed a bid’ah?!” They measure people by these bid’ahs as they define them. (Take a) look back at these same people who are using this language, brothers and sisters, and tell them “how about the bid’ahs that you have? Can you explain to us the quota system that you have imposed on the Hajj?” Who says (or) where is there in any ayah of the Qur’an (and) where in any ahadith of the Prophet that says “out of every one-hundred-million population in any country there is only going to be one-thousand permitted in the Hajj.” Where does this exist? That is official policy therefore the Hajj has been constricted from the tens of millions who want to go to it every year to the measly two to three million now who make it there after the barriers they have to surmount to get there. They speak about bid’ah- let’s look at their gargantuan bid’ahs. Visa?! Where did this bid’ah come from? You need a visa to go to the Hajj and the Umrah (and) to go to Makkah and Al Madinah? Where did this bid’ah come from? (Do these) Saudi royals mean to tell us, the committed Muslims of the world, that we need their permission to go to Makkah and Al Madinah?! All of these are facts of life- why aren’t the Muslims standing up and saying “no. I don’t need your permission to obey Allah.” What do they want? The next step (is) they’ll want to give us permission to pray? Do we have to get a visa from them now or in the future to go to the Masajid of Allah? Where is the spirit and the soul of Allahu Akbar? Allah is greater than what they are doing. Yeh- they are getting away with this for years now but don’t think that they will continue to be getting away with this. Justice is going to catch up with them. The Prophet says whoever does not take notice of Islamic affairs (or) whoever is not concerned with the issues of Muslims is not one of them. That’s how they want to phase us off our responsibilities. They want to lock us into the mentality of their defined bid’ah. They refer to the first generation of Muslims as As Salaf As Salih, the virtuous ancestors and we have other Muslims trailing them (and) they use the same words. We suggest, with the spirit and the confidence that comes with Allah Akbar, we say As Salaf Al Mujtahid, the ancestors who had ijtihad; so that we can annul their bid’ah mentality. As Salaf Al Mujtahid, the ancestors who used to think. When ijtihad went out of the Muslim society the bid’ah mentality took over and we are stuck with it now. We say on this day Allah Akbar and we mean what we say.

Dear brothers and sisters…

Regardless of the mountains of burdens that are in front of us, this is a day when we overcome these mountains by our relationships with Allah. It’s a day when we care for the other Muslim. There are Muslims in this world on this day who don’t have enough to eat and if they, (meaning the royals of Arabia), want to trap Muslims in a mentality that doesn’t think- they’re not going to do that to us. There’s a billion human beings who are living between survival and starvation- one-billion! The world just turned seven-billion, (they tell us), in the past week or two. Out of seven-billion there’s one-billion that’s living between survival (or) between death and starvation. Of course, those who stuff themselves on this day (i.e.) the royals with all this wealth they have don’t want you and me to be aware of this. On this particular day we should be sensitised to this fact. We should do as much good as we can.

مَنْ عَمِلَ صَالِحًا فَلِنَفْسِهِ

If you do good to another it is for your own self… (Surah Al Jaathiyah verse 15)

We may recall in centuries past way back then in the early years of Islam (that) on this day there was a friend (or) there was a person who had a friend (and) this person was approached by his wife. She said to him we don’t have food for ourselves and we can live with that but we have small children what are we going to do? How are we going to feed our children on this day that is supposed to be a day of happiness? How are we going to make them happy? Who do you go to? The closest person to you. The father and the husband turned in confidence to his friend, (in this case the father the husband went to the closest person to him), and he said my wife and I can bear the conditions that we are in but our children are not going to be able to bear this- can you help us out? This friend sends to him a bag that is sealed with one-thousand dirhams in it. This was in the time of the dirham and the dinar. He sent to him a sealed bag that had a thousand dirhams in it. Then, when the person in need receives it he hears from another friend of his that he is in need. This is not a fable, this is the truth. This is the fact of where we were as compared to where we are today. When he received this sealed bag of a thousand dirham a friend of his complains to him the same way he complained to his friend I don’t have anything and I have a family that I feel should be happy on the day of Eid- could you help me? Without even opening this sealed bag he gives it to this friend of his. This friend was approached by a the first person (or) the first friend with the first complaint that he doesn’t have anything for his family. So the sealed bag went to the first person. He saw it’s still sealed but it came from another person (so) he was curious. So he went to his friend, the first person that he gave it to, and he said I gave you this as a sealed bag and it came back to me as a sealed bag- what happened? Can you explain this? So he explained to him and they found out that this bag circulated among three people who knew themselves very well but they tried to do it away from the public eye. All of this is an attempt to make the Eid a Eid of happiness, at least for the children and the young ones and to those who are in need. When these people said Allahu Akbar they knew what it meant.

We pray to Allah that the day quickly approaches when all the poison and the toxins that have been placed in our minds and in Makkah itself becomes history.

Please brothers and sisters- this is a day of joy, a day of visitations, a day of closeness among ourselves. Please be as forthcoming as you can on this day and remember its meanings throughout the rest of the year. From this humble person to you Eid Mubarak and Eid sa’eed to you, to your extended families, to those who are in your circles and to the rest of the Muslims anywhere and everywhere they are.

Wa Salaamualaykum wa Rahmatullahi Ta’ala wa Barakaatuh

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