Palestine Legitimate Islamic Opposition

Empowering Weak & Oppressed

Muhammad H. al-'Asi

Safar 22, 1430 2009-02-18

Bismillah Ar-Rahmaan Ar-Raheem. Alhumdulillah. Peace and blessings on Muhammad (sallalahu alaihi wa alihi wa sallam), his Noble Companions and Family. Dear Committed brothers, dear committed sisters,

We will begin this presentation by invoking the name of The Most Merciful, The Mercy Giver. We would like to thank all of you for being here this evening. Of course, some of you had other things to do, but obviously you put aside those other things and you made it here and it is very much appreciated.

The second order of clarification: I see there are two cameras here. It has not been explained to me what the recordings are about. I have no problems with that; I just want to make it clear- because the subject matter is a very controversial one (and) the ideas that you are going to be listening to are not mainstream ideas, therefore they become in some quarters fuel for troublemakers- and because of that I request from those of you who are recording this, that if you are going to use it, you are not allowed to use it selectively. In other words, I disagree with a partial presentation of what I’m going to say. You’re more than welcome to present it anywhere and at any time in total.

That being said, the subject matter that we are going to speak about is what is called the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. The Palestinian-Israeli conflict is not going away. In the recent past we had other conflicts in the world which have more or less simmered down. Some of us can remember the conflict in Northern Ireland and the many years and casualties that it took to finally recede into a state of normalcy almost. Many of us remember the conflict in South Africa, the Apartheid system there and the policies of official racial discrimination and segregation. Many years took a toll on the population of South Africa; there was a struggle there between a racist regime and a people who wanted to assume political responsibilities for their future. It worked out into what became in the early 90’s a system that is free from apartheid or racial segregation among the four official races that were there as classified by the Government. These were some of the major chronic conflicts that we, in our lifetime, were exposed to. Unlike these two conflicts, the conflict in the Holy Land is not showing a potential or possibility of a resolution. This has to do with an obvious clash of two mentalities or ways of life; one of them represented by Zionism and Imperialism on one side and the other side represented by a native population that happen to who have an Islamic character that goes beyond being just a religion but also an ideology and a political program for people of that faith. I don’t know the ideological or religious background of my audience this evening, I assume that some of you are Muslims, some of you are Christians and some of you are Jews. Before I begin to express myself on the sensitive details of this issue that is polarizing the world, I would like to say that in whatever you are going to hear, please listen to me as objectively and open-mindedly as you can, but in whatever you are going to hear, there is absolutely no scintilla of disrespect for the faith of those who are Jewish, Christians and Muslims- absolutely none whatsoever. I hold all three religious convictions in high esteem and in all regard, Let me begin by going through a time line, (of sorts), pertaining to the build up of what has become the Palestinian-Israeli conflict or what is becoming more and more an Islamic-Zionist conflict.

In 1897, there was a World Zionist Congress that was convened in Basel, Switzerland. The objective of that conference was to offer people of the Jewish faith a place that they can call their country. What turned out be to a call for a country for the Jewish people in the coming half-a-century after that was the colonization of Palestine.

In 1917, (that’s 20 years after the Jewish meeting in Basel), there was a declaration by Lord Balfour in what was called at the time Great Britain that promised the Jews a homeland. Now up until this moment, whether it is the Jewish people having a country or a homeland, there is no serious conflict. I think all people of the world are entitled to settle in the land that they think in historical, religious, cultural or even some sort of ideological interpretations the homeland of that particular people; but where we began to see a very serious hijacking of the word homeland was in 1947.

In 1947, the United Nations came out with a non binding resolution saying “Palestine is to be divided. 53% of Palestine would go to the Jews and 47% of Palestine would remain for the Palestinians.” This was at a time when the Jewish inhabitants of Palestine only possessed 7% of the land.

In the following year, 1948, due to decades of what is called a struggle for liberation by those who belong to the Zionist ideology; in the month of May they declared what they called “Independence.” This is unlike Independence for other countries or peoples who declared their “Independence” because they got rid of Colonialism or the British or French mandates that were in the area. In this particular instance, (it is) true that the British had left, but the people who were left there were the natives of that land; so this declaration of “Independence” could not mean independence for the Palestinians who found themselves under a new set of Imperialist or Colonialist laws.

In 1949, there was a struggle and a skirmish of duration in this year from 1948 to 1949 and as a result of that, there was a ceasefire that was reached in 1949 in which these Zionist fighters belonging to an assortment of underground militias were in control of 78% of the Palestinian land. As a result of that, over 418 Palestinian villages were destroyed, demolished and razed to the ground; over 775,000 Palestinian people were expelled from their homes and homeland- in effect becoming refugees (or) stateless people. In the atmosphere at that time, the United Nations come out with its resolution- Number 194 which called out for “the immediate return of all Palestinian refugees to their homeland.” Of course, that never happened. From then on there was a solidification of what was called, (these are not my words), “a Jewish homeland”. This “Jewish homeland” was established according a Zionist ideology which in its building block elements is a racist/exclusivist/discriminatory/oppressive system that has victimized the Palestinian population.

In 1967, the Israeli Zionist nation-state; not homeland; please tune in to what I am saying. When the struggle for a Jewish area of the world- I'm skipping a lot of details- culminated in a Jewish population making itself present in Palestine, the motivation for all of that was a homeland. When they were moving to Palestine in the first half of the 20th century, they were moving to have a homeland; never have we encountered in the beginning years of this movement of Jewish peoples from around the world- Europe, other countries in the Middle East, (and) from far away territories- that they were saying “we want a nation-state.” The Balfour Declaration was not a declaration giving the Jewish people a nation-state; it was a declaration granting the right for Jews to have a homeland. What Zionist ideology did was take, in a very subtle way... This is one of the areas that doesn't come in the scrutiny of public attention or opinion when we speak or you hear about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. So in affect, after 1948 and 1949 we are no longer speaking about a Jewish homeland; we are speaking about a Zionist nation-state. This makes all the difference in the polarization of Muslim peoples on one side and the Jewish people who are Zionist by definition on the other side. In 1967 not a Jewish homeland, but a Zionist nation-state launches a war against Egypt, Jordan and Syria and cripples the armed forces in these three countries. As consequences of that, it expands, in other words, it occupies, (or if the word occupies is a neutral word to some people), it steals territories and regions belonging to other peoples- the Egyptians, Jordanians and Syrians and it holds on to those territories even though there was a United Nations resolution. Resolution 242 that “called on Israel to withdraw from the occupied territories.” It never did. It continued to occupy and still occupies the territories that it gained due to the 1967 war with the exception of the Sinai Peninsula because of what was called The Camp David Accords.

In 1982, Israel invades Lebanon and destroys the Palestine Liberation OrgaNisa’tion-PLO. One of the highlights of that invasion of Lebanon was the Sabra and Shatilla massacres in which around 3,000 Palestinians were killed cold bloodedly in two nights of bloody Israeli supervised policies executed by the Lebanese Phalange- Around 3,000 Palestinians in two of the camps in the outskirts of the Lebanese capital Beirut.

In 1987, Palestinians under the circumstances that they found themselves in launched their first Intifadha or uprising.

In 1993, the Palestinians and Israelis signed what is called The Oslo Agreements. These agreements were supposed to fine tune and solve the critical issues that divide the two peoples. These critical issues which were called “final status issues” were the refugee settlements, water rights, the final borders between the two states that were envisaged for two different people and then the status of Jerusalem. Nothing ever came about. There were timetables to The Oslo Accords; there was supposed to be some-what of a finalization of what they had agreed upon throughout those many years of United States shuttle diplomacy in the area (and) The Madrid Conference that preceded that (and) the confidence building measures that went into placing confidence on both sides of this issue- but nothing came of this.

In 1995, the Prime Minister of Israel at the time Yitzhak Rabin said, (well I’m putting his ideas in other words), “The Oslo agreements are not Holy Scripture.” Meaning that “if we agreed on a certain timetable then we really don't need to meet that timetable.”

In the year 2000 there was an attempt at Camp David Number Two. (I think this is more or less within our memory range, at least for most of us). We remember that Yaasir Arafat came to the United States along with Ehud Barak the Prime Minister of Israel at the time, when President Clinton was on his final year as President of the United States. They had their meetings in Wyre River and Camp David and all of that came to naught. Nothing was accomplished! In the same year, in an act of historical provocation, the Prime Minister or one of their main characters at the time in the Israeli Government goes to Al Masjid Al Aqsa- the third most Sacred Mosque in the Islamic faith and antagonizes not only the Palestinian population, but the Muslim population in the world (with) the way he went there (i.e.) with guards, secret service, military personnel and the rest of all of this and there began what was called Al Aqsa Intifadha. (In) the same year, 2000, Israel for the first time was defeated militarily in the best sense of the word. That is in reference to their presence in Lebanon. Israel had occupied Lebanon since 1982 and remained there until the year 2000. In May 2000, the Israeli forces packed- not because they wanted to or because there was an agreement that was reached with their adversaries- they left because they were militarily defeated by a rising Islamic Resistance in South Lebanon.

In the year 2006, Israel, under the pretext of having few of its military personal ambushed by the forces of Hizbullah in South Lebanon launched a war that was supposed to cripple, defeat or even crush the Islamic Resistance, Hizbullah in South Lebanon. None of that happened. It went with all its might and force, using everything it had in its military arsenal to try to finish off Hizbullah in Lebanon and it could not perform. This war of the Summer 2006 which continued for 33 or 34 days ended up with a tremendous military tragedy of sorts for the Israeli Zionist war machine. The reports that we, (living in the West), were receiving from the mass media indicated that the Israelis suffered around 214 causalities in this war. I have information that it was just in a couple of days that the Israeli armed forces suffered at least 240 causalities. Just a couple of months ago, French Intelligence came out with a report that said “the Israelis suffered around 2,200 causalities in this war.” This report was carried by The New York Times. Of course, this was a report that came belatedly- many, many months later- which teaches us that we really don't have accurate reporting about what happens in the conflict that has been brewing there for so long.

As I said, this was like a time line of some of the major ups and downs in the conflict between the Palestinians and Israelis; now I want a transition to another portion of may presentation. This has to do with the imagery of this war. (It is) true (that) this is a war that is being fought. It erupts almost every decade between the two sides and we have military confrontations or wars, but short of that, there is a type of psychological and media warfare that is incessant and refuses to go away. Let me bring your attention to some of the catch words that are deployed in this psychological and social type of warfare. When we read the literature, (you and I; I hope most of you are very interested like me in this conflict), we come across some buzz/key words that are meant to disguise Israeli Zionist aggression against the Palestinian people. One of these camouflaging expressions is “a bypass road network.” In the occupied territories of Palestine there are two sets of highways and byways. The transportation system there has two sets of roads. One of them is called “the bypass road network.” That word appears to be innocuous and neutral. No one is offended when they hear “a bypass road network.” What may come to a persons mind, especially those who are living thousands of miles away, “well maybe there’s some geographical obstacle so you build a bypass road” or something like that; but what is meant by this is an exclusive network of roads for Jews only. Imagine if you transfer that concept to the United States and you have a set of roads in the United States that can be used only by a certain proportion of the population and the native/predominant population are excluded from using that. There’s another camouflaging statement that we read in this literature says “caught in the crossfire.” Sometimes you have correspondents or reporters who are reporting on what is happening in some clashes between Palestinians and Israelis and so when Israelis are shooting or firing the Palestinians and the Palestinians become the victims and they lose their hand (or) life, this expression comes into vogue- “caught in the crossfire.” A true translation is deliberately killed. There’s another camouflaging expression used in the language that describes and presents to us this conflict; it’s called “check point.” Just in the West Bank, there is about 520 Israeli military check points that make life hell for the average Palestinian who wants to go from one town to the next town. Sometimes, the distance that is about three to five miles which you can usually travel in five to ten minutes takes two to three hours because there are what they call “check points.” The real word for it is choke points. There is another expression that is used, it’s called “closed military area.” Sometimes when the press wants to go into place where there is an exchange of fire between Palestinians and Israelis, they are told “you can't go there because it's a closed military area.” Read not “a closed military area” but off limits to the press. This is at a time when they tell us- I’m personally sick and tired of hearing it, and I hope many of you are also sick and tired of hearing it- that “Israel is a democracy.” Another word that is used is “closure.” Some Palestinian areas are sealed off by the Israeli military and they are call that “closure.” How innocent a word is that? The true designation should be siege and curfew. That word, just like I said a moment ago, “democracy” when used in conjunction with Israel- you hear this. We just had elections. They used this a few time. Those who are running for the highest office in the United States (were) saying “Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East.” That's another false statement. Israel is a chauvinist/ethnocracy if we want to be true to the facts. Another word that is used to soft peddle the Israeli military occupation of Palestine, (this gets a little on some peoples nerves i.e.), to bring out the fact that the land of the birth of Jesus Christ doesn't tolerate the existence of Christians any longer in it or they would have been there. The 20% would have remained 20%. Why did 17% of the 20% leave Palestine? If there is this affinity- that some strains of the Evangelical movements in the United States believes in- between Judaism and Christianity then why can't they live together? Why can't Christians live with these types of Zionist Jews in Palestine? It is a legitimate question and we can't just dismiss it by wishful thinking. It's a fact of life. What happened? Ask them “when was the last time you listened to a Palestine Christian speak to you about what is happening in the Holy Land?” This is the first time that I’ve been to Townsend University. I haven’t been here before, but I can in a matter of emphatic confidence tell you; you haven't heard one Palestinian Christian come to you and speak to you about what is happening on the ground in the Holy Land. If I am wrong, you tell me “I am wrong. You tell me the name of the Christian Palestinian- whether he is a priest or clergy personality. Who was he?” This is not the way it works. They’re not allowed to speak. So when we come back and try to ask and get a grip on why is there conflict between the native people of Palestine one hand and these Zionist occupiers who came and stole the Holy Land, (we realize that it is), because Zionism is a racist, expansionist, exclusivist and a type of colonialist occupying regime. That's the problem in blunt words. Something no one wants to say. The same media that gives you all these fancy words to decorate the theft of the Holy Land wants to tell you that “the Muslims want to throw the Jews into the sea.” Nonsense!! Preposterous! Silly! (Take a) look, Muslims are not angels. We have our faults and deficiencies and I am very harsh on our own selves. I’m so harsh on our own selves that I can't go and pray in my own local Islamic Centre in Washington DC; so I don't want anyone to come and lecture me on how Muslims have their mistakes. I’m up front and as frank about my own background/collective/affiliation mistakes as I am about the mistakes of those who say “that they are Christians but find no mistake with Imperialism” or those who say that “they are Jews and find no fault with Zionism.” I invite you to where I am, i.e. to expose and clean your house the same way I am trying to clean our own house. Let me remind you in history, and I don't want to digress but just to make the point that Muslims are not the type who are going to ethnically cleanse off people or expel a population because there is a difference of religion. Muslims could have done that in history and they could have had a rational for doing that. Jews and Muslims together were expelled from Andalusia, the Iberian subcontinent what is called today Spain and Portugal. We suffered the same fate. Muslims had control of their own territories in North Africa, the Holy Land which is called the Levant- (the area that we are looking at right now), Palestine, Lebanon, Syria and Jordan and there was a numerical presence of Christians there. Wouldn't it have been common sense to have said “look if you meaning those who have this religious discrimination are going to throw us out of Iberia, we’re going to do the same thing i.e. we’re going to practice religious discrimination and we are going to expel you from Lebanon, Palestine and these areas”; but we did no such thing. It never happened. If we wanted to take this issue in a sense of a locality, why can't Muslims, Christians and Jews live in together in Palestine or the Holy Land? Muslims are not the ones who are building fences to say “we don't want to encounter the other people; we don't want to see them, associate with them or share any restaurants or public areas with them.” It's not the Muslims who are doing this, it’s these people who have this Zionist/racist/separatist mentality and policies who are doing this. There’s this barrier that is being built, that is 400 miles long between what is called Israel and the Palestinians. Think about it out for a moment- what is this about. If you have a problem of race in the United States, (for example), the way to overcome that problem is to build a wall between whites and blacks!? Is that going to solve the issue? This is what the Israelis almost indirectly are telling everyone in the world- if we can only see what is happening- “this is the way we are going to solve this issue. We don't want to see them, be with them, socialize in their society; we don't want them to come to our part of society, etc.” Come on, let us put aside whoever we are in our own selves for a minute and say “(we live in) a shrinking world (or) the global village i.e. what is becoming more restricted meaning the contacts amongst ourselves are intensifying at an accelerated rate and then we come and say “no we don't keep in contact with the other?”” This is not going to solve the problem. We have to realize, especially those of you who belong to the Jewish faith, how Zionism is a disease in your body and you have to purge your body of this disease (and) political toxin (and) get it out of you so that we can resume a normal life. But as long as this Zionism is going to continue we are going to continue to have not the history of the recent past in which the secular Governments were in charge of this affair, now there’s a new element of Islamic self determination in the area and if you- who are affiliated with Zionism- think you have a problem with Palestinians and Arabs or 10million or 200million people, now you have 1.6billion people who you are going to have a problem with. You’re not solving or diminishing the problem. You’re contributing and inflaming it and this is not the way I want the future to go. But if we have those who are riding their heads and blind to the facts i.e. if we have the Zionist Israeli nation state that now feels it has military might, nuclear weapons of mass destruction, intelligence gathering apparatus, satellites in the sky and all of these fancy gizmos and that is going to secure their future, they are wrong because they are still walking on planet earth and around them is 1.6Billion people. They are going to have to learn to open up to 1.6billion people. Besides, there are so many things that are in common between Jews and Muslims. I can say this comfortably i.e. both in their hearts of hearts have a strong aversion in justice, but it surprises me that even though it is a cardinal feature of Judaism to have this strong dislike for injustice how do you tolerate seeing the injustice that has been systematically and oppressively brought down on the heads of 10Million people who are called Palestinians and dragging into this morass the rest of the world. How can you reconcile that with your aversion to injustice?

This presentation comes to you from the future. You will hear this more. There’s going to be Islamic resistance and if it goes that far, an Islamic war against Zionism and Muslims are going to be willing to sacrifice their lives (and) whatever it takes. Even if it takes the full population of Muslims in the world to perish towards that end, that's what is going to happen. It will take an insider to know and express this. 30 years ago there was no Hizbullah- Islamic resistance. The same media that is giving us this rosy impression about Zionism is giving us this ugly image of “Islamic terrorism.” There’s no such thing as “Islamic terrorism.” This is a fiction of the neo- conservative Bush administration and the rest of those who have rendered Israel a god that they worship and that cannot be criticized. The nation state of Israel can be doing something that is detrimental to itself and the rest of the world, and. I don't care whatever religious persuasion you have, it is your duty once you know it is wrong to stand up and say “Israel- your policies are wrong and they have to be corrected or else you will seize to exist as a nation state.” I will end on that note simply because I have to end on that note- I ran out of time. I thank you for your patience and as frank and blunt as I was with you, if you have any question or comment on your mind, I will be as silent and patient as you were with me. As Salamu Aleikum Wa Rahmatullah

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