Coronavirus Launches 4G/5G War on China

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Kevin Barrett

Shawwal 09, 1441 2020-06-01

News & Analysis

by Kevin Barrett (News & Analysis, Crescent International Vol. 49, No. 4, Shawwal, 1441)


4G war (Fourth Generation Warfare): “Conflict characterized by a blurring of the lines between war and politics, combatants and civilians.”

5G war: the conflict between the West and China over 5G communications, the internet of things, artificial intelligence, and related technologies that will determine who rules (or destroys) the world of the near future.

In early 2020, just as US plans to stop the rise of China were moving into high gear, the COVID-19 pandemic exploded out of Wuhan. Mainstream Western propagandists immediately blamed China for allowing its citizens to have intimate contact with animals, especially in so-called wet markets. Hardline anti-China propagandists went further, arguing that the virus escaped from the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV), the only level 4 biological warfare lab in China. Trump trumpeted “Chinese virus” accusations. On April 30 the US president said he had seen evidence that WIV was the source of the outbreak. As Western economies cratered, the public was subjected to hints that the Chinese had unleashed the virus deliberately. On May 22 the London Telegraph reported: “More than 4 in 10 people believe to some extent that China created coronavirus as a bioweapon to control the West…”

The uncanny appearance of the “Chinese virus” at the exact moment the US needed a pretext for war on China fits neatly into an all-too-obvious historical pattern. Every US foreign war in history has been triggered by a public relations operation designed to convince the American people that they have been attacked by a foreign enemy. The purpose: Disguise and justify US aggression and resource theft.

In April 1846, US President James Polk sent a 70-man patrol on a suicide mission across the border to attack the Mexican army. Eleven Americans were killed and 52 were captured. Newspaper headlines screamed “Mexico Invades USA, Slaughters Americans!” The US proceeded to attack Mexico and steal half of its territory.

In February 1898, someone blew up the USS Maine in Havana Harbor, killing two officers and 250 sailors. Newspaper headlines falsely blamed Spain. The US proceeded to attack Spain and steal its overseas colonial possessions, beginning with Cuba and the Philippines.

US entry into World War 1 was triggered by two false flags: The sinking of the Lusitania, a ship deliberately loaded with civilian passengers and armaments and sent directly into the path of German U-boats; and the Zimmerman telegram hoax, orchestrated by the founder of the Bush political dynasty, which fabricated an imaginary German attempt to invade the US via Mexico.

US entry into World War II was triggered by the orchestrated Pearl Harbor deception, the result of an American 8-Point Plan to force the Japanese to attack first. US leaders provoked the Japanese attack, knew when and where it was coming, and moved their aircraft carriers out to sea—but left thousands of American sailors exposed on mothballed battleships in Pearl Harbor as a human sacrifice to the gods of war. The massacre outraged the American public, reversing 80% antiwar sentiment and giving the Roosevelt Administration the excuse it needed to enter the war at full throttle.

In 1950, US leaders tricked North Korea into attempting to reunite the country by drawing a line on the map and declaring that it would not interfere. The same strategy was re-used in 1990 when US diplomat April Glaspie was sent to assure Saddam Hussein that the US would not object to an invasion of Kuwait. To sell the pre-planned war to the public, “Nurse Nayirah” (actually the Kuwaiti ambassador’s daughter) lied to Congress, inventing a preposterous tale of Iraqis supposedly ripping Kuwaiti babies out of incubators and bashing their brains out. That story was scripted by the Bush-family-linked Hill and Knowlton public relations firm.

All-out US entry into the Vietnam war was triggered by the 1964 Gulf of Tonkin deception. The US fabricated a nonexistent “North Vietnamese attack” on American ships and used it to convince Congress and the American people to go to war.

The war on Islam for Israel, euphemistically known as the “War on Terror,” was launched by the mother of all false flags, the 9/11/2001 inside job. It featured the explosive controlled demolition of the entire World Trade Center complex under cover of allegedly hijacked planes by Arabs who could not fly single engine planes but were able to carry out sophisticated manouvers on jetliners flying at 500 miles per hour. 9/11 was the public relations stunt for the “clash of civilizations,” and Islamic civilization was the first victim. Other civilizational targets—Eastern Orthodox (Russian) civilization and Confucian (Chinese) civilization—would be next on the hit list, with Russia framed as the “aggressor” in Ukraine and Syria, and now China framed for the COVID-19 pandemic.

Alongside the above-sketched historical context, we also need to consider the geopolitical reasons why US leaders feel a need to intensify their 4G/5G war on China. Those reasons are admirably sketched in John Mearsheimer’s 2014 article “Can China Rise Peacefully?” Mearsheimer points out that China’s rise “has the potential to fundamentally alter the architecture of the international system. If the Chinese economy continues growing at a brisk clip in the next few decades, the United States will once again face a potential peer competitor, and great-power politics will return in full force.”

Therefore, Mearsheimer explains, US leaders will need to curtail Chinese economic growth by any means necessary, even if it requires sacrificing US and global prosperity to do it. This appears to be what the COVID-19 plandemic was designed to achieve: disrupt the global trade networks that are fueling China’s rise, while giving the US and the West casus belli to ramp up their 4G/5G war. Additionally, the plandemic is centralizing and concentrating wealth and power in the hands of the biggest Western banks and corporations, while refashioning the West into a militarized, regimented, hyper-surveilled society in preparation for the escalation of the long war on China and other nations that are not completely controlled by the Western banking cabal.

The 4G/5G clash-of-civilizations wars, including the war on China, are more complex and nuanced than previous wars. The primary weapon of the banking cabal’s war for one-world hegemony is debt (riba) as explained by John Perkins in Confessions of an Economic Hit Man. The banking cabal creates money out of thin air, backed by nothing, by lending it into existence at endlessly-compounding interest, thereby imposing debt slavery on the entire world. Nations that don’t play along see their leaders assassinated or their capitals invaded.

This riba scheme maintains the banking cabal in the commanding heights of the global economy, and gives them the economic power to buy and sell politicians, scientists, and militaries, including their biological warfare divisions. China, an ethnically cohesive society with a hybrid Marxist-Confucian ideology, has established a state-owned banking system that is largely independent of the Western Zionist-dominated usury cabal. That public banking system eliminates the 33% “usury tax” that cripples economies dominated by private banking. China’s public banking system and state-directed infrastructure-first economy have massively outperformed the West, averaging double-digit growth over the past 40 years. The Western banking cabal, which intends to establish a one-world police state under its own direction, correctly views China with its successful public banking model as a potentially mortal threat to its ambitions.

Mearsheimer explains that China will dominate the world if it is allowed to rise peacefully. Therefore, Chinese leaders try to portray their nation as a “global good guy” while doing everything possible to avoid conflict—until the day finally arrives when they are stronger than their enemies. The Western cabal, by contrast, has every motivation to be provocative, hasten up the escalation ladder, take outrageous measures to stop Chinese economic growth, and, if necessary, wage war at whatever intensity level is required sooner rather than later.

Given the context described above, we may assume that the COVID-19 pandemic was deliberately fabricated in order to be blamed on China with whatever level of intensity is required to achieve the amount of escalation the Western leaders feel is necessary. If they can get their way simply by waging tougher economic war, they will blame Chinese bat soup slurpers. If they decide they need to slap harsh sanctions on China and steal China’s investments in the West (especially US treasuries) while loudly rattling military sabers, they will claim the virus accidently escaped from WIV—which would allow them to frame the theft of trillions of dollars from China as “reparations.” And if they decide they need to wage an actual shooting war, perhaps in the South China Sea or maybe even in Taiwan, they will say that China deliberately unleashed the virus to destroy the West’s economy.

Will the Western bankster war on China (and Russia, Iran, Venezuela, and other relatively independent nations) become the malhamma or nuclear World War III predicted in certain ahadith? While Islamic eschatologist Sheikh Imran Hosein has done interesting scholarship along these lines, ultimately we have to admit the limits to human analysis and say: Allahu a‘lam (Only Allah knows).

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