Another grim anniversary of the Saudi-led war on Yemen

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Sha'ban 12, 1442 2021-03-26

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by Crescent International

Today (March 26) completes six years of the Saudi-led war on Yemen, one of the poorest countries in the Middle East. In these six years, the Saudis and their so-called allies have bombed hospitals, schools, houses, food warehouses as well as roads. Tens of thousands of civilians have been killed and virtually the entire population is on the verge of starvation because of a vicious siege imposed on the country. More than one million children suffer from cholera. The UN has described this and the near-famine conditions as the worst humanitarian crisis in history. The Saudi regime receives weapons from a number of Western countries including Canada. We examine the latter's role in the Saudi-led war on Yemen that most Canadians are opposed to.

By Ali Naqvi

Canada claims to champion human rights both at home and abroad yet it actively supports the genocide of innocent men, women and children in Yemen.

It is one of the largest arms suppliers for the tyrannical Saudi regime that is currently occupying the Hijaz and brutally massacring the people of Yemen with their merciless 6-year military onslaught.

The Saudi regime has been called “a key partner for Canada” and a “regional leader promoting regional security and stability” in a Global Affairs Canada document signed by then Foreign Minister Stephan Dion in 2016.

Despite awareness of its war crimes and human rights abuses, Canada decided to export arms to the Saudi regime.

As Saudi war crimes have escalated over the years, the Canadian government’s response has been to further increase and accelerate export of deadly weapons to Riyadh.

Aiding and abetting genocide is a war crime.

The fact that Canada entered into such an agreement in the first place is not surprising for those aware of its history.

Canada was founded on dishonest deals and outright theft of land from the Indigenous peoples, not to mention their subsequent genocide (both cultural and physical).

Ottawa’s tacit support of Saudi war crimes is not inconsistent with its own past conduct.

It claims to defend human rights but in reality, acts only to defend its narrow selfish interests.

It is still the case today with arms sales to Saudi occupied Arabia of over $15 billion, which is by far the largest ever arms sale in the history of Canada.

If Canada truly cared about human rights, it wouldn’t have trampled on the rights of the indigenous peoples of this land.

Unfortunately, it continues to shamelessly do so both at home and abroad, in places like Yemen.

Human rights are mere words that Canada claims to live by.

A respectable nation is one that actually acts according to such ideals.

The Canadian government has failed to do so.

It continues to support the war machine of the empire ruled from Washington.

This empire rules with weapons instead of fair trade practices, fear instead of friendship, and selfishness instead of compassion.

We urge the Canadian government to stop being a vassal of the tyrannical American empire and its stooges around the world like Saudi Arabia and Israel.

Like every empire before it, the American empire’s days are also numbered.

This is something that even patriotic Americans have concluded based on their research of the rise and fall of empires and a view of the reality on the ground today.

The empire’s grip on the global economy is made possible by the US dollar as the global reserve currency and the export and control of US dollar denominated debt.

These usurious policies are enforced by the military industrial complex which goes around the world ‘offering’ a dilemma: we will take over your country by indebting you to us and requiring you to repay us with your resources in perpetuity out of your own free will, or, we will simply invade and take your resources against your will.

Fortunately for humanity, the empire cannot afford to pay for all of its wars anymore without debasing the US dollar.

At the rate it continues to print dollars (over 35% of the entire US dollar supply today was created in the first 10 months of 2020!), hyperinflation is bound to occur at some point in the next decade resulting in a loss of confidence and reduction in demand for the US dollar.

This reduction in demand is also exacerbated by the fact that the US has now sanctioned a third of the world!

When the popular kid kicks one too many people out of his party, the evicted decide to band together and start another party elsewhere.

This is already happening with game changing trading mechanisms and long term agreements being forged between some of the largest targets of US sanctions in order to bypass the dollar.

This is leading to the flourishing of trade between many of these countries such as Russia, China, Iran and Venezuela, among others.

March 26 marks the start of the 7th year of the criminal Saudi invasion that has spread tyranny and famine throughout Yemen.

To the Canadian government: it is never too late to change your ways.

Canada does not need to sink with the Titanic.

Stop taking orders from the American empire and start living as free people, with human values, respect, and dignity.

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