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The Institute of Contemporary Islamic Thought (ICIT) is an international intellectual center of the global Islamic movement. It consists of individual activists, journalists and academics in all parts of the world who share a common commitment to developing the social and political ideas of the Islamic movement, and promoting them as an alternative worldview to that of Western civilization.

Driven by the guidance provided in the Farewell Khutbah, much of the work of ICIT is to produce publications and provide programs that cultivate the Islamic personality, uphold economic justice, and protect social justice.

ICIT aims to identify and cultivate new Islamic leaders by helping them shape the direction of change; it also looks to improve the performance of existing decision makers by aligning their goals to those of the global Islamic movement. Conscientious Muslim leaders are the ones who are actively searching for the best Qur'anic and Prophetic insight for solving vital social, economic, cultural, and political issues. ICIT is uniquely positioned to serve Muslim leaders and decision makers as well as Islamic thinkers, problem solvers, and advocates who are keenly observant of the Islamic mindset and model.

ICIT provides long-term benefits by functioning as an active repository of organized Islamic knowledge on the tafsir of the Qur'an, the Sirah of the Prophet (peace be with him), and cutting-edge analysis of news, events, and policies insofar as they affect the Islamic movement, its leaders, and all those who interact with them. It seeks to implement its ideas by partnering with Islamic organizations who are seeking ways to contribute materially to the success of the worldwide Islamic movement.

ICIT believes that the best insight emerges from a collaborative exchange among those invested in innovative thinking for real-world change. ICIT's insightful thinking creates a domain for people and their organizations to work thoughtfully while engaging each other on a wide range of important socio-economic challenges. It generates value by enabling participants to interact with others' ideas, contribute their own thinking, and then develop these ideas into high quality products and services that people can implement in the pursuit of universal social and economic justice.

Want to volunteer and help with this digital library effort? Please email your questions and comments to support@icit-digital.org

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