Palestine : Blood on our hands

Empowering Weak & Oppressed

Muhammad H. al-'Asi

Jumada' al-Ula' 07, 1429 2008-05-12

Bismillah Ar-Rahmaan Ar-Raheem. Alhumdulillah. Peace and blessings on Muhammad (sallalahu alaihi wa alihi wa sallam), his Noble Companions and Family. Dear Committed brothers, dear committed sisters,

We emphasise the greetings of peace. We think the religious aspect of the conflict that we’re talking about is also very critical within the political pursuits of this conflict from whichever angle we may be approaching it. Peace has to be understood with a good and healthy approach to justice. There cannot be peace with indignity, discrimination, hidden agendas and with teaming up and then beating on the small guy, (as it were). first of all, we’d like to commend the presentation that preceded this one- it’s informative with very good information that you don’t come by in the docile and subversive media that serves American national interests which is shaped by the policy of Imperia that describes the United States, especially in the part of the world that we are looking at. We’ll try to be a little more pointed at some of the aspects of American policy when it comes to Israel. When we speak about American policy and we speak about Israel, there seems to be a built-in blind area that no one wants to come to terms with. There’s always been this argument of is the Israeli component of this alliance the mover and shaker of it or is it the Imperial component, meaning the American contingent within this alliance the main shaker and mover when decisions are being made. That area, we think, continues to be a-give-and-take; none of us are insiders and we’re not prevalent at the discussions that are made, classified as they are, so we really can’t say with authority who really has the upper hand. The arguments go both ways. Some people will tell you “the Zionists are on top of it and they really dictate to the American government and the American government really doesn’t have a choice except to follow orders” and the others will tell you “it’s actually the Imperialists who are using the Zionists and Israel as a cat’s claw in the overall policies of the Middle-East and it’s really the shrewd Imperialists who are taking advantage of a human condition that wants to get itself organised in a social manner in Palestine.” This keeps on going back-and-forth which makes it an area that needs more of our attention. We don’t need more of the rhetoric that comes out of the media pertaining to these two forces- obviously they are forces.

Let us say that the United States Government, (let us try to take a little step back and remind ourselves that), after the resolution that acknowledged or recognised the State of Israel; within 11 minutes, Harry Truman, the President of the United States Government immediately recognised the State of Israel. That’s an indicator that the affluence and influence of the yet-to-be AIPAC was in high gear very early on before the 700 pound guerrilla, (as it is referred to sometimes), that operates on Capitol Hill and swings it weight in the Congressional offices never to vote against Israel or never to enact laws that may damage the interest of Israel. We’re looking at a significant presence of Zionist presence in the United States that goes back sometime; it’s not a very recent development as some people would like to believe.

Let us also remind ourselves in trying to know the proportionality of Imperialism and Zionism as they relate to each other that the United States government gives Israel every year more than $3billion in grants- these are the official grants that go from the United States to Israel. These are the official grants that go from the United States to Israel, were not talking here about donations and other financial channels that prop up the Israeli Zionist illegality in the Middle East; this is on the record, official, over board and public. That amounts to almost $10million every day. (When) you think about this, (we just finished doing our taxes), a huge sum of our tax- officially $10million everyday goes to Israel. This is more than is given by the United States to all of Sub-Saharan Africa and more than is given to any other nation state in the world. This would make you think, (we hope), that there is some type of control mechanism that makes this type of money go to that type of regime, knowing that this type of information does not really circulate- that’s very important to be cognisant of. So far, since the establishment of this expansionist, war-like, destabilising nation state called Israel, the United States has given more than $100billion out of your and my hard earned money- that, once again is on the record, publicly and officially. There’s no merit and no justification for this amount of money going to the bloody regime- I have no qualms, I’m not a politician; I tried to look at the issue as it is and call-a-spade-a-spade. The Israeli Zionist regime is a monstrosity and it should not be fed this financial line of money and resources at the rate that it is at.

Let us make the point, (we don’t want to lose this as there’s so many of these that are tied together), and say that there hasn’t been in at least the last 50 years or so an American official at the highest level that has spoken out publicly, confidently and forcefully against the Israeli policy that has plunged the area in periodical wars. (It) seems like there’s a war that is ignited every decade by this Israeli nation state and to that there hasn’t been an American President since Eisenhower- Eisenhower is probably the last Chief Executive in the White House who took issue with the tri-partite aggression against Egypt in 1956 and told this alliance of three states- Israel, France and Britain- “It’s enough. I want you to recede from the Suez Canal and let it become the property of the Egyptian government.” Since that time, there hasn’t been an American President who has the courage to speak out against Israel. On the contrary- right now, this is an election year and this is election time and right now you have two front-runners Obama and McCain and none of them dare speak truth to an Israel that is going wild in once again trying to ferment instability in the area. The issue of Lebanon in the past couple months is another example of the trouble making that the Israelis are up to along with their American sidekick in the area. (I think the previous speaker and some of you in the audience who are as old as we are), can remember that after 1967 when the Israeli Government began in a frantic manner to embark on a grand policy of building and constructing settlements, (or if it’s a miniature settlement, it calls it an outpost), throughout the occupied Palestinian territories, especially in the West Bank. The official American language at the time- the American Government used to call these “illegal settlements” and in the last 40 years or so there has been a metamorphosis of this language and no longer will you encounter anywhere in the official, diplomatic and political language of Washington DC any reference to “illegal settlements.” This is another indicator in this internal convergence of interests between Washington and Tel Aviv as to who really is influencing the other.

There is one of these unknown details of history- I was saying that there hasn’t been a President that has the political and moral courage to speak to the Israelis when they go overboard in what they are doing, I should note, (even though this is not common knowledge as are many details pertaining to the Israeli/American and how it works out policies in The Middle East), that when Golda Meir used to be the Foreign Minister of Israel before she became Prime Minister had come to the United States and she had a discussion with President Kennedy at the time and that discussion went something like this, (of course we’re paraphrasing the whole thing), it had to do with Israel developing its nuclear weapon and Israel was relying to an advanced extent on France and it was getting there; just like you hear today in the media that Iran is developing nuclear technology. Israel at the time was not in the media and no one was speaking about Israel developing nuclear technology much less a nuclear weapon, but obviously the Head/President of The United States was aware of what was going on and he spoke in a direct way to Golda Meir and told her that if you go ahead with developing your nuclear weapons then, there will come a time, maybe in the near future, when the interests of Israel and the interests of the United States are going to diverge and when and if that happens, the United States has no choice but to pursue its own interests independently of the Israeli interests.” It was a matter of a year or two after that and we know what happened to Kennedy and as they say, “the rest is history.”

Then, we have another indicator in this very well undefined relationship between Washington and Tel Aviv. This incident has to do with the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty. The USS Liberty was one of these intelligence gathering vessels that was located or positioned in Eastern Mediterranean during the time of the 1967 Israeli ­war, (Israel launched that war, contrary to most of what the media says), and this intelligence gathering ship belonging to the United States Navy was there, obviously, to snoop or pick the information and communication that is going on inside of the war command structure in Israel and also Egypt, Syria and that general area that was at war. It was during this six-day interval of war, (beginning on June 5th 1967), that Israeli war planes bombed the USS Liberty. They killed 34 servicemen/navy personnel and they injured 173/174, (whatever the count was), and during the time of attack, the USS Liberty crew sent distress signals or SOS’s to the Sixth Fleet in the Mediterranean (saying) “Hey look, we’re under attack. Come and rescue us.” These signals were received by the Sixth Fleet in the Mediterranean, (we’d like to remind you that Admiral McCain, the father of the current Republican Presidential runner up for the office in the White House was in that command structure of the US Navy in the Mediterranean at the time, but anyways), I think a couple of fighters were scrambled to come to the rescue of the USS Liberty but as they were on their way, the orders were reversed and they had to go back. These American sailors, whoever survives of them, did not have the legal process of following up on the course and reason for this type of deliberate Israeli attack on an American military vessel that was well identified because the person who was in-charge of that ship had displayed the American flag that could not be mistaken by the attackers. Besides, before they attacked the ship, these Israeli pilots were flying back-and-forth over it and they were well aware that this was an American vessel. But this whole issue, in those tense times and in a compact manner went to the White House, and President Johnson at the time, along with the Defence Department killed any attempt to investigate this affair and they told the crew of the USS Liberty that “you are to remain silent on all the details that went into this Israeli attack on an American vessel.” Usually, when something like that happens, the law has a full Congressional investigation. (But in this case, there was no investigation), of this Israeli attack on the USS Liberty, which, (once again), if we are thinking of who is predominant in the Zionist-Imperialist alliance, once again, this moves us in the direction of saying the Israelis must have a lot of clout all over the place to kill an issue like this and remain killing it for the last 41 years. Come next month- it will be 41 years that that incident occurred.

In the late 1960’s, (we have to go back to the political atmosphere of the time, especially as it relates to The Middle East), there was a guerrilla movement that was picking up momentum by the Palestinians- The Palestinian Liberation OrgaNisa’tion with the many factions that it had. One of the factions was the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. It had taken control of some airlines and bombed them in the Jordanian desert. This was a spectacular demonstration of the guerrilla warfare against the Israelis and it was beamed all over the place etc. etc. Then, there were other such types of spectacular outbursts by the Palestinian Liberation OrgaNisa’tion in different parts of The Middle East; all of that scenario put together caused a type of national security meeting in Washington. As you can recall- at the time, Henry Kissinger was the Head of National Security and President Nixon was in the White House. They got together and an Executive Order was issued- not many people know about this. An Executive Order was issued, (I can’t remember, but it had a name and a numeral to it), that Executive Order considered in the circumstances that Americans who are of Arab descent within six generations are to be considered suspect. That is a very damaging decision that was made at the highest levels of the US Government that still reverberate today. After 911, we had new policies that are kicking in to also de-Americanise Americans who are of Arab descent and now Americans who are of Islamic descent- i.e. the Patriot Act, profiling, admitting into Court secret evidence and the rest of this whole thing. For those of us who have been living these details, it’s nothing new because it’s always been there, except it was kept away from the public eye; after 911 it just burst out in the dramatic fashion that it has.

Then, we have and reference was made to AIPAC, that humungous and very influential body of people who have disproportionate into the policies and decisions, particularly as they relate to Israel. Note that almost every year, especially the past few years, it has been a practise of very influential American politicians, such as Hillary Clinton and Republicans and Democrats to attend the yearly Conference of AIPAC and to make sure that everyone who is attending understands that these officials are going to do their utmost to protect Israel, even if that means launching a war against Iran. This has come out very clearly in the course of the past couple of years at least.

Another indicator of the disproportionate internal relationship between Zionists and Imperialists is the matter of these spies that keep on popping up from time to time. The most notorious case of an Israeli-American spying for Israel is the case of Jonathan Polard. This person is reported to have photocopied tons of information and passed it on to his handler at the Israeli Embassy who in turn passed it onto Israeli Intelligence. The person got caught in the act back in the mid-1980’s, was brought to court and was sentenced to life imprisonment and was in prison for 22/23 years now. There have been several serious attempts by the Israeli Government to spring him out of detention and commute this life sentence. They have all failed so far. When the court ruled that this person has to spend the rest of his life behind bars, this person, Jonathan Polard, was visited on several occasions, (that I know of, what we don’t know of is much more), by high ranking Israeli officials. During the wine plantation get-together- through the offices of the United States- between the Palestinians and the Israelis or Netanyahu, the Likudnik warmonger when he was involved in all of this, he passed over an attempt with President Clinton to have Polard released from prison as part of a deal to work out some type of solution with the Palestinians. Back to the time when the court ruled that this person should spend the rest of his life in prison, the Secretary of Defence, Kasper Wineberger stated, (these were very forceful words), that “if there was capital punishment for persons like that, this person should have been executed for the crimes that he committed against the United States.” When we hearken back to the relationship between the Imperialists and Zionists, it also flags us as to what is going on here and who really is in control of these things. Once again, we don’t know which side you’re going to fall on, but this is another indicator of the internal relationship between officials in Washington and officials in Tel Aviv.

Then, we had recently- you probably heard in the past 3 months, (or maybe a little more than that), another spy. An elderly gentleman who lives in the New York area was also arrested because he was involved in espionage against the United States for Israel. The guys name is Benani Kadish. You would ask and there were news reports saying that the United States intelligence services were aware of his activities many years ago but then, the unknown factor in all of this is well if you knew about this many years ago, why did you delay arresting a person like that?” Still, we come up with sort of unknown answers. We can speculate but there’s not really a hard answer to that question. In the meantime, there are also other officials, who belong to AIPAC, right now who are awaiting sentencing also on charges that they’ve passed on sensitive American information to the Israeli Embassy. They were supposed to, in the past couple of years, come to court a few times and it’s always been delayed and delayed and delayed and we’re still going through a delaying cycle.

We don’t know what type of sense it makes! Right now, we would draw your attention to the wars that are breaking out in The Middle East. We don’t argue the point- we think it’s very valid- the wars that the United States is involved in The Middle East, particularly in Iraq, is for oil- that’s true. We have an economic beast in Washington that thinks with its stomach and it’s a predator on the world scene- that’s true, there’s no argument about that. But when you come to think about it, if this is the way the machine in Washington thinks, then why is it? (It’s just a simple mathematical view of the world). You have a Muslim world out there, (the number of which is around 1,7billion), that is rich in resources; and then you have a nation state in Occupied Palestine, (the population of which is around 5million) and there’s no oil out there- none, period. So why is it that you have all of this foreign policy skewed in such a deliberate and awkward manner towards an interest group of people, (like the argument in the book, right here, that was referred to earlier), at the expense of almost one-forth of humanity? It just doesn’t make sense; it doesn’t make sense from any way you approach it which also places a very serious question mark about the internal relationship between Zionism and Imperialism and who’s calling the shots here.

Then, we come to the issue of anti-Semitism. This is an issue that the Zionist crowd, lobby and media resort to when they can’t face facts with facts and when they can’t present a cogent argument for their point of view then all of a sudden “someone is an anti-Semite.” Wait a minute here. (When a person), especially a person like me who spent many years speaking against the types of Imperialist and Zionist policies- all of a sudden (we have) the accusation of “the person is an anti-Semite.” Let’s first of all ask ourselves “who’s a Semite?” Are we to say the Semites are the Jews only and the other peoples of the Semitic lands of The Middle East (meaning the Arabs), are not Semites? This issue is one of those issues that is buried in the public mind. This is the extent of control that is exerted on the public opinion by the Zionist interest- it’s almost automatic that anytime anyone thinks of a Semite, they think of a Jew; anytime someone thinks of an anti-Semite, they think of a Jew-hater. Well- there’s information for these people who run around throwing these accusations through, of course, the extensive media network that they have that Palestinians are Semites; Arabs are Semites; the Arabic language is a Semitic language. As a matter of fact, (for those who don’t know very much about this), the reconstruction of the Hebrew language itself relied to a certain extent on the preservation of the Semitic/Arabic language. So why come and say “If a Palestinian is against Zionism and Israel that a Palestinian is anti-himself?! How can that be?! A Palestinian is a Semite; an Arab is a Semite- let’s be very clear on this. So don’t come, especially some of these Zionists that look more Aryan than they look Semite, (you take a look at them when they stand up and they accuse someone like me or someone else who has very serious remarks about the Israeli nation state) and say “You’re an anti-Semite.” Say, “Go to a mirror and look at yourself do you racially qualify to be a Semite? We can extend the argument even further- “Do you Scripturally qualify to be a Semite?” Let’s put this canard behind us- you have monopoly over money, but you’re not going to have a monopoly over ideas; the facts speak for themselves. Then, if Arabs and Palestinians are not Semites, what are they? Don’t leave this a vacuum! Come out and express for us “who are the Palestinians and Arabs who are opposed to Israeli Zionist policy?” What racial classification do you give them? Speak out! Come-on, let us hear them! They won’t because the facts are not on their side.

Another indicator that will help us diffuse the internal relationship between Zionism and Imperialism- remember the Summer before last, the Summer of 2006. There was an Israeli war that crippled Lebanon; virtually all the infrastructure, bridges, highways, road system, everything of that country was destroyed. During that time, the United States, especially the United States foreign policy officials were virtually cheering the Israelis to finish off the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon. This is an area that really needs some type of genuine thinking- the people in the State Department can no longer rehash. The people in the area are no longer living in the 18th, 19th or even the 20th century any longer. There’s a new breed of people and there has been talk that the United States has suffered in the last half-century at least a very serious intelligence failure. It shocked them. They didn’t know how to re-organise the intelligence community; they didn’t know how to re-organise the CIA; they put together a Department of Homeland Security and now they don’t know how to communicate with each other; one computer system is different from the other. They woke up and realized “we don’t have intelligence operatives who can speak Arabic”- we mean, they do have a few of them, but it’s no where near what they need in this new world. They’re waking up to a new world. OK- let’s help them wake up; let’s stimulate them and tell them that there’s a new breed of people out there who are not going to take it any longer. You cannot come in with your militaries and plant all of these bases, (which you saw on the screen a short while ago), proliferate all of these military bases all over the area and think its Colonialism all over again. No- that era has lapsed; it’s gone. You have to wake up to this reality. But who do you speak to? People who are fed with this false expression that the United States is the sole superpower in the world! This sole superpower in the world has its almost clandestine agreements with Zionist Israel- they have military research and development agreements; you probably have Israeli officers streaming in and out of the Pentagon; they have a common defence agreement- meaning any attack on Israel is going to be considered to some degree an attack against the United States. This hegemony that Zionism and Imperialism enjoyed in the past century is on its way out. But who’s going to convince Condoleeza Rice, Robert Gates, George Bush or the Neo-Conservative crowd inside and outside the Executive, Judiciary and Legislature that there is a new breed and generation out there. Now, they are suffering from the intelligence failure that marked the past, at least half-a-century.

This brings us to the last point in trying to understand whether Imperialism or Zionism is on top and that is the issue of dual citizenship- that’s the issue that no one wants to speak about. Why? It’s a fact of life, let’s face the facts. If there are officials in the United States Government who owe their allegiance to Israel before the United States, we’d like to know about it, especially when they are occupying some of the most sensitive positions in the Government. We’ll just give you one example. Michael Chertoff, the Head of Homeland Security- a department that has about 185,000 employees. This person is a dual citizen; he’s an Israeli and an American. As a Muslim American and an Arab American, I have a right to be very concerned that an Israeli who also is an American is the Head of Homeland Security, especially when a person like me is travelling all over the place and every time I travel to the United States, I’m stopped at the airport, singled out, taken aside and then they begin to go through everything I have; literally, if I’m going to take a card like this, they’ll be looking at my cards and what do I have on my cards. I’m a suspect. Because of what? You’ve just heard my presentation; I present presentations like this all over the place; are they afraid of what I’m saying? There’s no Uzzi machine gun or Golani around here- none of that stuff; just ideas. They’re becoming afraid of ideas?! How many other dual citizens do we have in this country who owe their allegiance to Israel first and the United States second? The Neo-Conservatives and before that, the other Israeli firsters in the Clinton administration and God knows in the coming administration what type of Israeli firsters we’re going to have. We hope that by saying and explaining some of this, you have moved your thoughts and mind to decipher who is predominant in the Israeli-American or Zionist-Imperialist connection.

Thank you for your patience and I end with the word of peace; a peace with justice for all- Jew, Christian and Muslim; a peace with justice that dictates by necessity the withering away, somehow and someday, the forces of Zionism and Imperialism.

Wa Salaamualaykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakaatuh

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