BDS movement wins landmark court ruling in UK

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Ramadan 07, 1441 2020-04-30

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by Crescent International

Part of being free is to be able to decide how one chooses to spend or not to spend one’s money.

This basic freedom applies to organizations as well as to individuals.

However, this basic freedom is thrown out the window in many countries when it concerns Zionist Israel. Nevertheless, the tide is slowly turning.

On April 28, the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) won a landmark court victory against the British regime’s attempt to clamp down on boycott of Israel, reported the Scottish Worker.

According to report by the Scottish Worker, the “Supreme Court ruled that the government’s guidance to councils against divesting from foreign countries and the defense industry was unlawful. It means councils are free to withdraw investments from Israeli industries, in solidarity with Palestinians—a demand of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign. The ruling is a blow against attempts to outlaw and discredit BDS and solidarity with the Palestinians.”

Boycotts are regularly utilized as public tools against various business and non-business entities that people are free to implement.

Whenever a group of people initiates boycott of business organizations, the campaigns are usually applauded by the media and the wider public.

These are seen as proof that there are still ethically conscious people willing to take a stance against unethical practices like child labor and unfair pay.

Zionist Israel has not only imprisoned children, but its armed wing, (aka the IDF), has killed at least 2,172 Palestinian children since September 2000.

Why should that regime not be boycotted?

Even if Britain and other Western patrons of Israel disagree with the BDS movement, people and organizations should be free to decide how they spend their money.

If individuals and organizations choose not to invest their money with a particular organization, state or group, they are free to do so.

People frequently boycott certain businesses which are on good terms with governments while providing employment opportunities in their societies, yet no government declares the boycott illegal, as this would be a violation of basic freedoms.

The same standard must apply to Zionist Israel which has wreaked havoc in the Middle East and worldwide for decades.

There are numerous campaigns worldwide which advocate divestment from various industries for environmental reasons. Should they also be demonized and banned as the BDS?

It is time more people in Western countries start questioning why Israel gets special treatment at the expense of basic freedoms.

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