Egyptian dictator Sisi awarded the highest Saudi medal

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Shawwal 14, 1435 2014-08-11

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by Crescent International

Kissing in Jeddah and killings in Cairo and Gaza. The Egyptian dictator Abdel Fattah el-Sisi and Saudi King Abdullah are partners in crime against innocent Muslims whether in Egypt, Gaza, Syria or Iraq. Mass murderers of the world, unite!

Jeddah, Crescent-online
Monday August 11, 2014, 17:03 DST

What has the Egyptian military dictator, General Abdel Fattah el-Sisi done to deserve Saudi Arabia’s most prestigious medal, the King Abdulaziz Necklace?

It could not be for any bravery in battlefield because in every war against the Zionist regime, the Egyptian military has been soundly beaten. And since 1978, successive Egyptian rulers have completely surrendered to the zionists.

Sisi and the Saudi rulers are very tight with each other. Sisi had served as military attaché in Saudi Arabia and when he was intelligence chief before being elevated to the post of Defence Minister (and therefore head of the armed forced) by President Mohamed Mursi in August 2012, the thug in uniform betrayed the very man that elevated him to top military post.

The general carried out a coup in July 2013 against the first ever democratically elected government in Egyptian history. His goons then perpetrated a bloodbath in the streets of Cairo slaughtering thousands of completely peaceful and unarmed civilians on August 14 and 16.

Their only crime was to organize peaceful sit-ins. With so much blood on his hands, the Saudis embraced him and showered him with billions of dollars that the ruling family has stolen of the people’s wealth.

The Saudis, loathed to see any Islamic movement in power because it would expose their illegitimacy, have embraced Sisi. He has not only been showered with billions but in the latest Zionist onslaught on Gaza, the Saudis and Egyptian regimes are cooperating closely with the zionists against the Palestinians.

The Israelis have admitted that they have the complete support of the rulers of Saudi Arabia and Egypt. In fact, for blowing up the tunnels from Egypt into Israeli besieged Gaza, the zionists have called Egypt a “very good neighbor.”

It seems the Saudis too are very pleased with Sisi’s brutal methods, hence the award of the kingdom’s most prestigious medal conferred on him in Jeddah on August 10.

Abdulaziz ibn Saud would be pleased in his sandy grave. A brigand and a thief, he was also completely ruthless, feel no compunction in killing innocent people.

The Saudis have found in Sisi a fellow mass murderer. They have also sponsored the thugs belonging to the inappropriately named group, the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) and now rebranded to the Islamic State (IS).

These thugs are busy slaughtering innocent people, stoning women to death for alleged adultery and perpetrating other horrible crimes.

The Sisi-led military regime has refused to open the Rafah Crossing to injured Palestinians to seek medical help or even flee the Zionist onslaught.

The Saudi award is confirmation that the regimes in Egypt and Saudi Arabia are partners in crime with the Zionist regime. The other recipient of this medal has been Barack Obama who heads the regime in Washington that finances the Zionist regime’s war crimes with money and war materiel.


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