Egyptian courts go berserk with death sentences

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Sha'ban 20, 1435 2014-06-18

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by Crescent International

The judges in Egypt act as executioners for the military while the thugs in uniform brandishing guns shoot and kill without mercy. Thousands of innocent people have been murdered in cold blood since the illegal military coup of July 3 against the first-ever elected President Mohamed Mursi. Family members of the just-sentenced victims cry on hearing about death sentences against their loved ones.

Cairo, Crescent-online
Wednesday June 18, 2014, 17:38 DST

The Egyptian military and what passes for judiciary work hand-in-hand to crush any dissenting voices in the country. If the military and other security forces do not exterminate a person with guns and bullets, the courts are there to hand out death sentences.

This is what has just happened for the third time in three months. An Egyptian court has sentenced 12 supporters of ousted President Mohamed Mursi to death on charges related to the fatal shooting of a police brigadier general last year.

The plain clothes officer was killed during police raid on the Muslim Brotherhood stronghold in Cairo on September 19. In the aftermath of the illegal overthrow of President Mursi’s government by the military on July 3, the security forces went on a rampage.

On August 14 and again August 16, security forces opened fire on peaceful protesters camped in Al-Adawiya Square as well as Giza. In the first assault, more than 2,000 people were mercilessly butchered. They did not even spare women and children that sought refuge in the Adawiya Mosque.

Two days later, when funeral processions were being held for victims of the massacre, the security forces shot and killed hundreds of others.

The military and police continued their vicious assault on peaceful protesters and it was in once such assault last September that the police brigadier was killed. Who killed him is unknown but as is customary, a large number of people were rounded up.

Before the court, 23 defendants were on trial, reflecting the kangaroo style court procedure. How could 23 people be responsible for killing one person? They did not attack him with sticks or stones. Of the 23, half (12) are in police custody while the rest are still at large. That did not deter the court from passing these outrageous sentences.

The defendants were also accused of “membership in a jihadist organisation” (meaning the Muslim Brotherhood that was declared illegal early year but not at the time when the incident occurred!) and the attempted murder of police while resisting the raid.

The death sentences are the latest among hundreds handed down against Muslim Brotherhood supporters in the kangaroo-style farce that passes off for Egypt’s judicial system since overthrow of the first-ever democratically elected president in the country’s history.

On April 28, Judge Saeed Youssef, appropriately dubbed the “butcher” sentenced to death a batch of 683 people, accused of being alleged supporters of the banned Muslim Brotherhood. The list included the Murshid (supreme guide) of the Brotherhood, Mohamed Badie as well as 77 other members of the group.

These outrageous sentences came on the heels of 529 people, also alleged supporters of the Brotherhood, that were sentenced to death in March in Minya by the same judge.

Human rights organizations have decried these sentences and called upon the Egyptian regime to adhere to the rule of law. This will not be realized since the Egyptian military has vowed to eliminate the Brotherhood because the organization is seen as the only effective challenge to the thugs in uniform.

Their representative, General Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, was “elected” president last month in a poll in which less than 7.5 percent of the people bothered to cast ballot. But the shameless Sisi and his minions declared this a “resounding victory” because he claimed to have secured 96.6 percent of the votes cast!

If el-Sisi is so popular, one wonders why he has banned the Brotherhood declaring it a “terrorist” organization and is sending hundreds of its members to the gallows while tens of thousands languish in prison.


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