Escalating Zionist crimes against Palestinian children

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Rajab 09, 1437 2016-04-16

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by Crescent International

The mindboggling cruelty of the Zionist occupiers of Palestine can be gleaned from the mistreatment and torture of Palestinian children. Even minors are not spared such barbarism as was the case of 12-year-old Dima al-Wiwa showed who was arrested, interrogated and imprisoned. The Zionists get away with such crimes because Western regimes and their media outlets cover-up such crimes. Dima's case received scant coverage in the West.

Tuesday April 16, 2016, 09:17 DST

Zionism and crimes against humanity have become virtually synonymous. This, however, is not the reality reflected in the corporate Western media or the overwhelming majority of Western regimes that insist Zionist Israel can do no wrong.

When Zionist crimes go unreported, the average person in the West remains in the dark about the reality of Palestinian suffering. Take the case of 12-year-old Palestinian girl, Dima al-Wawi, who was sentenced to four months in prison allegedly for an attempted stabbing of an Israeli soldier.

Dima was fortunate for not being shot in the head as other Palestinians have been. In the Zionist utopia, killing Palestinians is a way of life. Palestinian lives do not matter as far as Zionist orthodoxy is concerned.

The 12-year-old minor—yes she is a minor under International Law—was imprisoned but released some days later where her distraught parents took her into their loving arms on April 24 at the Jabara checkpoint near the West Bank town of Tulkarem.

"I am happy to be out. Prison is bad," Dima al-Wawi was quoted by the Associated Press as saying on Sunday April 24. "During my time in prison I missed my classmates and my friends and family," she said.

Like most Palestinians, she displayed immense courage. She was not concerned about her own wellbeing; she missed her classmates, friends and family, as any child would.

The detention, interrogation and imprisonment of Palestinian children have risen alarmingly. The outlaw Zionist regime has no regard for Palestinian rights. It does not care for any laws either, especially when it relates to the protection of children if they happen to be Palestinians.

According to the Israeli daily, Haaretz (April 24), the number of minors in Israeli prisons has grown from 170 in September 2015 to 438 in January 2016. This is the only Israeli daily that reports on Palestinian suffering regularly.

Since last October, when Zionist encroachment on the Masjid al Aqsa compound intensified leading to heightened anger among the Palestinians, the trigger-happy Zionist soldiers have murdered more than 200 Palestinians.

Even wounded Palestinians are not spared as was witnessed on March 24 in the execution-style killing of Abed al-Fatah al Sharif. He was wounded and lying on the ground in Hebron but an Israeli soldier shot him in the head!


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