The right to fight back Part 2

Developing Just Leadership

Muhammad H. al-'Asi

Jumada' al-Akhirah 18, 1427 2006-07-14

Bismillah Ar-Rahmaan Ar-Raheem. Alhumdulillah. Peace and blessings on Muhammad (sallalahu alaihi wa alihi wa sallam), his Noble Companions and Family. Dear Committed brothers, dear committed sisters,

As we try (every week) to have these words of consciousness and mental relationship to the affairs and issues around us we have been subjected this week to a development that carries with it the possibility of consuming our attention and resources and maybe even our lives for weeks or months to come. Allah knows the truth and the details of the coming days and events- we don’t preach to ourselves that which we commonly hold as a standard that is shared by all Muslims- we know as a matter of fact that when we speak we speak the truth (and) when we interact with others we do so with respect and courtesy and when we are involved in warfare our involvement is clean and acknowledged as so. Allah says

وَالَّذِينَ إِذَا أَصَابَهُمُ الْبَغْيُ هُمْ يَنتَصِرُونَ

And those who are inflicted by aggression opt for victory. (Surah Ash Shura verse 39)

When we are victims of aggression we go for a triumph. This psychology that has been absent in Muslim society for sometime now has begun a comeback. We are no longer the material or the object of powers and forces that want to dictate and order us as to how our lives should be. If they come to us with smiles, we will reciprocate with more smiles; if they come to us with equality, they will solicit from us more equality; if they show us respect and dignity, we will reflect to them more respect and dignity but if they approach us with intentions of hostilities we will return those intentions of hostilities in the same manner

وَإِنْ عَاقَبْتُمْ فَعَاقِبُوا بِمِثْلِ مَا عُوقِبْتُم بِهِ

And if you are to punish, you punish in the same way that you are being punished… (Surah An Nahl verse 126)

If they come to us with warfare we will respond with warfare and they will not dictate to us how this warfare will be and on what grounds this warfare will take place

وَجَزَاءُ سَيِّئَةٍ سَيِّئَةٌ مِّثْلُهَا

And a response to a sayy’a is a sayy’a from the same nature… (Surah Ash Shura verse 40)

These are ayaat or words that come directly to us from Allah. We are not burning the stages, we are not trying to expedite the results (and) we are not preempting the conclusions. If we, Muslims, had the speakers to express the truth as it should be every week at this time. We, Muslims, are the targets of the militaries of the world. Anyone who wants to look at reality (and) recognize the facts cannot escape this conclusion, so what do we do? They place us in a position that has become the target of their military- what do we do? Do we say we are going to succumb to this? Where do we get an answer when we are put in this position? Who answers us? Do we ask Yahudi analysts who come on TV and talk shows to tell us what we were, who we are and how we should become?! Is that where we get our answers from or do we get it from Muslim missionaries who are paid to tow the official line regardless of what Allah and His Prophet have to say about these issues? You have to define who you are and how you proceed. If you are second fiddle to these powers that be with their extensions all their way into our Masaajid and Manaabir, then that’s who you define yourself as but if you are an abd, a subject of Allah, then you better listen to what Allah has to say when it comes to warfare- this is what we have now. When it comes to warfare we fight in a clean way. All of this static about terrorism is in a sense a cover for the enemies of Allah, His Prophet and the committed Muslims; all of this fuss about international terrorism is for them to justify violation of all values all standards all laws scriptural and secular. There is nothing in the book of Allah or the instructions of His prophet that tells us to fight the way they are fighting. Listen- when Muslims in Gaza managed through a clean and clear military operation to take a prisoner of war- they didn’t pluck a civilian from a shopping center somewhere in a peaceful neighborhood and take that person as hostage- they pursued a military objective with a military behavior. According to clean military standards and (because of that) a Yahudi zionist aggressor and occupier has become a prisoner of war by any standards- the Geneva Conventions or Watheeqat Al Madinah- whichever standard you want to refer yourself to, that person is a legitimate prisoner of war. Then, the zionist Yahudis go crazy- walillahil hamd, let them go crazy because this is a beginning of much more that is to come. Has anyone heard from any source, anywhere, that the Muslims in obtaining a prisoner of war were not fighting clean or were in violation of the standards of warfare or were picking on innocent human beings? That obviously wasn’t the case. As a result of that, the Israeli zionist structure in the world began to condition public opinion for a military campaign against about 1½million Muslims who are squeezed in the Gaza strip- the most condensely populated area on earth. After that, they began to drop their bombs on innocent people. At one time, they said Muslims are guilty of killing civilians in Estaria, but then why doesn’t the world look and watch them killing innocent human beings in their bedrooms and living rooms? Some people speak about world public opinion, we would like to know where world public opinion is?! When we are obeying Allah, we don’t need tears or words of sympathy and condolence- we have had much of that in the past ½ century at least and we just go from one setback and catastrophe to the other- what we need is to obey Allah and to take the initiative from the Masjid to the battlefield. We challenge anyone of which ever political or religious background who hears these words to come from to tell us we have no right to defend ourselves or we have no right to live like all other human beings in the world. When we speak about brotherhood, the sacredness of human life, equality and coexistence we mean that this applies to everyone. We don’t want to see imperialism and racism combined to justify a war of aggression against us wherever we maybe.

Then, in another clean over the board standard military operation the Islamic resistance in Lebanon managed to take two other Israeli zionist occupiers and aggressors as prisoners of war. Does anyone have a problem with prisoners of war? In addition to that, 8 other Israeli occupiers and aggressors in uniform were killed at a legitimate warfront. How do you conduct war we ask? Are you supposed to salute or bow down to your enemies? Then, 21 others were injured. Then, once again, we have a combination of imperialist policies and a racist psychology blend together to justify the attacking innocent civilian human beings in Lebanon. We thought war was supposed to be among combatants and warriors- why are they making this war against civilians? These zionist Israeli Yahudi are not capable of fighting in a clean way and facing their enemy at the warfront and then all over sudden forget about (between) 10,000 and 13,000 Palestinians who are prisoners (and) all the world is supposed to pay attention only to three prisoners and the tens of thousands of other prisoners that the Muslims have in this world can be considered bugs, insects and varmints- that’s the way they behave. They go into a country and they destroy bridges, they target fuel dip-holes, an international airport, an electricity grid and they impose a navy blockade on a country that is supposed to be an independent sovereign member of the United Nations and they say that they are going to seal off a population- a few million people- because they have three prisoners of war. The noise that is being generated in this context is that they want to expand this war and we have officials in Washington who are willing accomplices as far as their statements are concerned to a war that may draw the whole world in- all of this because there is no courage to say to the aggressors and occupiers “you are exactly that- aggressors and occupiers.” 10 members of the security council wanted to place this Israeli military action in a freeze and roll it back to where it was before it began a couple of days ago- (you can guess)- this Government in Washington used its veto to offer political protection to the aggressing occupying regime in Tel Aviv. We want to ask, is this lesson to be added to other scores of lessons of how it is to differentiate Tel Aviv from Washington? We’ll ask the Muslim spokespersons around in another couple of months who are going to be involved in some kind of propaganda for one official or another to take a close look at these officials now before we begin to hear the propaganda machine (and the Muslim voices in that propaganda machine). All of these politicians who are condoning or are in silence about the atrocities that are being or about to be committed in that part of the world- none of them deserve any vote from any Muslim or any decent American, but sometimes we have a short memory- when October comes around then that propaganda machine is at it’s loudest. Some of us are going to forget what we should be learning right now. Who remembers the Muslims who in this Presidents first run for office were campaigning for him and then they were reacting to their own mistakes in campaigning against him in his second term; (it’s) as if we have no capacity to learn we are taken on these tangents when our own blood is flowing. It should be the pride of every Muslim to have freedom fighters in Palestine and Lebanon who are fighting the common enemy for the common cause.

What probably is also going to go unstated by those who have their brains leeched by imperialism, zionism and racism is the fact that the Muslims who are in Palestine are Sunnis (whatever that may mean) and the Muslims who are in Lebanon and fighting against the Israelis are Shi’is (whatever that may mean). Also, at a time when the political machinery of the world is trying to divide the house of Islam from Iraq by turning the heat up along sectarian lines with all the agents, informants, employees, functionaries and missionaries they have (from their own color and background to the ones who have our color and background)- all of them who are working intent to inflame sectarianism among the Muslims; now, they are punched in the nose by the effort of combatant Muslims in Palestine and Lebanon who precisely come from the backgrounds that they are trying to ignite. This is a demonstration of the words in

إِنَّمَا الْمُؤْمِنُونَ إِخْوَةٌ

Certainly committed Muslims are brothers of each other (Surah Al Hujurat verse 10)

This is a demonstration of that brotherhood, not the phony lines that they have in CIA directly or indirectly controlled Masaajid and Makkah itself. The Saudi ambassador to Washington gave a presentation (back then) in which he said that Muslims should resist their enemies through non violence. They should take their cue from Gandhi and Martin Luther King. There was another rabbi who was saying basically the same thing. We don’t know whether the Saudi ambassador got his fuse from the rabbi or whether the rabbi was trying to support and buttress the statement of the Saudi ambassador but this is the person (brothers and sisters) we have to understand because these enemies are ploughing through our ignorance. We give them access to what they are doing because we are not speaking about the vital issues of our day. This Saudi ambassador who is the son of the late king Faisal- at the time, in 1973 when there was a war against this zionist cancer in our body, he said to Kissinger (who was at the state department, secretary of state at the time administration) “…make no mistake about it- we recently left our tents and if a struggle against Israel and zionism means that we will return to those tents, then we are willing to do so.” We tell this Saudi ambassador who comes from the groins of that king- listen to what your father said to aggression and warfare and probably paid with his life for verbally challenging the Yahudi zionist Kissinger. This Saudi ambassador in this city was head of Saudi intelligence. We have to recall these to understand- has the guy gone berserk when he says you have to opt for non-violence to oppose your enemy and you have to consider Martin Luther King or Gandhi to be your models- this coming from the person who was head of Saudi intelligence. When the war began in Afghanistan this person personally saw the transfer of $20billion of funds for the jihad in Afghanistan. At that time he did not know about Gandhi and Martin Luther King?! Was it halaal to fight on the side of imperialism against an invasion and occupation at that time to the tone of $20 billion out of the resources of the Muslims in Arabia and now this is not the halaal way to do it?! It was the same person (who calls himself Prince Turky) in the same position who channeled between $40 and $60 billion to finance the firstIraq war launched by Saddam and his criminals against an Islamic state to the East- where was Gandhi and Martin Luther King at that time?! Then, Persian Gulf war number two- when Kuwait was occupied, they doled out another $50 to $60 billion to liberate Kuwait and they bring in ½ million troops from around the world who know nothing about Gandhi and Martin Luther King- the marines, the army, the navy and the air forces of the world do not learn about Gandhi and Martin Luther King, and now that the Muslims in Palestine and Lebanon are being killed (and potentially in the tens of thousands if you have a sense for political events in the coming months) he gives a lecture and wants the Muslims to be non-violent. They have been non-violent for 50 years almost, virtually begging the world to acknowledge their human, natural, civic and political rights and the world just looks the other way and follow the money- where do we have any basis for this we ask this ambassador and the other crony ambassadors around him? He is the pace setting ambassador because he has the budget, the treasury and the money and the overwhelming majority of the rest follow, but you who are on this imperialist-Zionist-racist line, quote for us ayaat from the book of Allah or ahadith from the Prophet of Allah that tell us that the only way now that we can resist our enemies is by non violence. Where do you get that from? Are you selective? In public, you want to use one language and in your own Masaajid you want to use another language?! Why don’t this ambassador who said these words go to Makkah and say these words in front of the Muslims during the Umrah and the Hajj?! He knows he won’t be able to get away with it so what does he try to do? He tries to sneak these words here knowing that no one is watching. Once again, brothers and sisters, Allah says

وَالَّذِينَ إِذَا أَصَابَهُمُ الْبَغْيُ هُمْ يَنتَصِرُونَ

And those who are inflicted with aggression they opt for victory and triumph. (Surah Ash Shura verse 39)

That is the only option left for us.

We ask Allah that we are no longer slow learners not understanding the valuable lessons that come our way.

Valuable indeed they are if we just open our minds and hearts- minds and hearts that are nurtured by Allah and His Prophet- and face the facts and realize reality and not act like ostriches burying their heads under the sand as they are doing in many of these jum’ahs around here and around the world because they get their orders from a worldly source; we only get our orders from Allah.

Brothers and sisters, committed Muslims…

There is a considerable potential that we have. This has been a latent potential for some time and this potential is re-understanding our correct Islamic position in the course of history and in the course of today’s world. To put it succinctly, there was a divergence (early on) between those who govern and those who were schooled in Islam. The governors, rulers, kings- the oppressors they parted from the model of Allah’s Prophet beginning with the king of the Umawi dynasty all the way up until Islamic political authority seized to exist which was roughly 100 years ago but then there were scholars of Islam who in the majority of them even though they reconciled themselves to the un-Islamic political status quo but remained in theory against the deviation from Allah’s Prophet’s model this is the potential now that has to come back to consolidate itself and defeat the challenges now that are costing us limbs and lives these are not things that are repeated often but we will give a few examples as a reminder Abu Hanifa who is considered an Imam, a reference of fiqh for hundreds of millions of Muslims he refused when Al Masour the Abbasi king in the school books we have the rulers of that time are referred to as Khalifa or khulafaa’ inaccurate wrong the Abbasi king Masour offered Aba Hanifa the position today which would be equivalent to the minister of justice and he refused obviously if there was no opposition in him he wouldn’t have refused and he had to pay the price for refusing he was thrown in prison he was tortured in prison and he died in prison some of the historical narratives said he died because of torture. Another Imam who is considered to be a reference for hundreds of millions of Muslims especially in Africa, Al Imam Malik stated that the way allegiance is given to the crowned prince is illegitimate he said this in an indirect way but those who rule understood exactly what he was saying and they threw him into prison and in prison he also was tortured and depending on which source you are reading he had either dislocated joints because of torture a dislocated shoulder because of torture or dislocated bones in his body because of torture this was at that early stage this was a person in opposition to the Government at that time imagine how much opposition they would have expressed if they were in our time today. Al Imam Ash-Shafi’ who is also an Imam of hundreds of millions of Muslims he was taken from Makkah to Baghdad in today’s language he was hand cuffed he was chained with 12 or 13 of his colleagues he was accused with subversion his colleagues were executed all of them and by a freak interchange of words he was spared that execution these were Muslims in opposition Abdil Malik ibn Marwan a king of the Umawis who wanted his crown prince usually that’s the son to marry the daughter of an Islamic scholar in Iraq by the name of Saeed ibn Musayab he proposed now this is the king of the land was proposing to a scholar’s daughter and the scholar refused to have his daughter marry the future king this is when we had blood in the veins of scholars when we had ideas in the minds of scholars when we had motivations in the hearts of scholars they were not these scholars for dollars who are on the Manaabir and in the Masaajid of today.

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