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Just over 50 years ago we started building our long-term relationship with readers through publishing Crescent International, the news magazine of the Islamic movement. Throughout this period we have been confronting oppression within the Qur'anic legal and analytical framework.

Now ICIT is launching a new companion initiative that centers on nurturing emerging leaders. These people strive to help their communities address issues in matters of importance to them. They are essential to the Islamic movement.

Take part in the ICIT empowerment initiative.

View the kickoff video and start learning how to systematically apply Qur’anic guidance and the Prophetic way to improve our joint problem solving skills.

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First we try. Then we learn.

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Create online community building hubs as collaborative workspaces.

Combine the use of the shura (consultation) process and the waqf (endowment) system to address contemporary issues and solve problems.

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Apply the right tools and methods to a given situation.

Construct a frame of reference or point of view to think about the problem. Then break the problem down into smaller parts and try to solve smaller pieces of it.

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Place emerging leaders in positions to bring benefit to others.

It’s hard for people to do the things you ask of them as a leader if they don’t trust you. If you want people to trust you, then you must earn it.

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Confirm that what is presented is truly factual information.

One of the first things we should do when a problem is brought to our attention is to determine if the statement of the problem given to us is the right one for us to try to solve.

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Implement the waqf system to finance and manage your projects.

Set up a shura process to determine the type of waqf that is needed for your projects according to their purpose and scope. Then use this process to implement and operate the waqf.

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Learn from one family how it helps the orphan community.

To get a clear understanding of some of the challenges facing each orphanage, they meet directly with orphanage directors and administrators to find out what their children's essential needs are.

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