Hajjatul Wada' Part 2

Developing Just Leadership

Muhammad H. al-'Asi

Jumada' al-Ula' 28, 1433 2012-04-20

Bismillah Ar-Rahmaan Ar-Raheem. Alhumdulillah. Peace and blessings on Muhammad (sallalahu alaihi wa alihi wa sallam), his Noble Companions and Family. Dear Committed brothers, dear committed sisters,

We try, with Allah’s help, to approximate the vital and life giving meanings of Allah and His Prophet to you as should be the case and as should be the communication effort at a time like this on a day like this. We have been throughout the many many khutbahs in the past trying our best to concentrate on rehabilitating our thoughts about Allah, His Prophet, Islam Iman, Al Amal As Salih, jihad, leadership, etc. and in light of that we will, (as we did in the last khutbah), select some words from the Prophet’s farewell address and try to reconsider their meanings anew. The Prophet of Allah in khutbah al wada’ said oh people- verily Ash Shaytaan is in despair; he has given up that he should ever be the object of your ibadah in this land forever... Now what does these words mean? The key word here is ibadah. It is not what most think it is and we will get to this in a few minutes … but if he is obeyed in matters that are less than that, (meaning in matters less then al ibadah), then he is satisfied. Be vigilant concerning him when it comes to your deen. Here, the Prophet is saying this Shaytaan is frustrated that he will never ever be the object of your conformity in this land until the end of time. Please brothers and sisters- listen to this very carefully in light of what was said then and in light of what is happening now because we can’t interrupt the hadith every minute and fill in for you. We beg your mindful presence during the khutbah. The first note here is the Prophet is speaking to about one-hundred-thousand haajj (or) pilgrims. These are Mu’minin, these are coming for the hajj- these are in Makkah but he said Oh people. This is a timeless address and even though he was physically speaking to those hundred-thousand-or-so who came for his final pilgrimage he was speaking for people until the end of time- Muslims and non- Muslims alike. He said Oh people. He didn’t say Ayyuha Al Mu’minun as everyone around who was coming to the hajj is presumably committed Muslim, a Mu’min. He could have very well said Ayyuha Al Mu’minun. He didn’t. For the rest of the Muslims who were to come- the billions of them to come in the future and the rest of humanity- we, Muslims, don’t have a secret religion. We don’t have classified information. What we have is an open book. Ash Shaytaan has given up hope that he will ever be the object of your conformity. This is ibadah; it’s not worship. Please brothers and sisters- put that word beneath the soles of your feet! The Prophet of Allah was speaking not only his contemporaries, he was speaking to future generations. We know there are some cobweb minds out there that have difficulty saying “people don’t know the future.” We may not know the exact details of the future but Allah gives information and access to particular trends or patterns of the future- this is one of them expressed by Allah’s Prophet.

عَالِمُ الْغَيْبِ فَلَا يُظْهِرُ عَلَىٰ غَيْبِهِ أَحَدًا

إِلَّا مَنِ ارْتَضَىٰ مِن رَّسُولٍ

It is Allah Who is the One Who knows the domain of the unknown- whether it is a future unknown or a distance unknown- whatever is beyond our perception and whatever is within our sensory area; He does not have anyone access that ghayb; except the one He has elected from His Messengers… (Surah Al Jinn verse 26-27)

Now, when the Prophet of Allah is saying Shaytaan has given up; that he is no longer going to become the ma’bud. Once again, ma’bud doesn’t mean the object that is being worshipped, it means the object that is going to be the reference and the influence on the lives of people, not just on the particular moments in their day when they offer their salah- that is worship. Ibadah is a life long effort and Ash Shaytaan has given up claiming the lifelong efforts of people in that part of the world. Ibrahim (alayhi as salaam) said to his father

يَا أَبَتِ لَا تَعْبُدِ الشَّيْطَانَ

My dear father: don’t conform to Ash Shaytaan… (Surah Maryam verse 44)

It doesn’t mean don’t worship Ash Shaytaan; it doesn’t translate to worshipping Ash Shaytaan. Ibrahim’s father was not a Shaytaan worshipper! In any of your history books, did you ever come across information that the father of Ibrahim was a devil worshipper? It doesn’t exist. So what Ibrahim is saying to his father is

يَا أَبَتِ لَا تَعْبُدِ الشَّيْطَانَ

My dear father: don’t conform to Ash Shaytaan (or) don’t have your life, your labour, your struggles, your work- whatever you do- in accordance to Ash Shaytaan… (Surah Maryam verse 44)

For some of us who take a closer look at the Qur’an, we should understand, there is an irreconcilable (and) a hostile relationship between Allah and Ash Shaytaan and in the Qur’an there is in three areas a mention of Hizb Ash Shaytaan and in another three areas in the Qur’an a mention of Hizb Allah. So our position, (as we should understand in real life), is we are in a conflict with Ash Shaytaan. Also, Ash Shaytaan is not strictly some imaginary figure. It’s a life force that has it’s impact on what we do and how we do it. Ash Shaytaan can approach anyone with the best words or with the best logic to ensnare them into his scheme of things.

إِنَّهُ يَرَاكُمْ هُوَ وَقَبِيلُهُ مِنْ حَيْثُ لَا تَرَوْنَهُمْ

… he and his corresponding likes see you from a position and you can’t see them… (Surah Al A’raf verse 27)

Allah is saying

إِنَّا جَعَلْنَا الشَّيَاطِينَ أَوْلِيَاءَ لِلَّذِينَ لَا يُؤْمِنُونَ

… He has rendered these Shayateen to be the Awliya’ of those who are not committed to Allah. (Surah Al A’raf verse 27)

Awliya’ is one of these words that wobbles in the English language because it picks up different meanings from different words; suffice it is here to say that Awliya’ Ash Shaytaan are his political friends.

إِنَّا جَعَلْنَا الشَّيَاطِينَ أَوْلِيَاءَ لِلَّذِينَ لَا يُؤْمِنُونَ

… and his political friends come from a crowd who are not committed to Allah. (Surah Al A’raf verse 27)

There is a hadith in which Allah’s Prophet said every person has a Shaytaan. Our, (meaning today’s Muslims), have an approach that Shaytaan is a creature of some sorts who leads us into personal sin and individual temptations. When does Ash Shaytaan come into the average person’s mind? If someone said “well there’s a person out there who went and stole something” then you say “Oh Shaytaan had influence on that person” or when a person commits adultery they say “Oh Ash Shaytaan had an influence on that person” or another person goes and gets drunk you say “Oh Ash Shaytaan had an influence on that person” but this mind, (that we are speaking about; we call it mind even though it’s lazy) and whatever notions are out there, they don’t think about the establishment of khamar?! There is a world of khamar business, addiction and drugs and all substance abuse. All of that world out there is the working place of Ash Shaytaan at that level- not only the consumer who drinks it! “Oh he fell a victim of his Shaytaani impulses.” Well how about all of that industry that is out there? Is that not the artwork of Ash Shaytaan himself? The question is why can’t the Muslim mind notch itself up a little and take it into consideration? The same thing can be said about a person who goes to commits adultery (or) zina. A person goes and has an illicit affair with another person they say “oh that person has fallen into the temptation of Shaytaan.” That’s correct and no one’s arguing that; but that’s the partial truth. The wholesome truth is Ash Shaytaan has an industry of prostitution, of pimps, of illicit sexual relations, of sex slaves all around in the world- that’s Ash Shaytaan at work. Why can’t Muslims elevate their thinking and look at Shaytaan when he’s working at that level? The same thing can be said about wealth (and when) some person goes and steals something from someone else- “oh the poor individual came under the influence of Ash Shaytaan.” But when there are militaries and governments and establishments and systems and networks in this world that are stealing the wealth of the planet- oh, no one sees Ash Shaytaan there?! Why? What happened? What’s wrong with you? An ayah in the Qur’an says

الشَّيْطَانُ يَعِدُكُمُ الْفَقْرَ وَيَأْمُرُكُم بِالْفَحْشَاءِ

Ash Shaytaan promises you poverty and he demands of you sinful or immoral acts in society… (Surah Al Baqarah verse 268)

Does that mean that the ayah is speaking about a Shaytaan that is influencing me as an individual or the ayah is speaking of a much larger crowd of people in the millions and in the billions? Our mistake is that we haven’t been able to place the meanings of these ayaat at that level.

In the battle of Uhud we all know from elementary history that there were some key military personnel who were ordered by Allah’s Prophet not to leave their positions. They left. On a personal level each of them may have had his own attraction to the spoils of war. Hey- look at all of that wealth out there. The Mushrik army of Makkah is in retreat so let’s go get it. What are we waiting here for? On an individual level Ash Shaytaan was at work but Ash Shaytaan was also at work at the level of armies. So Ash Shaytaan is not only working in the internal thoughts of individuals here and there; he is working in the internal policies of governments and establishments all over the place. This is where the average Muslim cannot extend his range of attention and meanings of the Qur’an to include in his thoughts and in his understanding what is happening. If we can understand things at this level

وَكَذَٰلِكَ جَعَلْنَا لِكُلِّ نَبِيٍّ عَدُوًّا شَيَاطِينَ الْإِنسِ وَالْجِنِّ

It’s in such a manner that We have designated for every Prophet the demons of Al Jinn and Al Ins… (Surah Al An’am verse 112)

These Shayaateen of Al Ins and Al Jinn are at the frontline of this war. This is not kids stuff. This is not science fiction. This is not meant for your imagination. This is real down to earth, practical developments and consequences in our lives. There are some Muslims who think “I’m cool. I’m a Muslim and everything around is friendly.” Well, that’s the way things are supposed to be but the fact of the matter is if you assume your responsibilities as a committed Muslim, you’re going to find out that there’s a real thing in life called hostility. There’s going to be people who are going to hate you; there are going to be governments that are going to target you; there’s going to be pressure that is going to bear on you. Are you better than the Prophet? Are you better than Prophets? They had to go through all of this. What did they do? Did they say “hey wait a minute- this responsibility is too much for me. Oh Allah, please make this responsibility easier” or “Oh Allah, please give this responsibility to someone else”? Rather, they stood their ground on principle. These were not terrorists, they were not violent as the propaganda all around want to display. It’s part of the hostility. How are they going to express themselves? How are they going to turn the world against you? How are they going to put you in a position to accuse you of crimes- potential crimes, trumped up crimes?

أَلَمْ تَرَ أَنَّا أَرْسَلْنَا الشَّيَاطِينَ عَلَى الْكَافِرِينَ تَؤُزُّهُمْ أَزًّا

Have you not seen how we dispatch these Shayateen to these Kafirs who impulse them to do the evil that is done systematically, intellectually. (Surah Maryam verse 83)

There’s logic. Shaytaan is no crazy person; he is no crazy entity. Ash Shaytaan is smart. He uses what you may call, “well that sounds reasonable.”

الشَّيْطَانُ يَعِدُكُمُ الْفَقْرَ وَيَأْمُرُكُم بِالْفَحْشَاءِ

Ash Shaytaan makes you believe or promises you that you’re going to become poor if you give for Allah’s cause, if you give out… (Surah Al Baqarah verse 268)

How much do you want to give? One-fortieth of your wealth? One-tenth of your wealth? One-fifth of your wealth? Whatever you give out, you’re getting poor?! To an individual person that makes sense. If Islam was strictly an individual address (i.e.) it’s only talking to you as one person and to the other one as one person and to everyone as one person, Ash Shaytaan has it right! And because, (we did this to ourselves), we have diminished our Islam into an individual interpretation and definition (i.e.) “I pray and I fast and I do all of these rituals and I am the number one Muslim in the world!” All of these other things, (i.e.) you talk about amal as salih, you talk about jihad “oh those are coincidental things. Leave me alone- don’t remind me of that stuff.” Where is a committed Muslim in all of this? All of these things are real. How does he stand in the middle of all of this? Allah says to you, (and it), depends where you are. Some people are with Allah just by their mouths. They say (or) recite ayaat, they quote the Prophet, they mention some du’a and they think “oh my God, I’m with Allah. Nothing can bother me.” Allah is not with those who give Him lip service; Allah is with those who give Him some of their sweat, some of their time and He says to them

نَحْنُ أَوْلِيَاؤُكُمْ فِي الْحَيَاةِ الدُّنْيَا

We are your political friends in this earthly life… (Surah Al Fussilaat verse 31)

If we, Muslims, are slow at thinking out these meanings, there are other people who are not Muslims. They are not slow at it. If we are lazy in our minds, there are people in this world who are not Muslims (and) some of them are one-hundred percent against Islam but they understand what the whole issue is all about. So you have these people who studied Islam and studied the Muslims and they reach a simple conclusion: “it is almost impossible to have a Muslim part from his Islam. Let’s not figure that we can go out there are convert Muslims into some other religion. Put that aside. It won’t happen. (Or) it will happen but it’s not significant, so what do we do? We have to change the behaviour, the conduct of Muslims so that their conduct becomes different or opposed to the essence of their Islam.” That’s what people who think are trying to do with us and they’ve done a pretty good job at it. Take, (as an example), Saudi Arabia. We must almost always have to mention this- we’re not picking on a particular government because of some political developments. Some people want to scream against the Saudis, (meaning the Saudi government), because of its current political position. It sent its army into a certain country or it is financing a certain group of trouble makers. However the political climate is, they are creatures of that political party. We are not creatures of any particular transit political climate. We are here to express the truth regardless of the ups-and-downs of the political world. Some committed Muslims, (you can’t take that away from them), just ten and fifteen years ago said “hey- we can be buddy buddies with the Saudis,” (some still say it), “and we have to reach an understanding with them.” We don’t function according to the political weather out there, (i.e.) if it is politically sunny- we adapt to the sun and if it’s politically stormy we adapt to the storm. No! We adhere to the truth regardless of the political atmospherics. We speak about Saudi Arabia and you can extend that to the other similar nation states- it has the kalimah, the shahadah on its flag. It sounds logical, it sounds acceptable- this is how Ash Shaytaan works. It sounds alright to me. It should sound alright to any Muslim; but at the same time that does that it gives a cart blanche and an open invitation to the Mushriks- you may might as well say the extensions of Abu Lahab and Abu Jahl- the freedom to move militarily any which way they want in the land of al iman and in the land of the Prophet.

They claim that the natural resource, (i.e.), the petroleum that is in this land of Islam is their personal property. It doesn’t stop there. They place the money that comes from that into the institutions of riba- and not any institutions of riba, the institutions of riba that use these finances in the form of death and destruction upon the Muslims! They call these Imperialists, (and give them a few more days, meaning a short time period) and they will call the Zionists “their friends.” We’ve just seen the first step in that direction. One of the major religious figures in Egypt from the Azhar goes to Al Quds under Israeli protection?! How does this happen? Does this happen in a vacuum? No, it doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It happens because there are minds thinking all of this out. All of this is done when, (pay extra attention here), in the literature in Arabia there’s a lot of things written and said about “al wala’ and al bara’; tawalla and tabarra’a.” (If) you speak to any religious student over there and he’ll tell you “I know what that means.” OK- if he knows what that means, can he apply it to his own government? All of these rulers have been employed by Ash Shaytaan and when they are doing all of this Shaytaani work at the political, military and economic levels they celebrate layl al Qadr in Ramadhan. They give out prime prizes for those who have memorised the Qur’an. They do all of this fancy work. This is how Shaytaan operates but can you see through these layers of Shaytaani camouflage, of these enemies of Allah and His Prophet? They begin all of these programs all around. Step out of Arabia and go to other countries- no one will tell you the Qur’an is illegal. Has anyone heard this? Will anyone ever tell you that ash’shura is an out-moded idea? None of these things will ever be mentioned because they don’t want to collide with what is ingrained in the Muslim heart and in the Muslim peoples. They can’t do that! The most courageous challengers to Allah and His Prophet in the past century (was) Atta Turk in Turkey- “what’s this Arabic alphabet? Throw it out!” and then he brings in the latin alphabet. At one time “what’s this adhaan? Allahu Akbar. Don’t say it in that language, say it in your own language.” And at one time they were saying the adhaan in Turkish. There was no such thing like Allahu Akbar and whatever you know the statements of the adhaan is but he never came out and said we don’t want this Qur’an. He couldn’t. If he could get away with it he would have done it, but he couldn’t get away with it.

Another ruler in Tunisia, (these are probably two of the most secular societies in that Mediterranean geography), in the 1950’s came out to the Muslims and said “don’t fast Ramadhan because this is harming the production lines. We are not having enough productivity. We don’t have enough production as we need to build our country.” He didn’t come and say Ramadhan is taboo, Ramadhan is haram, Ramadhan and fasting is prohibited because he couldn’t get away with it. We have many of these programs. You can trace them, (with the information that you have), being implemented and the titles are, (look at the titles of these rulers), Amir Al Mu’minin- do you know where he is? Hashimiyeen- do you know where those rulers are? Khud’dhaam Al Haramayn Ash Sharifayn- do you know where those rulers are? That’s how Ash Shaytaan operates. He offers you sweet words- just the shell, just the outside is appealing; it’s favourable. You can’t take issue with it and the poison is inside. In these areas where there’s Amir Al Mu’minin and Hashimiyeen and Khadimeen Al Haramayn Ash Shareefayn no one mentions that it is haram to inherit power! We have rules of inheritance and they have to do with wealth and assets. We don’t have rules of inheritance that have to do with power! Bring us an ayah or a hadith that legitimises inheriting power from father to son or from one family in the same family. Where is this? Why doesn’t anyone talk about this? And finally, we remind you of Allah’s words

وَلَا تَكُونُوا كَالَّذِينَ قَالُوا سَمِعْنَا وَهُمْ لَا يَسْمَعُونَ

Don’t be like those who say we listen but they cannot hear. (Surah Al Anfal verse 21)

Dear brothers and dear sisters, committed Muslims…

You have probably noticed that throughout all of these years we have tried to place most of our attention on exposing the false rulers in Arabia (by) showing how they don’t belong to the committed Muslims, rather they are at home with the Mushrikin and the Kafireen. We don’t do this because we carry a grudge. There’s no grudge in our heart. We’ve said it before and we’ll repeat it now- we don’t know any of them personally so how can we have anything personal with them. This is not a personal thing. It’s just a matter of trying to behave the way the Prophet of Allah would behave if he was here. If the Prophet of Allah was here, would he be interested in the same issues that the sponsored Islamic programs and activities are concentrating on? Would that be his character? Reading, going through, understanding, comparing (and) analysing what he said and what he did leaves no option for an understanding Muslim except to point their finger at these illegitimate rulers in Arabia and we’ve being doing that. Some people feel a little uneasy about this. Some Muslims who say “they are fair enough” have a newsletter in this area (and) they can’t even run an article on why Muslims are praying in the street now for over twenty-nine years and these are supposed to be Muslims who have balanced minds and are looking out for the Muslim’s interests?! On the other hand, we have Yahudi-Zionist organisations that feel uncomfortable that we are out here in the streets. We’ve made it very clear that our understanding of Allah and His Prophet are causing us to point our fingers at the illegitimate rulers in that country called Saudi Arabia and in Arabia in general- that’s what we are doing. So why are Muslims who are supposed to be our brothers and sisters unable to cogitate this issue on the papers of their newsletter? What’s wrong with them? Ask yourself- it’s an easy question that demands an easy answer. And on the other hand, if we are pointing at these types of people who’ve usurped the Masajid and the Haramayn, the usurpers of Al Haramayn Ash Shareefayn why are Yahud so upset? Why is the ADL having its attention on this effort that has been here for this time? There’s a simple common denominator between those lacking in courage Muslims and those in-your-face Zionists. There’s a common denominator between both sides. They have something in common (and) that something in common is called Saudi Arabia and we have some of our Muslim brothers and sisters who in all of these years either have gone traditional or have gone cultural or have gone nationalist or have gone sectarian- we hope the time can come when they can mature see the facts that stare them in the eye.

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