British mercenary Le Mesurier found dead in Istanbul

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Rabi' al-Awwal 14, 1441 2019-11-11

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British mercenary James Le Mesurier (right) and his monstrous creation, the White Helmets

Another Western terrorist mastermind responsible for much propaganda and mayhem in Syria has died.

The body of James Le Mesurier who founded the White Helmets in Syria was discovered in the early hours of November 11 on a street in Istanbul where he had been living.

The cause of his death was not immediately clear although there are strong suspicions that Le Mesurier, like the Daesh leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi had outlived his usefulness and became dispensable.

The police in Istanbul said that Le Mesurier had slash marks on his face and there were fractures on his legs. They have launched an investigation but say that review of CCTV footage showed only two person in the building, the mercenary and his wife.

It is also possible that he may have been bumped off by some intelligence agency on the lookout for him because of his disruptive role in Syria.

Presented as a “humanitarian organization”, the White Helmets was merely a propaganda tool of the West that worked hand-in-glove with such terrorist outfits as al-Qaeda (aka al-Nusra Front) in Syria.

The ever-so tactful BBC, reporting Le Mesurier’s death wrote on its web page: “A former British Army intelligence officer who was honoured by the Queen for his work with the White Helmets civil defence group (sic) in Syria has been found dead near his office in Istanbul… [ ]… The cause of death was not immediately clear.”

So there!

Only three days earlier, however, Russian foreign ministry spokesperson, Maria Zakharova, had called on Britain to “clarify” Le Mesurier’s precise role, asking whether he had links to the terrorist group, al-Qaeda.

In her tweet, Zakharova wrote:

MFA Russia
✔ @mfa_russia

#Zakharova: The White Helmets’ co-founder, James

Le Mesurier, is a former agent of Britain’s MI6,

who has been spotted all around the world,

including in the #Balkans and the #MiddleEast.

His connections to terrorist groups were reported back

during his mission in #Kosovo.


The question of who Le Mesurier really was kept propping up even in the British media. John Wight, writing in the Guardian had this to say:

“Le Mesurier carries about him the inescapable whiff of Britain’s malign legacy of dirty wars, waged in Kenya, Aden, Ireland, Iraq, Libya, in other words wherever London’s blood-soaked imperialist foot has tread around the world. A product of Britain’s prestigious Royal Military Academy of officer training at Sandhurst, he served in various UK military/NATO military deployments over the past three decades, specifically Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq and Lebanon.

“The question of why a given state becomes fragile and failing is of course neither asked nor explored, for doing so would dredge up the subject of imperialism, which for Western ideologues such as Mr Le Mesurier would be akin to a vampire being exposed to daylight.”

Western-created “civil defence groups” such as White Helmets for which Le Mesurier received $300,000 seed money (no small potatoes) and over a three-year period the sum of $123 milllion, are the thin-edge of Western military wedge.

He also created the MayDay Rescue operations to “train” al-Qaeda operatives. It was outside the offices of MayDay Rescue in Istanbul that his body was found early today.

Some British military officers have been quite candid about the real function of such “humanitarian organizations.”

British Chief of Naval Staff, Admiral Sir Philip Jones stated last year that “the hard punch of military power is often delivered inside the kid glove of humanitarian relief.”

It is for this reason that military actions sponsored by the US, Britain, Canada and their allies for the past several decades have often been framed as “humanitarian interventions.”

If today, there is one less terrorist mastermind, there is some hope, however, slim that the imposed war on Syria may gradually be coming to an end.

It could come no sooner for the traumatized people of Syria.

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