Kufr and False Hadiths

Empowering Weak & Oppressed

Muhammad H. al-'Asi

Jumada' al-Ula' 01, 1436 2015-02-20

In the world that we are part of today this strain of Muslims, as we said previously, that has come out with its dangerous, lethal and murderous attitude- of course supported by those who are inimical to Islam behind the scenes- have a root to them. They just didn't appear all of a sudden from nowhere. No. Tracing this disease back to its pathological roots, we find that in our common history there are some personalities that began this accusation of other Muslims being Kafirs. We retraced it in one channel two one of the Fuqaha’ in Islam, Ahmad ibn Hanbal (or) at least those who follow him from early on. Then there's another personality, ibn Taymiyah. Ibn Taymiyah is another person who along with his scholarly accomplishments, (may Allah have mercy on all these Muslims who preceded us), and maybe in their own capacity tried to explain what they understood but what they understood was wrong in this area and therefore what they explained was also wrong in this area.

We find that there are two words that are peculiar to their works or their literature or their lessons or their explanations. These two words are Al Uluhiyah and Ar Rububiyah. Now these two exact words do not occur- because you know the Arabic language is a derivative system- in the Qur’an and do not occur in the Sunnah. What we mean by the Sunnah is the verified, consensual Sunnah. They- Al Uluhiyah and Ar Rububiyah- don't exist. Of course the word Ilahoccurs- Ilahana, Rabbana- all of these occur but these two peculiar words as are present in the books and the lessons taught by ibn Taymiyah is another matter. So they say that the whole issue of Islam centers around and Al Uluhiyah and that’s Allah’s authority. That's a very important subject but they are wrong when they extend that to eclipse the matter of Rububiyah, that Allah is the Sustainer of all. They say “even the Kafirs believe in that” and that to a certain extent also has some merit to it. The problem is not in the general statements that they express; the problem is when they come to explain it. Of course there are ayaat in the Qur’an. Phirawn said

فَقَالَ أَنَا رَبُّكُمُ الْأَعْلَىٰ

… I am your supreme lord or sustainer. (Surah Al Naaziaat verse 24)

You know, you could go back with this expression to ibn Taymiyah and ibn Qayyim and ibn Abdil Wahab and tell them look- there's an issue here and it's an ayah in the Qur’an. The Pharoah also said

مَا عَلِمْتُ لَكُم مِّنْ إِلَٰهٍ غَيْرِي

… I know of no other ilah besides me that you have… (Surah Al Qasas verse 38)

In Surah Al Baqarah ayah 258 the person who was arguing with Ibrahim says

أَنَا أُحْيِي وَأُمِيتُ

… I cause life to occur and I cause death to occur… (Surah Al Baqarah verse 258)

So there is an issue here pertaining to people who steal Allah’s divinity and who steal Allah’s authority. The Prophet and the first generation of Muslims and the second generation of Muslims understood these to be one. There's no Uluhiyah and Rububiyah that are separate from each other. What happened, though, in the course of history is we had these types who appeared and then began making them issues that if you and I, as Muslims, do not agree with their point of view we are the non-Muslims (or) we become the non-Muslims. Now you know (that) in all of these years we've been very careful in quoting the Prophets hadiths. You don’t find so many hadiths mentioned in the khutbahs that are presented here on Friday. There are many ayaat that are presented but not many hadiths because we are careful not to begin to quote Isra’eeliyaat and hadiths that are nonsense. You will listen to some of these hadiths in this khutbah. This khutbah is going to be concentrated on these hadiths that are nonsense and ridiculous but they are major hadiths in the books of those who say “those who disagree with them are Kafirs.” The Prophet in the hadith that is agreed-upon says

من كذب علي متعمدا فليتبوأ مقعده من النار
(أخرجه البخاري في كتاب العلم، باب إثم من كذب على النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم برقم 107، ومسلم في المقدمة باب تغليظ الكذب على رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم برقم 3)

Whoever deliberately falsely quotes me or lies (or) expresses a lie and attributes it to me should settle on a seat of fire.

Obviously this in reference to the Day of Judgment and thereafter, so this is a serious issue. We don't take the Prophets hadith lightly. We don't just quote them just because someone comes and says “oh, the Prophet said this.” There has to be a scrutinizing effort to place any hadith attributed to the Prophet in the context of the Qur’an. Now let us take these hadiths that the takfiris, (let's call them takfiris), meaning they accuse other Muslims who disagree with them of being Kafirs. We disagree with them but we never say that they are Kafirs; not like them. They disagree with other Muslims and because they disagree with them they say “they are Kafirs.” Let's take a hadith- all of these hadiths come from the book of As Sunnah written by Abdullah the son of Ahmad ibn Hanbal. He says

إنه ليقعد عليه جل وعز فما يفضلمنه قيد أربع أصابع، وإن له أطيطاً كأطيط الرَّحْلِ الجديد إذا ركِبَ من ثقله
(جاء في كتاب السنة لعبد الله بن الإمام أحمد بن حنبل)

Now, the point here that they are trying to make is called in Islamic Fiqhi literature the equating of Allah- not the equating of Allah in His authority or in His divinity but in His self- He’s similar to man; that issue in Islamic fiqh is referred to as at tashbih and at tajsim. This is what all people who have studied or who have learned in this area refer to it. So this particular type (of Muslims) today that has its followers who right now are in the headlines of the news all over the world have this thing called at tajsim and at tashbih in this hadith are saying that the Prophet said, (na’udhubillah from the Prophet ever having said something like this but this is what they say he said and this is what they believe), that

Allah most Exalted is sitting on a chair and what is left of that chair to his side is the width of four fingers and that he has a sound, (astaghfirullah, but this is what they are saying), when he moves on this chair that is similar to the sound to a person who is sitting on a saddle and the saddle is moving on whatever animal that saddle happens to be.

We're not making any of this up. All of this extracted from their books.

Another hadith that they say… These are the Isra’eeliyaat. Sometimes some of you come and ask “brother Muhammad what do you mean? Sometimes you make reference to Isra’eeliyaat, the hadiths that have been implanted in the books of hadiths by those Muslims who were influenced by Yahud or Yahudthemselves who became Muslims. This hadith says

كَتَبَ اللَّهُ عَزَّ وَجَلَّ التَّوْرَاةَ لِمُوسَى بِيَدِهِ وَهُوَ مُسْنِدٌ ظَهْرَهُ إِلَى الصَّخْرَةِ ، فِي أَلْوَاحٍ مِنْ دُرٍّ يَسْمَعُ صَرِيفَ الْقَلَمِ ، لَيْسَ بَيْنَهُ وَبَيْنَهُ إِلا الْحِجَابُ
(جاء في كتاب السنة لعبد الله بن الإمام أحمد بن حنبل)

Allah wrote the Torah for Musa with his hand while Musa had his back situated on a rock in radiating tablets and you could hear or the sound of the pencil was heard meaning that when Allah was writing you can hear the pen moving on the tablet and there wasn't anything between Musa and between Allah except a hijab.

(Nastaghfirullah, this is what the hadith is saying.)

Yet another hadith, and these takfiri types that we have are high on ahadith. Ayaat of the Qur’an matter much less than that so the quoting of these hadiths should go to the core of their belief system. So there's another hadith

رآه على كرسي من ذهب تحمله أربعة من الملائكة : ملك في صورة رجل، وملك في صورة أسد ، وملك في صورة ثور، وملك في صورة نسر في روضة خضراء دونه فراش من ذهب
(جاء في كتاب السنة لعبد الله بن الإمام أحمد بن حنبل)

The Prophet saw his Lord on a chair of gold which was lifted or which was carried by four angels, one angel in the image of a man, one angel in the image of a lion, one angel in the image of an ox and an angel in the image of an Eagle in a green garden beneath which is a mat of gold.

Now they say “if we don't believe in these hadiths- we’re going to quote a few more, we know that the weather is cold (but) we’re going to quote a few more hadiths- then you don't believe in the hadith of the Prophet then you become a Kafir automatically.”

This other hadith says

خلق الله الملائكة من نور الذراعين والصدر
(جاء في كتاب السنة لعبد الله بن الإمام أحمد بن حنبل)

Listen to this.

Allah created the angels from the light that comes from His arms and his chest.

Now imagine- if you as a Muslim believe in everything (but) you come across a hadith like this which they believe in and you say I don’t believe in this as a hadith; they look at you as a Kafir. They bring their arms and they want to kill you. This is how this thing works.

Another hadith (says)

إذا تكلم الله عز وجل سمع له صوت كجر السلسلة على الصفوان
(جاء في كتاب السنة لعبد الله بن الإمام أحمد بن حنبل)

It means,

when Allah talks you can hear his voice which is similar to dragging a chain on rocks.

Another hadith- remember, these people who quote these types of hadiths bring hadiths from Ka’b Al Ahbar. Ka’b Al Ahbar was a learned Jewish scholar during that first generation of Muslims who became, himself, a Muslim. So when he spoke Muslims were very careful, where did this come from?! But thesetakfiri types are not careful. “Ka’b Al Ahbar said that, let’s write it down because he heard the Prophet say that.” Another hadith- they say these arehadiths and none of these hadiths fit into how Allah describes or defines himself in the Qur’an. This hadith says (and) you can tell this is a Isra’eeli hadith

لما كلم الله موسى كان عليه جبة صوف وعمامة صوف ونعلان من جلد حمار غير ذكي
(جاء في كتاب السنة لعبد الله بن الإمام أحمد بن حنبل)

When Musa was spoken to by his Sustainer Allah was wearing a garment of wool and also a head-dress made of wool and two, (in today's language), shoes made from the leather of a dumb donkey.

If you tell them “you think this is a hadith?” They believe this is a hadith. We don't believe this is a hadith! We don't think any Muslim mind that reads the Qur’an should for one moment think anything like this is a hadith. So if we don't believe this is a hadith they turn around and say “we are Kafirs” and when they believe these are hadiths no one is telling them you are a Kafir. (Do you) see the difference?

Another one of these hadiths

فرأيته وضع كفه بين كتفي حتى وجدت برد أنامله بين صدري

(جاء في كتاب السنة لعبد الله بن الإمام أحمد بن حنبل)

Allah placed his two hands on the shoulders of the Prophet and the Prophet felt the coolness in his heart.

(Do) you see how Allah appears here to be someone like an individual? He begins to have some features like a human being.

Then they say there’s another hadith that says

إن غلظ جلد الكافر اثنتان وأربعون ذراعا بذراع الجبار
(سنن الترمذي, ابن حبان, الحاكم جاء في كتاب)

The skin of a Kafir on the day of Resurrection is forty times- a dhira’ is an arms-length- an arms length of the arm of Allah. They refer to Allah here using one of His attributes, (viz.) Al Jabbar.

Then another hadith

إِنَّ الْعَرْشَ مطوَّقٌ بحيَّةٍ
(مجمع الزوائد, جاء في كتاب السنة لعبد الله بن الإمام أحمد بن حنبل)

The throne of Ar Rahman is circumvented by a snake.

Brothers and sisters- they say this is a hadith! These are ahadith!

وأن الله يضع يده في يد داوود
(جاء في كتاب السنة لعبد الله بن الإمام أحمد بن حنبل)

Allah will place His hand in the hand of Prophet Dawud.

These can go on. We have more of these hadiths but we think you have right now the picture of what they think, what they've written in their own books (and) what they believe in and therefore if other Muslims don't believe in this- and they took these types of hadiths and they said “the A’sha’irah don't believe in this so they are Kafirs, the Shi’is don't believe in this so they are Kafirs, the Sufis don't believe in this so they are Kafirs, the Mu’tazilis don't believe in this so they are Kafirs.” They kept on going on and on (and) the made out of the Muslims Kafirs and they are the only true Muslims in the world!

Dear committed Brothers and sisters…

Just yesterday in the news there was one of these “scholars”, (they call themselves scholars so we use the word that they use for themselves). He came out (and) he said “there is proof in the Qur’an…” Listen to this- when you go crazy, you go crazy all the way. He’s a relatively young person who should know better and you’d expect someone like that not to say these things but he said “there is proof in the Qur’an that the earth is fixed. There's no such thing as the earth rotating around the Sun. It is the Sun that moves around the earth” or something to that effect. Imagine- after all of these years, with everything that is available to us, they come and they take whatever they understand in a wrong way and then they want to impose it on the rest of the Muslims and the rest of the world. How embarrassing a statement like that?! If anyone heard it, how embarrassing it is for Muslims to have a person like that try to un-explain the Qur’an. This is what they are doing! This is what we are living with because its not only lessons that they give; they have ammunition, they have guns, they have killing power- they have all of this. They butcher (and) they slaughter viciously, ferociously (and) brutally and then from there on all the world has to believe that because they say that type of thing and they do that type of thing all the Muslims in the world are like that. We absolve ourselves.

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