Imam Muhammad Al Asi at the International NGO Conference for Palestine in South Africa

Empowering Weak & Oppressed

Muhammad H. al-'Asi

Sha'ban 29, 1432 2011-07-31

Bismillah Ar-Rahmaan Ar-Raheem. Alhumdulillah. Peace and blessings on Muhammad (sallalahu alaihi wa alihi wa sallam), his Noble Companions and Family. Dear Committed brothers, dear committed sisters,

I listened quite closely to the fine words that were expressed before me and you know this issue i.e. what is called the Arab/Israeli or the Palestinian/Israeli conflict is a very multifaceted, extensive, historical, contemporary (and) conflicting issue. There’s many ways to approach it and we would like to be upfront and honest with everyone here- of course, we speak from an Islamic perspective and we have no apologies about that.

First of all- the issue of a Jewish homeland. Now, when we say Jewish we say it the way it is used in the media and, (we hope, we think, we expect that), all of you are familiar with “the Jews need a homeland.” The Jews actually had and have a homeland in as far as their presence in the geographical parts of the world that are an Islamic domain. We I don’t know and we stand to be corrected- if you have information that we don’t have- well bring it to us and even correct us- but we don’t know of an instance in which Muslims told the Jews who are living with them or who have come from outside to live with them “you are not permitted to feel that you are living in your homeland.” We don’t know of any incident like that. The Muslim Islamic history has been an inclusive history and the make up of Muslims in the world indicates this. You’ll have Muslims of different races, different ethnic backgrounds, different social status, different persuasions- all of that co-exists. We have no problem with co-existing; maybe the extent of our inclusiveness and our co-existence with the others have caused bloodshed in our history. Now, we’re not trying to say that Muslims are Angels. We have our mistakes, we have our moments of weakness, we have our areas that need to be improved- that is all part of our history but the general sense of the Muslims is to get along with others and have others get along with us. We never were responsible for an inquisition against others; we never were responsible for crusades against others; we never were responsible for occupying other peoples territories by the use of force as we see in today’s world done to us. So when the issue is, (and we want you to pay close attention to this because it is played up and played on by the media) “the Jews deserve a homeland…” Well- what? Are they telling me? They are telling us- the Muslims?! Can anyone produce from us something in writing or something that’s been spoken by Muslim scholars or Muslim authorities that say “Jews are not entitled to a homeland?” Where’s that? The mistake many of us fall into is that this word homeland is extended to mean a government or a nation state. Don’t be fooled by this. That’s how they fool us! They fool us as Jews, they fool us as Christians, they fool us as a public. Now here’s where we’re going to have problems. OK- you, who are clamouring for this, ask yourself “if you want a nation state then tell us you want a nation state.” Don’t say you want a homeland! But they’re saying they want a homeland but in fact (and) in reality they are building a bloody, killer, genocidal nation state. Now, we’re not going to go for that. These are two different things. If they want to be our neighbours and they want to be our compatriots and they want to belong to the same country (and) to the same geographical area- they’re most welcome but if they want to come and implant a nation state that doesn’t know anything except warfare then we’re going to have to deal with them. You’ve seen the pictures here and you’ve seen the scenery of how the Israeli state operates. The only word we can give it is it’s a satanic nation state. It’s a Shaytaani nation state.

We want to go in slow motion here- some of you are accustomed to me in high gear but we want to go a little slow on this one. Now, there is a history that is written and produced to us through the mainstream media that the Jews suffered a holocaust and there are images that come to your mind, (i.e.) the meshing of bodies in the concentration camps in Germany and these other places. (It’s) something that I guess is hard for a person to forget. OK- we’re not going to argue what the number of the victims of that incident were. This is an issue that bounces back and forth. We’re not going to get into that area but let’s assume and go with the flow that four-million to six-million Jews perished (or) were killed by a deliberate policy of Nazi Germany. Ok- four-million to six-million. They finally settled on six million. OK- let’s take six million. Now think for a moment- you, the people who have suffered the loss of six million of your own kind. This was when? In the early nineteen forties. When was the illegitimate state of Israel erected? In 1948. World War Two ended in 1945. The holocaust activities came to an end in 1945. We’re speaking as a human being- forget about being a Jew, a Christian or a Muslim- you’re just a normal human being; ask yourself “how can you just three years ago emerge from a holocaust (where) you’ve seen the worst in man, how he kills, how war massacres and then in a matter of three years you yourself are committing a holocaust?!” How can this be? Answer us? What human being can do something like that? Are these human beings? And not only are they satisfied with repeating the policies of the holocaust against a Palestinian population the intents and purposes of a holocaust was in the brains and the minds of the founding Zionists of Israel. We still can’t figure this out. We’re not speaking about historical things happening way back in history. We are speaking about fresh events. They’ve just left Nazi Germany. They’ve suffered what they suffered and then they turn around in this short time period and then they begin acting like Nazis. We don’t know. It doesn’t make sense to us! This puts the whole issue in another light. Then the years grind on and there’s no remorse. The Zionists continue to pursue deadly policies. Against who? Who are these Palestinians? What did they do to these people who have come from Europe? What did they do to them? They kill you? Did they take you to concentration camps? Did they violate your rights as human beings? What did they do? It’s as if you are bringing all of the wrath of your own version of history and placing it all on these people who are going about their own daily lives and they continue to do that up to this very day. They still don’t have it within themselves- they don’t have the manhood, they don’t have the morality within themselves to stand on an equal footing looking a Palestinian- their own victim- eye to eye and saying “this is wrong.” They go on showing us it’s more of the same- more bloodshed, more massacres, more genocidal type of policies, (some people call that ethnic cleansing), more wars. What is this? We don’t understand and it goes on.

What you see in today’s world, (you can read it in different ways but listen to this version of it), the changes that are taking place in Egypt and in the other Arab countries are the de-ZioNisa’tion of the network of nation states that made it possible for Zionist Israel to continue to exist. There’s a part of Zionism in Cairo, there’s a piece of Zionism in Amman, there’s a chunk of Zionism in Libya, there’s a mass of Zionism in Saudi Arabia- they all exist. All of these detention centres, the prisons, the jails (and) the dungeons in these areas (and) in these countries, the ruling classes in these countries belong to Zionism. When Hosni Mubarak was forced out of his Pharaunic status- when that was his fate- you can rest assured the Zionist masters in Tel Aviv lost one of their own. They felt inside of themselves “this is a tremendous loss for us.” The movement of peoples in these countries is not only to liberate the peoples in these countries but the final result of these is to liberate the Jews who are living in Palestine and the Jews in the other parts of the world from Zionism. We were listening, but we don’t know why the word justice is absent from the presentations? Why? Justice should be the element that combines us all together. You can have your own rituals, you can have your own forms of worship, you can have your own religious persuasions and all of these but justice is an element (and) it’s a common denominator that speaks to the human condition. There’s no religion in the world that has an argument with justice. None that we know of (or) maybe Satanism but none of the acknowledged religions have an issue with justice. Answer yourselves- “what type of justice do we have? How do people who go to Synagogues or go to Churches or even go to Mosques justify what is happening in Palestine in front of their own eyes when they read their holy scriptures?” All of the history of Scripture and the history of Prophethood themselves centres around justice. Justice is the fibre and the fabric of revelation and scripture. Now, you look at what’s happening in Palestine- you saw and you’ll see this on and on, day after day- where is justice in all of this? What makes a discussion more interesting, (and we say this to Muslims, we say this to you whether you are Muslim or whether you are not Muslim), is to have the other component present themselves or the other side present itself. The Zionists don’t want the Muslims around to speak their Islamic mind on the subject. They run away from Muslims but even though we are at this point militarily weak as it appears; weakness and strength should not be a human condition. Weakness and strength are relative positions as close or as far as you are away from the Creator, the Maker, the All Powerful, the all Mighty- that’s a true definition but in the public mind Muslims appear to be weak. (Take a) look at what the Israelis are doing to them. “They’re kicking Muslim butt in Palestine” (as it were). This is how it appears. OK- so they’re afraid because morally and mentally they can’t stand an Islamic presentation of this issue. Have you ever heard of Zionists inviting Muslims to speak about the issue of Palestine anywhere in the world? Not even in their own lands do they have the courage to say to the Muslims “come speak to us, present to us (and) to our public (and) to our people your point of view.” One person, Ra’ed Salah, goes to Britain just a few weeks ago and the Zionists cannot tolerate this Islamic voice expressing the truth in a place like Britain. It’s not in their territory- they come down with the instruments they have, on the British government and they managed to put this person in prison for a while. Now we have a legal process that has kicked into action.

Being that we are in South Africa we have a quote, it’s a lengthy quote but we want to say it because I think it comes from experience and it expresses a point of view of people who are under pressure (and) people who are on the survival level (and) people who want to fight back against injustice, against discrimination, against prejudice (and) against racism this quote is taken from Haaj Malik Shabaaz better known as Malcom X. When he was asked by African Americans “can White people join us in our struggle?” This was back then in the 1950’s when the African Americans were fighting for they civil rights. This developed later on into the civil rights movement in the United States. So when he was asked “can these Whites join us?” He said “they can’t join us. I have these very deep feelings that White people who want to join Black orgaNisa’tions are really just taking the escapist way to salve their consciences. By visibly harbouring near us they are “proving” that they are with us but the hard truth is this isn’t helping to solve America’s racist problem. The Negros aren’t the racists. Where the really sincere White people have got to do their proving of themselves is not among the Black victims but out there on the battle-lines of where America’s racism really is and that’s in their own home communities.” This is taken from the autobiography of Malcom X. You can easily take his words and apply it to the context that we are speaking about.

One of the problems we, (meaning those who can see the justice and the violation of justice issues in the Holy land), run into (is that) you want to criticize the Israelis and the Zionists and then they turn around and they use this label to shaft you. They call you “an anti-Semite.” I encountered one of these. I was at the university once in Oregon many years ago (and) a person sitting in the back of the room stood up and said “you are an anti-Semite.” I said “oh yeah?! Do you know the demographics of the world? Are you familiar with the geography and the peoples of the world? Semites are people who originated in the Semitic geographical area of the world- the Holy land area of the world. Go to that part of the world (and) look at the people.” The person who was asking this question looked like he was from Scandinavia somewhere. With all due respects to our brother from Norway I said “look at yourself! Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror? When you see yourself in that mirror do you see Semitic features in your face, in your skin, in your characteristics? Do you see them there? Tell me- do you look like a Semite or do I look like a Semite?” Then he sat down very quietly (and) he behaved himself thereafter. I don’t know if this sparked some thoughts but he just sat down and went silent.

There have been American individuals who found in themselves the moral courage to stand up and point to the atrocities and to the warmongering and to the brutal nature of the Israeli nation-state and they got tarnished with this accusation of being anti-Semitic. We can name a few names: Chas Freeman. He was going to be appointed by the Obama administration in a very sensitive position pertaining to the America intelligence community but he wasn’t appointed. Why? Because they found in his background that he has a bit of sympathy towards the Palestinian side of the issue so they said “you are disqualified from this position.” You’ve heard of Helen Thomas the senior most correspondent in the White House. Some Zionist individual came up to her and asked her a question. She thought she was speaking off the record (and) not knowing this person was recording and filming what she is saying, she said, (I am paraphrasing), “why don’t you go back to the countries that you came from? This whole Palestinian issue is because you have dislocated yourself. You’ve taken other people’s lands and territories. Just go back to where you came from and the whole issue is solved. We wouldn’t have this whole issue that’s irritating the whole world.” Not only did she get labelled as anti-Semite but she had to be dismissed from her job. She no longer can be the senior White House correspondent for the agency that she is working for. And on and on they have these figures…

A recent development that fits into the initial statement that I made at the beginning of this presentation about Germany and the Jews. When we say “the Jews”- now please, our friends here in Naturei Karta, we don’t mean you, you’re the exception of the rule- but there are many Jews in Israel who have recently been applying for another passport. Now in the first observation, this indicates some people are beginning to feel scared. They want another passport. This means this is a way out if things get really tough in occupied Palestine. So you would think that most of them would be applying maybe for an American passport (or) an Australian passport maybe or a Canadian passport or maybe a South African passport; but you know most of them are applying for what type of passport? A German passport! Why would anyone want to go to Germany? How many million were killed there in the Holocaust? And they want to go back to Germany? This reminds me of the mosquitoes and the flies in attack on their own source of death. When they see fire or light they run to it. Are they running to another holocaust or what?! This doesn’t make sense. In the past- recently I guess after Hizbullah in Lebanon managed to withstand its ground against the Israeli military action supported by American instigation and policies in 2006, (five years ago this week that war was in progress), and when the Israeli military machine could not win that war many people of common sense- Jews who are living in Occupied Palestine figured out “wait a minute here, things are beginning to look very tough for us here.” They obtained one-hundred-thousand German passports. This is not mentioning the other passports. There are lesser numbers that are applying for other passports. One of the fear factors that also is dwelling in Israeli society- this was not the case before but in the recent past ten years- is that those who are living in the Northern parts of Palestine in the Akka area in the Saffad area, (if you’re familiar with Palestine), are beginning to teach their children the Arabic language- it’s mandatory. This is a new development. Why? As they are applying for all these passports they are teaching their children (and making it) compulsory on their children to learn the Arabic language. Are they sensing something in the future that the average person out there doesn’t have a clue as to what is going to begin to happen in the coming years?

Now, when we take a look at what they call the Middle East, it’s the Muslim East, and you take a look at that area there are only two powers in the normal definition of the word. There are two powers there- it’s the Islamic Republic of Iran and it’s the Zionist racist state of Israel. All of the others don’t measure up. They’re almost nil. These are the two powers. These are serious opposite powers. In the United States the Jewish community represented by AIPAC is pushing for war with the Islamic Republic of Iran. It’s very obvious. Anyone with common sense cannot miss the fact that AIPAC and the majority Jewish community in the United States wants the United States to go to war with the Islamic Republic of Iran. The fact of the matter is that the United States has gone war in Iraq and Afghanistan for basically two reasons- first of all, to defend the Israeli nation state… You see, Bush’s plan was a large plan. It wasn’t just going to two countries- Iraq and Afghanistan. Oh no- those were the appetizers. He wanted much more. Remember- he was speaking about “democratising the Middle East.” He wanted to begin with Afghanistan and Iraq and then go on to the rest of these nation states and then have a new, (what is called), Middle Eastern governmental order that reports to Washington. But he could not. American forces and American policies and American military and American power got stuck in Afghanistan and in Iraq. They are stuck there. They can’t get out of that quick sand. So they couldn’t go on and all of this was done for future national security- what is called national security of the Israeli nation state. You’ve been hearing in the news, (I hope), the United States can’t pay their bills. The government in the United States no longer can pay its bills. It’s gone bankrupt because of these policies. The wars that George W Bush began have cost $1.5trillion and the clock is ticking. Come August second and there’s no type of agreement the government is not going to be able to pay the paycheques. There’s not going to be any money for seven-million Americans who receive benefits from the social security administration if they don’t find a solution and quick. Also there’s going to be many federal employees that will not get their paycheque. When you look at all of this, the poor Americans political knowledge is very, very shallow. They can’t figure out what is going on. They can’t see the United States is going broke because of Israel. Israel is a holy cow in the American political community. They can’t criticize Israel. The way the West is set up, you can deny God (and) you can deny the existence of God. When you deny the existence of God you are saluted as a person who is a free-thinker- they respect you. “Oh my God- you’re very liberal. You’re very intellectual. You deny God! You deny the existence of God!” (We’re not saying this because we agree with this statement), but dare anyone in that very liberal and that very free-thinking society deny the holocaust. Now we’re not saying that everyone should deny the holocaust; what we’re trying to say is what’s this? Be consistent with yourself! If you want to give people the liberty and the freedom to deny or affirm whatever they want (then) it should be across the board! But what do we have? We have Israel and its history become something like sacred scripture- more sacred than God Himself?! Astaghfirullah- but that’s what we have.

The Bure research centre has run a survey recently (in) the past couple of months and it found out that the American public opinion now is more isolationist. (We’re using their word. The key word here is isolationist. American public opinion now is more isolationist than it has ever been in the past fifty years. Now the word isolationist means that public mood in the United States no longer wants to be involved in these foreign adventures i.e. going out to distant lands and far away countries and trying to, (they tell us), “democratise them, modernise them, civilise them.” The American public now have reached a point where it’s sick and tired of its policies. Most of these policies are centred around (or) concentrated in the Muslim East. For example the Israeli nation state costs the American tax payer- every day America is paying for Israel $10million. This is at a time when fifty-million Americans don’t have health insurance; that means every week in the United States eight-hundred people are dying because they don’t have health insurance, they don’t have access to hospitals and doctors that can tend for them and cure them. Eight-hundred every week! In a matter of just four weeks, less than a month, three-thousand-two-hundred die because the government cannot afford them health insurance. That’s more that died on than 9/11 in those attacks on Washington and New York City.

In last year the Congress in the United States passed a bill demanding the release of Gilad Shalit. Now think about it for a moment- the Congress of the United States passing a bill for the release of an Israeli soldier who was taken in a bona fide, legal, legitimate act of war by the Palestinians- what is United States concerned for an Israeli trooper in Gazzah who was caught on a warfront when the United States is not even concerned that Israelis killed thirty-four American sailors?! In the 1967 war the USS liberty was bombed by the Israelis killing thirty-four servicemen wounding a hundred-and-seventy-four others and the United States never investigated any of this! Rachael Corrie, a young American citizen who volunteered her time to go and assist the Palestinians was run over (and) crushed to death by an Israeli soldier and the United States is not concerned that one of its citizens has been killed by the Israelis?! An American citizen-the Turkish young boy who last year was on the Mavi Marmara that flotilla on its way to Gazzah to give much needed support for a strangulated and starving population was killed point blank by the Israelis. He was shot three times in the back and he was shot point blank in the face twice- an American citizen. The United States doesn’t care about him. There was no investigation by the United States. No one is telling us who is doing all this. It shows you quite clearly the bias that is built into American policies when it comes to Israel. (Take a) look at the standing ovations made to Netanyahu when he went to the American Congress. They kept on standing up. You’d think that they were in some kind of yoga classes. Twenty-nine times and this guy was spewing lies but that’s who they worship. As far as Israeli politicians and Israel itself and as far as American politics is concerned, Israel has become a deity (and) a divinity. We don’t even know who these killers in uniform are? That’s one thing. If you want to do a little homework and research, find out the names of these Israeli Zionists in uniform. Who are they? Many of them have dual citizenship. They leave Israel and they spend some of their idle time in other countries. They may come to South Africa, they go to the United States, Canada, Australia or some other European country. They’ll go there. We should know their names. They’re killing us. They’re crippling us and they say “this is an existential war.” (It’s) as if for them to exist we must die?! That’s the only way it works in their mind. Ask yourself this question and once again, (we’re just bringing you to your bare human element), we don’t know how this happens- these Israeli soldiers go out there in Nablus, in Hebron in the Arab suburb of Jerusalem, in Ramallah and these other areas and then they begin to shoot and they kill and they maim children- five year olds, eight year olds, ten year olds. We can’t understand this! When we think about this (and) think about it before you go to sleep or when you wake up or just for a few minutes- how does a person like that who has his own family most of the times, he has a wife, he has children come back and how does he behave at home? How can he be a normal human being going out there killing (and) shooting at innocent lives and then come back and look at your children? How can this be? Is there enough exclusiveness (and) enough hatred that makes this possible? What is this that makes this possible? We ask you and you ask yourselves and you ask others- how can this be a human being? How can he have a normal relationship with his wife? How can he kiss his young daughter or his young son after going out there and shedding innocent blood, stealing their lands, stealing their water, their aqua? The Israelis have swimming pools, they have tons and tons of water in their plush residencies and right around the valley corner there are the Palestinians who no longer have the water that used to belong to them?! How can these human beings breathe? How can they function in a family unit as family members? We don’t know how this can happen but we are stuck with this problem. We are stuck with it and the solution is raw organic common sense justice- that’s the solution to it. Let’s not jump around. Is what is happening just? If it’s not just then we have to face it. Once again, with all due respect to our, (we call them), brothers, Rabbi Weiss and Rabbi Kohen, this type of entity cannot be dismantled peacefully. We would like it to happen like that, we would pray that it could happen like that, but experience, history and revelation tell us that you cannot peacefully dismantle a Satanic construct. You can’t peacefully bring down Satan. There’s another solution for it and that’s the final solution.

May the Almighty, All Merciful forgive us for our transgressions, may He correct our mistakes and may He guide us to a world of justice born of peace born of justice. May His peace and blessings be your share until it reaches those who are in much need of it in the Holy Lands.

Once again, thank you profusely.

Wa Salaamualaykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakaatuh

We desire to expand and build on the designation of the day of Al Quds (designated by the late Imam Al Khomeini to be commemorated on the last Friday of Ramadhan in recognition of the suffering meted out to the Palestinians and the oppressed peoples of the world), and will be insha'Allah be running a weekly additional Khutbah on Al Quds. We pray that Allah raises the awareness of people regarding the suffering of the people of Quds and the other oppressed peoples so that the designation of the last Friday to ensconce the realities in the lives of oppressed people in our minds will culminate into a daily occurrence.

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