Atlanta Rabbi calls for ‘Extermination’ of Muslims

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Dhu al-Hijjah 14, 1435 2014-10-09

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by Crescent International

An American rabbi's call for extermination of Muslims has evoked little condemnation from officials and media outlets in the US, including many otherwise respectable members of the Jewish community. Islamophobia has not only gone mainstream, it has become respectable and is in fact vigorously being promoted by the mainstream media in America.

Atlanta, Crescent-online
Thursday October 9, 2014, 08:53 DST

Racism is as American as apple pie. Successive generations of people of color and ethnicities have faced the wrath of racists and bigots in America.

Blacks continue to suffer racism and discrimination despite African American Barack Obama sitting in the White House. Even Jews have had their share of hatred directed at them.

Yet how does one explain the Islamophobia that has run amok in America and is now being vigorously promoted by prominent Jews including rabbis?

Take the example of Rabbi Shalom Lewis whose synagogue of Etz Chaim is located in the upscale neighborhood of Marrietta, Georgia. In his sermon on the second day of Rosh Hashanah, he called for the extermination of Muslims calling them ‘evil’ that share no values with us.

“We are dealing with a moral species that eats its own, kills its young and celebrates innocent death as homage to God,” he said. “These Islamist criminals are unlike us in the most basic of ways and we have yet to accept and understand their total immersion in moral debauchery.”

The rabbi went on: “The fury of ultimate evil is upon us and we must act — not to contain it. Not to degrade it. Not to manage it. Not to tolerate it, but to exterminate it utterly and absolutely.”

In order to make himself absolutely clear that he did not distinguish between different groups, Lewis went on: “They are all the same: Hezbollah. Islamic Jihad. Al Shabab. Muslim Brotherhood. Boko Haram. Al Qaeda. Taliban. Iran.”

And what did the rabbi propose as a solution to the nearly 2,000 congregants attending High Holiday services? It was very simple: ‘Extermination.’

That is the same solution Hitler had proposed for the Jews. The Nazis’ crime is condemned worldwide—and rightly so—but why is it that a rabbi’s Islamophobic call that goes beyond racism to promote the idea of genocide has received so scant attention?

The rabbi called for a “holy crusade” against Muslims. Perhaps in his hatred and bigotry, Lewis forgot that the first time a crusade was launched was at the behest of Pope Urban-II in 1095.

The Christian hordes invaded Palestine and in 1099 occupied Jerusalem where Muslims, Christians and Jews had lived in perfect harmony under Muslim rule.

The crusaders perpetrated genocide in Jerusalem “running knee deep in the blood of its inhabitants,” as recorded by Christian historians themselves. Victims included not only Muslims but also Christians and Jews.

“They are all the same: Hezbollah. Islamic Jihad. Al Shabab. Muslim Brotherhood. Boko Haram. Al Qaeda. Taliban. Iran.”

Islamophobia is deliberately being promoted as part of the imperialist-zionist agenda.

There is an entire industry of Islamophobes in America that revel in making the most scandalous allegations against Muslims. The Islamophobes are found in the media as well as academia; in public as well as private industry.

These include people like Daniel Pipes, Steve Emerson, Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, Bill Maher, Bill O’Reilly, Megyn Kelly, Glen Beck, Sean Hannity (all four from Fox News) Jon Voight, Frank Gaffney, General (retired) William G. Boykin and a host of others.

With Islamophobia going mainstream, it is not surprising that attacks on Muslims have become so frequent in the US. They are considered virtually the norm.


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