Blessed are the revolutionaries (for they are the peacemakers)

Developing Just Leadership

Zafar Bangash

Safar 27, 1432 2011-02-01


by Zafar Bangash (Opinion, Crescent International Vol. 39, No. 12, Safar, 1432)

This solar month — the Persian Bahman and the Gregorian February — marks 32 years since the culmination of the Islamic spirit of change that swept away the decrepit regime of the great grandson of Cyrus the great, his majesty, the now six-foot under.

This solar month — the Persian Bahman and the Gregorian February — marks 32 years since the culmination of the Islamic spirit of change that swept away the decrepit regime of the great grandson of Cyrus the great, his majesty, the now six-foot under, king-of-kings Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. It was one of those rare moments in history when a tyrant felt the volcanic wrath of his own people and realized that its lava was decomposing his autocracy. May he dwell with his fellow tyrants in the bowels of the netherworld.

And into the land of Iran came the Imam of our time, Imam Khomeini. Those were truly epic days that swept the Islamic and oppressed areas of the world with an unforgettable euphoria borne of centuries of hope and generations of sacrifices. And just when Imam Khomeini was putting an Islamic form of government into order all hell broke loose: the Zionist cabal and its imperialist enablers gave marching orders to the Iraqi regime to declare war against the newborn Islamic leadership and populace in Iran. The Iraqi regime would, on behalf of the USA and Israel bear the brunt of the military onus of the war. The Arabian petro-rich sheikhdoms would carry the financial burden of the war against Islamic Iran, while most of the rest of the nation-states in Arabdom would chip in their psychological and informational “talents” to augment this combined war-effort against the Islamic Republic that was still virtually in its cradle.

Skipping the details of those eight years of the combined regional and international policies and strategies against the Islamic Republic in Iran the war ended without a clear winner or loser as far as official records reflect. The Islamic side of that war resulted in nearly one million martyrs and disabled war veterans. Casualties on the anti-Islamic side were comparable. The total cost of the war was tremendous, mind-boggling, and prohibitive. But what began to happen after the war ended was in itself mysterious and miraculous. The regime in Iraq that launched the fatal war — on orders and with incentives from its masters in Washington and by-extension Tel Aviv — was to become the enemy of all its hitherto supporters, financiers, and enablers.

In a move that can only be described by the word “divine entrapment” the blood soaked politicians in Baghdad decided to annex Kuwait. From here on the fury and wrath of Arabian brothers (al-ashiqqa’ al-‘arab), who barely a few months earlier were embracing and kissing the Iraqi dictator, became his mortal enemies. This too was with the blessings of American imperialists and Israeli Zionists.

At the beginning of 1991, the Iraqi regime that had been artificially inflated into a southern European nation-state as a reward for its war of aggression against Islamic Iran was now cut back to its original size — just another failing Arabian nation-state. And for the coming decade the Iraqi regime would become the cause of a nightmarish national hemorrhage that bled the Iraqi population into the final act that commenced in March 2003. During all these nationalist years of Ba‘thi rule, the Zionist-American plan was to defeat the Islamic Republic in Iran, first by an all-out military attack in 1980. When that failed, they tried to bleed the Islamic Republic of Iran by a thousand economic cuts. And we can only say that it is the care of Providence that saw the Islamic Republic through all those years of war-making and hate-mongering.

And as the regional world around the Islamic Republic was falling apart, the sons of the Islamic Revolution, the followers of the Imam, and the revolutionaries of no compromise were working on building up their hard won Islamic State. A new generation of young and dedicated Muslims was hard at work — behind the scenes — on putting together an independent infrastructure that does not rely on a world, which showed its true colors during the infant years of the Islamic Revolution. Thus, the Islamic State was building itself from scratch, while Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and the other toadies of imperialist Washington and Zionist Tel Aviv were slugging it out verbally and militarily.

While the Arabian sheikhs were spending much money and time under their bedsheets in the red district areas of London, Bangkok, and Paris, the Islamic ‘ulama’ in Islamic Iran were concentrating on putting their internal house together. The Islamic leadership in Iran can be proud of itself (in an innocent way of course) of their accomplishments. They now have a heavy industry base; they developed their own military industry. They have made major strides in many fields of every kind of technology. They have become exporters of civilian and military products. They don’t have their wealth tied up in capitalist and Zionist financial institutions.

Truly speaking, after three decades, the Islamic leadership in Iran has succeeded in “coming of age.” They have advanced so much that the talk of the town now in America, Europe, and their Zionist enclave is what they call Iran going nuclear. The steady progress of the dedicated and silent workers throughout the past three decades in Islamic Iran has brought the Zionist skeleton out of the Israeli closet, and their political language now is stuck on “what to do with Iran”. From time to time the Zionist cowards threaten a military strike against Iran… And with words of silence they intimate that such a war would have consequences that defy all their social models and war scenarios. Such a war of aggression by Zionist wimps will definitely redo the map of the whole area with the likelihood that the Zionist regime will experience its Samson’s moment.

I speak not to the crybabies — the western pussycats who want the nightlife of the Shah’s days to come back to Iran and who find self-fulfillment in imitating all things Western, but to the guarded revolutionaries and the hard-working and anonymous sons of the revolution who, even though they may not know it, have scared the daylights out of the Zionist-imperialist duo. Their toil and productive work throughout the last three decades is driving a wedge between Washington and Tel Aviv. To be more precise, the cracks are beginning to show in the military and political establishments inside the Zionist beast. Even the foreign minister from Tel Aviv, Avigdor Lieberman, known for his racist ranting, shows caution when it comes to unleashing an Israeli war against Islamic Iran because he knows the aftermath will be devastating to the Yahudi national interest.

Why do you think the Zionists are afraid of Islamic Iran? Because they know that Iran is not Saudi Arabia; Iran is not Egypt; and Iran is not any of their minions. If war breaks out, the Zionist house will go up in fire with tens of thousands of missiles landing everywhere in their enclave. Urban centers will burn and strategic areas will be in flames. The Lod International Airport, knowing the way Israelis conduct war, will become a legitimate target. Their ports will become military targets in Haifa and Yafa. The Zionists may think of turning to their best kept secret: the neighboring rulers in Egypt and Jordan, among others, for air and sea access to the outside world. This will only hasten the simmering revolutions in these adjacent countries. One study by the Saban think tank in Washington, DC puts the number of Israeli casualties if such a war breaks out, at around 800,000.

Add to the gradual erosion of the Israeli racist state the growing polarization between secular and religious Jews. And throw into the mix the prejudice and counter-prejudice represented by Ashkenazi and Sephardi Jews having two separate Rabbinical authorities that represent them. Many young Israelis do not want to serve in the armed forces either because they are secular and liberal and do not understand why their regime is stretching the Israeli nation-state into other people’s territories (i.e., where the Palestinians live in the West Bank and Ghazzah), or because they are religious Jews and cannot in good faith fight for a Zionist state that does not represent the Torahic teachings. Score one for them. The previous president of Israel, Moshe Katzav (an Iranian Jew, of all ethnicities) was recently found guilty of rape. Now how does that fit in anyone’s mind — a biblical Israel whose president is a fornicator?!

Another very important development that is beginning to sink into the commercial and corporate mind of the Euro-Americans is “at what cost Israel”. At the end of the day it is the money and the profits that run the political show at both ends of the Atlantic. And if Israel is becoming a serious economic liability and the loss of business in the Muslim world far outweighs the petty gains coming from a puny Israel, then the simple mercantile and investment conclusion would be “to hell with Israel”. These words are not yet uttered in public. They are said behind closed doors. It is only a matter of time before they become official policy. That is of course if the sneaky Israelis do not come up with a spectacular dangerous undertaking à la 9/11.

Whatever happens in the near future, you the sons of the Islamic Revolution with your Islamic Leader today and with all the martyrs who gave their lives — not for nationalism or sectarianism — have moved regional and world politics into its current position. Keep up the good work and feel secure that the Almighty will remain on your side as long as you remain on His.

“And it is due upon us to support the committed Muslims” (30:47)

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