Palestine : Freedom and 60 years of ethnic cleansing

Empowering Weak & Oppressed

Muhammad H. al-'Asi

Jumada' al-Ula' 09, 1429 2008-05-14

Bismillah Ar-Rahmaan Ar-Raheem. Alhumdulillah. Peace and blessings on Muhammad (sallalahu alaihi wa alihi wa sallam), his Noble Companions and Family. Dear Committed brothers, dear committed sisters,

We would like to begin by saying that it feels comfortable, in a sense, to speak about an Islamic issue in a Muslim country. You know, many times we speak about what is called the Palestinian-Israeli conflict in the United States whether it’s in universities or Islamic Centres its still being in a society that has a government that almost worships the Israeli government. To have a sense of the atmospherics, even though you know your confidence and the truth is on your side, but political and social atmospherics have an impact but here at least we know that there is a general atmosphere of an Islamic tendency, an Islamic identity and an Islamic orientation, at least, in a very general sense of the word that has us speak about this issue somewhat comfortably.

Of course, the Palestinian/Israeli conflict, (as it is called), can be approached from a number of angles. What concerns us in this segment is the legitimacy of armed struggle. There has been an era- we think the twentieth century by-and-large was an era of European Nationalism via the channels of Colonialism and Imperialism influencing the rest of the world. We think that era is on its way out. The forces that erupted just before the First World War, during that war, the inter-war years, the Second World War and up until the end of roughly the twentieth century impacted us, the Muslims. We began to copycat this nation-state model and as a result of that we turned out to be about sixty political tribes in the current political terrain of the world. It was this division of the Muslim world that brought us the central issue called the Palestinian issue or the Palestinian problem. We don’t think any Muslim or any objective thinking human being of whatever faith- the Jewish faith or the Christian faith- can argue the fact that it is because of the debilitation of the Islamic political body in the world that we have a simmering and ongoing Palestinian problem. The fact of life is we do have this issue that brings all of the Muslims, at least at the theoretical level, into agreement that Palestine has to be liberated. We don’t think there is any disagreement whatsoever in the Muslim public mind about the issue of the liberation of the land of the first Qiblah and the third Haram- the Holy Land. This is a task that has to be finished. If it is finished in our lifetime, all the better; if its not finished in our lifetime, it’s in progress. But we still have remnants (and) we still have problems that we’ve inherited from the twentieth century. The Palestinian people have an authority. We’re not here to try and create some internal divisions. Our enemies have been working on that line for a long time, but what we have is an authority that is called the Palestinian Authority that still has faith in what Yaasir Arafat always used to call “international legality.” That was almost one of his buzz words- “international legality.” But what has come out of this approach? How many times have the Palestinian people gone to the United Nations? What were the results? Nil! How many times have the Palestinians gone to other international organisations and forums- the Arab League, the OrgaNisa’tion of African Unity, the European Union, what used to be the Eastern Bloc? What were the results? Zilch. And still some people have not learnt from this process. They simply don’t get it! These are the remnants that we have today. They can exhaust their ignorance as much as they want, what we have though, (and this is another parallel fact), is an Islamic struggle that is still in its formative stages. Don’t think if we are speaking about HAMAS or Islamic Jihad or Hizbullah or the Islamic Resistance that we are speaking about the full fledged potential of what is coming. This is only a preview of what shall be coming in the following years and we can see why. Let us set aside our bias and look at why this Islamic jihad in a universal sense is inevitable.

First of all, we all know, (we hope), that Israel is the only nuclear power in the Middle East. There’s no doubt about that. No one speaks about it. All the attention now is the Western press and the mainstream media is focused on the Islamic republic of Iran that is trying to acquire nuclear technology for it’s own uses and we are to believe that this is a development that cannot be tolerated and everything has to be done according to the political script that is written in Washington DC and Tel Aviv and by extension in some European capitals and we are led to believe that all the attention should be on Islamic Iran. It hasn’t developed what Israel has developed almost forty years ago! Add to that the Zionist nation-state called Israel has not subjected itself to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and then everyone is supposed to think that Israel is an advanced, a modern, a democratic, a law abiding nation state?! That’s hogwash! Israel also does not permit any team from the IAEA to visit its nuclear plants or its nuclear sites but no, all of the attention is supposed to be refocused on an independent Islamic state- the only independent Islamic state that is working its Islamic will. What do you do when you have a nuclear power? (Do) you pretend that justice is going to come out of Washington? Washington has given Israel absolutely everything it wants! (Recently,) there hasn’t been an American Chief Executive, an American President, an occupant of the White House who has ever told Israel no to any request it has made. The last time we heard an objection to Israeli policy was back in the 1950’s during the administration of Eisenhower. That had to do with the tri-partite aggression against Egypt and the Suez Canal thing. Since that time all the American Presidents genuflect and prostrate themselves in the niche of Zionism. Truth be said though- and this is a detail of history that also goes unnoticed. President Kennedy met with Golda Meir in the early 1960’s. She was the Foreign Minister of the Israeli entity and part of the discussion had to do with the development of nuclear weapons. President Kennedy made it clear to the Israeli Foreign Minister “if Israel develops nuclear weapons than the United States interests are going to diverge from Israeli interests and each will have to go to their own political way.” It was not a long time after that that Kennedy was assassinated and the rest, as they say, is history.

We come back to the issue of fighting against the Zionists. Are we supposed to go to a bankrupt United Nations and ask permission to fight against an aggressor? Is that the way we’re supposed to liberate our stolen lands? Is this the way we are expect to bring back six-million to seven-million Palestinians to their homeland? Hasn’t this method been tried before and we know what the results have been? Or are we to take a moment of reflection and understand what we are dealing with? A vicious and a criminal enemy- the Zionists destroyed five-hundred village and towns in occupied Palestine. They changed the names of these sites to try to bury history and they’ve been doing all they can to take away the historical and the faith character of that part of the world. Let’s tell those who still have faith in “international legality” and in the United Nations and in the United States, (there are still some leftovers from the twentieth century who still have faith in these set-ups and governments and institutions), that we have lost faith in the United Nations and in the United States. We lost faith because no one has delivered anything. We have been careening from one disaster to the next, we have seen the population of refugees grow, we have seen the standard of living slipping, we are experiencing conditions at the survival level of life and the world is looking the other way. Who do we listen to? The ayah in the Qur’an that was quoted earlier is a timely one. It’s about time that we, the victims in all of this, listen to our Maker and what He has to say when we find ourselves in these types of circumstances.

أُذِنَ لِلَّذِينَ يُقَاتَلُونَ بِأَنَّهُمْ ظُلِمُوا

Permission from on high has been granted to those who are victims of injustice and oppression… (Surah Al Hajj verse 39)

Who qualifies today’s world? You look at the political-social map of today’s world- who qualifies par excellence as victims of aggression, occupation and injustice as do the Palestinians, whether they are Muslims or whether they are Christians or whether they are Jews?

وَإِنَّ اللَّهَ عَلَىٰ نَصْرِهِمْ لَقَدِيرٌ

… and certainly Allah is capable of delivering victory for them. (Surah Al Hajj verse 39)

That is provided there is no shred on confidence in the United States or the United Nations or any of that twentieth century relic.

The Palestinian people cry and worldwide officialdom refuses to listen! The Palestinian people bleed and the worldwide humanitarian organizations refuse to see! The Palestinian people bleed are barely surviving and the worldwide public opinion refuses to acknowledge! That’s fine! That’s their decision. Let’s not lose sight that we have a Zionist enemy and let’s not fall for this stuff about “anti-Semitism.” There’s a reflex reaction in the media anytime (when) someone wants to criticize or condemn Israeli Zionism they are tagged with the broad label of being “anti-Semitic.” We want to ask these monkeys in the media: “who are the Palestinians? Who are the people who live and around the Holy Lands? What race do they belong to? What type of ethnic origin do they have?” (It’s) not that we subscribe to any racism or racial degradation or supremacization of people- we don’t subscribe to any of that! But to address a mentality that does, tell us: “who are the people who you have rendered refugees for the past sixty years and why do you have a monopoly on the Semitic race?” Come on- give us an answer? They don’t answer because we don’t question. None dare question the propaganda, the fabrications, the rumor and the innuendo that they spread very liberally in the world without any checks and without any balances. This is a problem. We know. We’ve been around, (believe is), we know it’s very hard to get Muslims started- to stand up and fight and die against aggression but this is the best opportunity granted to Muslims everywhere and anywhere. There cannot be an aggressor that has perfected aggression more than the Zionists therefore no one qualifies for a war by Muslims more than the Zionists. These are killers! They kill babies! They kill fetuses! They kill women! They kill children! If you want to have them getting away with their killing policies (and) with their genocidal policies (then) what is left of your Islamic identity? What is left of your Islamic worth? Who are you?

The worst part of all of this is the United States government is the bastion of support for Israeli aggression and Israeli expansionism and Israeli racism. The United States government has shielded the Israeli government politically and diplomatically at the United Nations (and) in all of the agreements and accords that have been enacted in the previous sixty years. The United States government has entered into military arrangements with the Zionist regime (including) research and development, strategic agreements, the positioning of missiles, the sharing of military bases to such a degree (that) it’s almost impossible to distinguish between the politics of Washington and the politics of Tel Aviv when it comes to the Palestinian people. The United States government, (and I’m ready. When I go back to the United States they’re going to stop me at the border and I have to go through all of this stuff with them), should tell us that we no longer have freedom of expression in the United States and we will no longer give these types of presentations.

The best way to wrap this up is to say and to repeat a statement that is so accurate, (and because of its accuracy not many people are willing to repeat it), and that is the word of the late Imam Al Khomeini when he said “the United States government is Ash Shaytaan Al Akbar.” They come to our lands, they steal our resources and wealth, they recycle our money and they drop bombs on us and then some of us still have faith in this type of enemy?! Let us liberate ourselves from that type of faith. Let us liberate ourselves from that type of fear and join those who have begun the process that is leading us all in the right direction.

May we suggest, (as a last word), that the next time any of these conferences are held we move closer to the theatre of action so that we can sense and live reality. Indonesia, geographically, is at a far distance from the theatre that we are talking about. Let us hear, let us tune in and let us feel this issue along with talking and analyzing and discussing this.

Wa Salaamualaykum minhu wa Barakaat

We desire to expand and build on the designation of the day of Al Quds (designated by the late Imam Al Khomeini to be commemorated on the last Friday of Ramadhan in recognition of the suffering meted out to the Palestinians and the oppressed peoples of the world), and will be insha'Allah be running a weekly additional Khutbah on Al Quds. We pray that Allah raises the awareness of people regarding the suffering of the people of Quds and the other oppressed peoples so that the designation of the last Friday to ensconce the realities in the lives of oppressed people in our minds will culminate into a daily occurrence.

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