Eid Greetings to The Ummah as Gaza continues to be bombed

Empowering Weak & Oppressed

Imran Khan

Shawwal 01, 1445 2024-04-10

Daily News Analysis

by Imran Khan

How can Eid be celebrated in the rubble, as the people of Gaza are experiencing today?

This is a day of our Eid. I mean not to disturb your thoughts or your feelings.

This is a day in which we should try as much as we can to bring happiness to our families, to our friends, to our neighbors, acquaintances, communities, as far as we can go. Try to spread the feeling of goodness and togetherness with those who you know.

We say this with a heavy heart we see the blood we visualize our current condition and yet this is the day of Eid and it is our responsibility, regardless of this awkward position, to bring as much joy as we can to our families, to our loved ones, to our neighbors, to our circle of acquaintances.

Try your best to do that even though you know that as an individual you maybe able to enjoy the Eid but there are brothers and sisters, thousands of miles away that cannot enjoy the Eid.

A felicitous Eid to you and a remembrance of the brothers who we have around the world who are spending this Eid in the struggle against kufr and shirk and against nifaq and hypocrisy.

With that in mind, we say and we invoke Allah’s presence wherever true Muslims are, and we ask Him that the Hajj, Makkah and Al Madinah regain their centrality in our lives.

And we ask Him All Mighty, All Seeing and All Knowing, to rid us of such clans and tribes who are interfering in the Hajj, interfering in the affairs of the Muslims to the detriment of the Muslims and to the construction of Kufr.

We ask Allah, not only verbally, but by what we do, by our lives and everything we have invested in Him to rid us of these munafiqeen, these muthabbiteen, these muawwiqeen, for now and forever.

On that day and at that time, we will truly enjoy Eid- an Eid of freedom and liberty, an Eid of self-determination and reliance upon Allah.

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