Distraught Kurdish father buries family in hometown amid moving scenes

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Muharram 01, 1437 2015-10-14

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by Crescent International

Heart-breaking scenes were witnessed in Kobane at the funeral of three-year-old Aylan Shenu Kurdi, brother Galep and mother Rehana. The three were buried in their ancestral home, Kobane where their bodies were transported from Turkey earlier in the day. The boys' father Abdullah was heart-broken and sobbed uncontrollably saying he had lost everything in the world. The family's tragedy also reflects the West's hypocrisy in refusing them asylum.

Kobane, Crescent-online
Friday September 4, 2015, 13:01 DST

Amid moving scenes, a grief-stricken father buried his two young sons today that had drowned off the coast of Turkey.

The burials, including that of his wife Rehana who had also drowned when the boat they were in capsized, took place in Kobane, their ancestral home in Syria.

All three bodies had washed ashore in Turkey. On September 2, the world witnessed the heartbreaking scene of the washed up body of three-year-old Aylan Shenu Kurdi on the Turkish coast.

He lay face down on the beach, his shoes and shorts still intact. It was clear he had died a little while earlier.

Their heart-wrenching story made international headlines.

Abdullah had arrived with the caskets of his two children and wife earlier in the day in Kobane.

A large number of mourners had gathered for the funeral.

“Aylan Shenu, his brother Galep, and their mother were buried today in Kobane in front of a large crowd. Everyone was very sad and crying,” said local journalist Mustefa Ebdi, who attended the funeral.

The father, Abdullah Kurdi, survived, and "looked broken and numb" as he addressed a gathering of hundreds of mourners and sympathizers.

"I don't blame anyone else for this. I just blame myself," Abdullah told the mourners. "I will have to pay the price for the rest of my life," he said amid sobs.

Abdullah's family was displaced several times inside Syria and had returned to Kobane in June but the takfiri terrorists re-entered the town the same month.

They took a large number of hostages in a two-day stand-off that left more than 200 civilians dead.

The family then decided to try and reach Europe via Turkey because the Canadian government rejected an application by the boys’ aunt residing in Vancouver, British Columbia, to sponsor them.

In a belated attempt, Canadian officials contacted Abdullah yesterday offering him Canadian citizenship, an offer he declined.

He said he had nothing left in the world anymore.

The refugee crisis is the direct result of the war unleashed on Syria in which nearly 250,000 people have died since March 2011.

The dead include both Syrian soldiers as well as takfiri terrorists that have flooded into the country from Saudi Arabia, North Africa, Turkey and Chechnya.

Abdullah said his children were only a few of the many victims of the war on Syria where he had worked as a barber in Damascus before fleeing to escape the mayhem.

He pleaded for a "solution to the tragedies" gripping his country, a call echoed by his sister Teema in Vancouver who pleaded for an end to the fighting in her country of birth.

The call to end the fighting, however, is likely to fall on deaf ears because the warlords in Washington, Ottawa, London, Paris, Ankara, Riyadh and a host of other places want to cash in on the blood of innocent Syrians.

Their plan is the break-up of Syria to achieve their nefarious agenda in the region. The price for this is paid by innocent Syrians like little Aylan and Galep and their mother.


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