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The ongoing military clashes in Armenian occupied Karabakh has pitted the Israeli and Armenian lobbies in the West against each other.

Tensions between the two powerful lobbies will further increase and will drain many Western political systems which are already experiencing malfunction.

As Asia Times reported October 12, “Azerbaijani Ambassador to the US Elin Suleymanov alluded to 9/11 conspiracy theories and warned that Internet trolls may be trying to ‘push Armenian propaganda under Jewish names’ in an appeal to a pro-Israel group… Azerbaijan is trying to leverage its economic and military ties with Israel to gain American support. Suleymanov, the Azerbaijani envoy to the United States, referred to common geopolitical interests and unsubstantiated claims in his appeal to pro-Israel advocates in Washington.”

One of the carrots Zionist Israel offers to Muslim governments which toe its line are the services of its powerful lobbies in Western countries.

For example, AIPAC has been whitewashing the despotic regime in the UAE way before Abu Dhabi officially surrendered to Israel’s regional ambitions in 2020.

Even Muammar Gaddafi used the services of Israeli lobby in the US.

While many people are aware of the Zionist lobby in Western countries, very few are fully mindful of the Armenian lobby.

Zbigniew Brzezinski once referred to the Armenian-American lobby as one of the most powerful ethnic lobbies in the US.

Recently the power of the Armenian lobby best manifested itself through the unconditional and one-sided support expressed for Armenia by the French President Emanuel Macron.

France is one of the Western countries where the Armenian lobby is also very active.

It seems that the Armenian lobby in Canada is also influential, as Ottawa quickly canceled military export permits to Turkey due to its support for Azerbaijan.

Even though Canada continues to sell arms to the Saudi regime perpetrating far worse atrocities in Yemen and the wider region.

In fact, some analysts argue that because the Armenian lobby operates in a low-key manner, its impact is even greater than that of the Zionist lobby.

In the current military clashes Israel is supplying Azerbaijan with weapons in exchange for access to Caspian Sea’s energy resources and a platform to sabotage Islamic Iran.

Obvious Israeli arms sales to Azerbaijan could no longer be downplayed by the Armenian diaspora.

Tensions between the Armenian and Zionist lobbies have a long history.

Turkey was one of the main reasons for earlier tensions between the two lobbies.

As pointed out by the Canadian-Armenian publication, “beginning in or before the 1980s, Turkey sought help against critics, including Armenian and Greek Americans, of its human rights abuses. Turkey’s then-ally Israel enlisted Jewish American organizations into defending Turkey. Jewish/Israeli/Turkish media have penned millions of words confirming this. JINSA’s Yola Habif Johnston confessed in 2006 that AIPAC, AJC, B’nai Brith” all assisted Turkey in countering Armenian lobbying efforts.

Nevertheless, it appears that both lobbies were avoiding serious tensions realizing that a quarrel between them would drain their resources.

However, the current situation seems to have changed this, as the loss of Karabakh would be a serious dent to Armenia’s ultra-right-wing state doctrine.

Even though military clashes in Karabakh are unlikely to last long, the current confrontation has set in motion strong tensions between the Armenian and Zionist lobbies.

This is going to outlast the recent outbreak of violence.

Apart from draining Western political systems, conflict between the Armenian and Israel lobbies will also create some confusion among the wider Muslim population in the West and West Asia.

To put pressure on the Israel lobby, the Armenian diaspora is actively utilizing the oppression of Palestinians as a public relations tool.

It is creating a situation where the oppression of Palestinians is utilized as a tool to keep Karabakh ethnically cleansed of Muslims of Azerbaijan.

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