Biden, who makes Trump look articulate, leads the Democratic primaries

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Rajab 09, 1441 2020-03-04

Daily News Analysis

by Crescent International

Joe Biden, described by a prominent British-Muslim journalist, Ahmed Kaballo, as “the only politician in the US that makes Donald Trump look articulate” appears to be the Democratic party establishment’s favorite candidate.

Biden won 9 of the 14 states that voted on Super Tuesday (March 3) to pick the Democratic nominee to run against Trump on November 3.

As of now Biden has 408 delegates compared to Bernie Sanders’ 344. A candidate needs 1991 delegates to clinch the Democratic nomination.

The presidential nomination process in the US is much closer to a selection system rather than an election and is driven by money. It depends on indirect voting known as the delegate system.

In the US, town-hall type of meetings, called the caucuses, consisting of ordinary political party members select delegates which vote on their behalf, a system full of loopholes for manipulation and elitism.

At the start of the selection system, Sanders was the favorite due to his inclusive and broad minded policies.

Most Muslims in the US have been enthusiastic supporters of Sanders, long before he demonstrated the courage to openly challenge the Zionist lobby group, AIPAC.

While it is too early to write-off Sanders as the party’s nominee to take on Trump during the November 3 presidential election, it is an open secret that the party establishment is highly hostile to his articulated policies.

Just as the British Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn was smeared as an “anti-Semite” during the recent parliamentary elections in the UK and presented as “unelectable”, Sanders is projected as a “socialist”, and thus “unelectable.”

Many Americans have been brainwashed during decades of Cold War propaganda against the Soviet Union to associate socialism with communism and the USSR.

Known for their legendary ignorance, many Americans are unaware that some of the best places to live in the world—Sweden, Austria or Denmark—have adopted socialist programs in society, greatly benefiting people.

Biden has already been in the White House for eight years (as vice president under Braack Obama) and was partly responsible for cultivating a socio-political environment which made Americans feel so alienated that they voted for Trump.

It is hard to imagine how he can be a viable alternative to the moron-in-chief.

If Biden ends up being the selected candidate of the democratic party, Trump’s reelection chances will increase.

Unlike Sanders, Biden does not have an energetic constituency able to take on the highly motivated even if ignorant and extremely racist support base of Trump.

In trying to block Sanders’ nomination, the Democratic Party is handing the presidency back to Trump.

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