Hope, Justice And Palestine

Empowering Weak & Oppressed

Muhammad H. al-'Asi

Jumada' al-Akhirah 20, 1441 2020-02-14

Ayyuhal Mu’minun…

We all have the same human nature,

وَنَفۡسٍ۬ وَمَا سَوَّٮٰهَا

فَأَلۡهَمَهَا فُجُورَهَا وَتَقۡوَٮٰهَا

قَدۡ أَفۡلَحَ مَن زَكَّٮٰهَا

وَقَدۡ خَابَ مَن دَسَّٮٰهَا

And by the living self and what went into equalizing it. And how [He] infused it with its [tendency for] provocative violation [of Allah’s power and authority], and its [tendency to] avoid [a clash with Allah’s power and authority]! Successful is he who cultivates [and improves] it [his living self]. And frustrated is he who stifles [the potential of the betterment of his] living self. (Surah Al Shams verse 7-10)

Allah (swt) in Surat Al Shams describes to us this human nature that we all have. Some of the times we pass through times in life (and) some of these times are difficult times. We are stressed. Some of us become nervous, others feel under pressure, yet others are depressed. Allah (swt) has given us the psychological remedy for these types of periods- some of them may be short periods (such as), a matter of hours or days; others may have extended periods, (such as), weeks, months (or) more than that. Allah (swt) invites us to His Presence so that we can overcome this human weakness that we all share. (Because I have to make the khutbah short and it’s a cold day; it’s not like some other khutbahs that if you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a thousand times; hopefully, (at least), when you go back home and you’re with yourself and your inner thoughts you’ll remember what is said in this short khutbah. In a hadith Qudsi, the following is stated,

إن الله ينادي يوم القيامة قال إن الله ينادي Hوم القيامة يا ملائكتي أنا الملك أنا الديان ولا ينبغي لأحد من أهل النار أن يدخل النار وله عند أحد من أهل الجنة حق حتى أقصه منه تفسير خواطر محمد متولي الشعراوي مصنف و مدقق

Allah will call out on the Day of Resurrection: My Angels, I am the Sovereign, I am the Judge or the Administrator of Justice, the Arbiter. It is not right for anyone who belongs to al-Jannah to go to al-Jannah when he owes someone something who belongs to ahl an Naar (who belongs to the people of Hades (or) the people of Hell. That’s the first part of this Hadith Qudsi. The second part,

ولا ينبغي لأحد من أهل الجنة أن يدخل الجنة وله عند أحد من أهل النار حق حتى أقصه منه حتى اللطمة تفسير خواطر محمد متولي الشعراوي مصنف و مدقق

And it is not right for anyone who is going to Hell, to enter Hell when he owns something to someone from the people of Jannah until I take the appropriate measure of justice, (and then He follows it) even if it’s a slap. Think about this for a moment. (I know the weather is cold, but we can still think.) There are people who are going to go to al Jannah and there are people who are going to go to an Naar. This is a fact. You all know this. But no one, according to this Hadith Qudsi, who is going to go to al Jannah will be able to enter it if he owes something (or) if he had something in this world in his possession that belonged to someone who is going to an Naar, the Fire. Think about yourself. Then, likewise, there’s no one who is going to go to the Fire if he had in this world a possession that belonged to someone who is going to al Jannah. Justice has to be done, even trivial matters. This even tells us in the wider scope of things how we are related to each other. Don’t think that you are doing something that I don’t know of or someone else doesn’t know of and you’re going to get away with it. Even feelings that turn into some type of action in life and that action is intended to take away from someone else something that belongs to him you’re going to be held accountable for it on the Final Day. Allah (swt) does not want for us to be opaque (by) hiding things, hiding behaviors (and) hiding plans from each other. We’re supposed to be transparent with each other. That is why, (in a sense), when whoever is permitted to go to Hajj; (some of us can’t go to Hajj!- and that permission we’re talking about (is) worldly permission; we don’t need Allah’s Permission to go to Hajj- He tells us to go to Hajj, but you and I know we need permission of people in this world to go to Hajj. Anyways you know that subject), before we go to Hajj we try to give back to others what we think belongs to them and that is why in certain schools of thought (madhahib) you can’t go to Hajj if you are in debt. You can’t go to Hajj until you repay what you owe (or) until you pay back what you owe to whomever you owe it to. (It’s) the same way on the Day of Judgment. Don’t think you are going to make it to al Jannah when in this life (and) in this world you repossessed or you had something that belonged to someone else. There’s another Hadith Qudsi, but it is somewhat long and the weather does not permit. Suffice it to say,

مَا عِندَكُمْ يَنفَدُ ۖ وَمَا عِندَ اللَّهِ بَاقٍ

Whatever you have is going to run out on you- it’s going to perish but whatever Allah has, is permanent- it is indefinite. (Surah Al Nahl verse 96)

Ayyuha Al Mu’minuna wa Al Mu’minaat…

You just heard a Hadith Qudsi about what belongs and what doesn’t belong and here we take a look in the real world, unlike the conventional khutbahs on Fridays where they want you to live in an imaginary utopia as if there’s not real issues around us. So we have rulers in the Arabian Peninsula, and our efforts have been from the Qur’an and from the Prophet to try to explain how these rulers are illegitimate rulers.

We mentioned in the previous khutbah, that there’s news from different sources that there’s going to be some type of normalization of relations between the rulers in Arabia and the rulers in colonized Palestine. Just yesterday the Foreign Minister of the ruling family in Arabia (the one that rules over Makkah and Al Madinah said there’s no basis for normalizing relations with Israel as long as the Palestinians have not gained their rights. And we know politicians lie! This is a statement that wants to (and) that seeks (or rather), he intends from this statement to cover up the behind the scenes activities and the warming up of relations between the Saudi regime and the Israeli regime.

And then the previous Ambassador who was here in Washington DC, Al Jubayr also comes out with a statement saying that he is against the Turkish penetration inside of Syria and the Turkish support for militias in Somalia and in Libya; one news report also says in Syria. He also said that Trump’s Deal of the Century has positive elements in it. He confessed that the killing of Khashoggi was a mistake that should not have happened. Brothers and sisters, I ask you, are these legitimate rulers who come out with statements like this? Should they be running the affairs of Makkah and Al Madinah? There are some Muslims who think these are Khumat Al Haramayn Al Sharifayn, the guardians of the two noble Harams) in Makkah and Al Madinah? There are some Muslims who really think that even though the evidence and the facts prove that these rulers in Arabia are stabbing us in the back! They say one thing to a Muslim audience and they turn around and say the opposite thing to their masters, controllers and puppeteers and we can’t see this yet?! Muslims cannot figure this out yet?! How long is it going to take?

The news out of the Arabian Peninsula says that on the 8th of March they’re going to put in court the Palestinians that they arrested many months ago. They rounded up Palestinians (and) one of them represented the Islamic Palestinians in the Kingdom of the Saudi family for over 20 years! They know him very well and they put him, his son, other Palestinians and even other Jordanians behind bars! This obviously is part of the Deal of the Century that is concocted in Tel Aviv and then fine-tuned in Washington, and then imposed on the Palestinians, on the Arabs and on the Muslims. There was a wave of arrests in Arabia of Palestinians and Jordanians and now there was a new wave (of) sixty in this past week and you still consider them to be the protectors and the defenders of Makkah and Al Madinah?

The ex-Prime Minister of Qatar stated this past week, just a couple of days ago, that what’s in the making is an agreement of non-belligerency between Israel and the Gulf States, that means, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Bahrain, Al Kuwait, Al Qatar. He said this is what they are working on and there’s a possibility to add; because there has been a peace accord between Jordan and Egypt on the official level- not on the popular level, not from the Masjid but from the parliament- on one side and the Israeli Zionist colonizers on the other side, for decades now. So he said in addition to this Morocco may be convinced to join the Gulf States in this new non-belligerency relationship. Just in the past twenty-four hours the military strongman in Al Sudan, the guy’s last name is Burhan, says that normalizing relations with Israel is in the national interest of Sudan. He says it is very popular and he said, my meeting with Netanyahu, (you remember, we mentioned this in the khutbah a couple of weeks ago), was for the national and security interest of Sudan.

You’ve probably heard (because) it’s been all over the news- one-hundred-and-twelve companies (or) establishments have been identified by a human rights body of the United Nations (to be) in violation of international law as they are building or they are promoting their interests in what they call settlements. The Zionists have stolen Palestinian land in the West Bank and they erected what they call settlements on them. These are colonies!

There’s also news items that Morocco has obtained seventy buses that were either manufactured or assembled in Israel and they are going to have these buses running or operating in the streets of Casablanca and some of the Moroccans who know about this… This type of news has not become very popular), because the normalization between a criminal and a victim is not normal. They don’t want this normalization to become something that is in the Muslim public mind so what they are doing is they are withholding words, descriptions and news about this normalization. When Muslims begin to know that this is what is really happening, that will be the time of reckoning. Normalization has gone as far as news breaking out that the Sudanese government is going to allow Israeli planes to fly through its airspace. One ex-Jordanian Minister cautions that this Deal of the Century has within its buried details a provision that will force the Jordanians to give citizenship to 1,000,000 Palestinians.

Then, a lot of those roots of the corruption that the Israelis are charging the region with are here in Washington DC. (According to) the State Department, (I didn’t say this, I’m saying what’s being said but not highlighted and not made mainstream), the ex-American Ambassador to the Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch, (that’s her name), described American diplomacy as immoral. Not a Muslim by any measure; just an average, fair-minded individual who is looking at reality. This is what happens: we have immoral people who are plotting the policies of the United States and she further says (I’m paraphrasing obviously) that these policies are erected on threats and that the State Department is in a crisis and the high-ranking officials do not have a political vision for what is in the future. Remember, these are statements that are not said by any Muslim. These are statements that are said by someone who has experience with the State Department.

There are some Turks who are performing the Umrah, the minor Hajj, and they are going between Al Safa and Al Marwa and (these) Turkish-speaking Muslims are saying in the Arabic language, “we will defend Al Masjid Al Aqsa with our soul and with our blood” as they are doing their jogging between Al Safa and Al Marwa. Of course, the Saudis are bonkers now- how is this happening?! Oh- this is only the beginning of what is going to be happening if you continue to pursue what you are doing. Let me just say, with all of these types of clandestine activities that the Palestinian issue is not going to go away. It’s not going to become the victim of Zionist and Imperialist policymakers who consider us almost like dirt.

Let me end this by saying that Imam Al Khamenei is obviously from Persia or from Iran, (whichever word you choose), plus, Al Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah from Lebanon- we can consider these (as) the backbone of the Palestinian issue, (these are contemporaries) with those in the past, Salahaddin who is from Kurdistan. (I don’t mean to get on anyone’s political nerves here), but there’s a geography in the world in which Kurds live and Salahaddin was from that geography, along with Muhammad Al Fatih who was or is from Turkey, along with Ahmad Al Tayyib, the head of the Azhar from Egypt, and what he said in the previous days, and Mujahid Izz Ad Deen Al Qassam who comes from Northern Syria, along with Christians- one of them is Al Mutran Atalla Hanna who comes from Ar Ramla in Palestine and the other one is, Alwar Musallim who is also from Palestine. All of these (are) from different backgrounds, different language groups, different madha’hibs (and) different religions and they are all the fiber of the Palestinian issue, which is the central issue of anyone who has an iota of Islamic commitment in their hearts and a fiber of Islamic thinking in their minds.

This khutbah was presented by Imam Muhammad Asi on the occasion of Jumu’ah on 14 February 2020 on the sidewalk of Embassy Row in Washington D.C. The Imam previously led the daily and Jumu’ah prayers inside the Masjid. His speeches were revolutionary and thought provoking, and eventually irritated and threatened the Middle-East Ambassadors who control the Masjid. Finally, the Imam, his family, and other Muslims faithful to the course of Islam were forced out, into the streets. This khutbah originates from the sidewalk across the street from the Islamic Center, currently under seige.

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