Examining official US thinking behind 9/11 and how it is exploited for nefarious ends

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Our Own Correspondent

Shawwal 03, 1432 2011-09-01


by Our Own Correspondent (Opinion, Crescent International Vol. 40, No. 7, Shawwal, 1432)

There are thousands of ways to look at 9/11. Much has already been said about 9/11 and much more will be said in the years to come. Here is what we think about this milestone in the politics of the 21st imperialist century.

There are thousands of ways to look at 9/11. Much has already been said about 9/11 and much more will be said in the years to come. Here is what we think about this milestone in the politics of the 21st imperialist century.

The 19 individuals presented to us by the Zionist-centered media were Saudi Wahhabis. They belonged to the Afghan jihad generation — those innocent souls sold on a valiant jihad in Afghanistan against the brutal Soviet atheist occupation. The marketing of this jihad-crusade was the trademark of a climaxing US-Saudi relationship when they were both obsessed with countering the Islamic Revolution in Iran.

The 19 individuals presented to us by the Zionist-centered media were Saudi Wahhabis.

Be that as it may, these heroic Arabian-Afghan mujahideen of the 1980s were now, unbeknown to them, on their way to becoming the ill-famed terrorists of the century. In both cases, the Saudi American connection was instrumental in their conversion from mujahideen to irhabiyeen (from freedom-fighters to terrorists!) The day all this was to happen was September 11, 2001. And without the fumbling and jumbling of a “shoe-bomber” or “underwear bomber”, 9/11 was pulled off without a hitch. And, with American-Saudi magic, we are now living with a worldwide war on terrorism, by which they mean a global attack policy by the political and military elites against any potential springboard for Islamic self-determination.

The first country to feel the brunt of the legendary Saudi-American common interest was Afghanistan. That was followed by Iraq. Then it was Pakistan’s turn; and now the game has reached Yemen and Somalia. And with the people’s movement throughout the Arab countries, we have the American-Saudi duo creeping into these uprisings to channel them into an American-Saudi compliant future. In this grand act the Americans bring along with them their peers and subsidiaries, such as Britain, Israel, France, and Germany, while the Saudis tag on with their underlings in the UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, etc.

Some people who are fed their daily staple of CNN news waste, or BBC omnium-gatherum, or Fox wish-wash cannot think outside of the box. Let us go where these media outlets do not go and will not go.

These 9/11 “hijackers” belonged to the Saudi (or should we say Wahhabi) school of ignorance. By that we mean that they do not have any inkling of the world of politics. That is simply the way it is in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. One goes through an educational system that rotates around fiqhi issues and when it comes to social, political, ideological, or military issues everyone who is not one of them (that is, Saudi-Wahhabi) is an out-and-out kafir (these are the Christians and the Jews) or they are crypto-Muslims (these are the other 72 sects of Islam)! So these “hijackers” were the product of a religious establishment belonging to the government in Riyadh and Jeddah who themselves report to their superiors in London and Washington.

Now keep your eyes on these graduates of the official Saudi underlings of America. (15 out of 19 were Saudi by all accounts). If these were the perpetrators of the heinous crime of 9/11 then why did the US not take its anger out on Saudi Arabia? We know that George W. Bush was a moron; but was he as brainless as to have confused Saudi Arabia with Iraq? Knowing his intellectual vacuity, he might have — but what about the hundreds of other high ranking officials who are the backbone of US officialdom? Not one of those “hijackers” was Iraqi! Added to the pot of Washingtonian foolishness was the assertion that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. None of that was ever proved — before or after the American occupation of Iraq. And to put a maraschino on top of this pyramid of lies we were told that Iraq had some type of liaison with al-Qaeda! That is as likely as having the Pope lead the prayers in the Haram in Makkah!

Recently, Richard Clarke, the American intelligence czar, spoke out in Colorado saying that George Tenet (head of the CIA before and after 9/11) as well as his side-kick Coffer Black withheld vital information pertaining to two of those 19 “hijackers”. Besides, one employee of the FBI years ago, Sibel Edmonds came out with information telling us that Osama was something like a CIA employee and she was fired from her job because she could not “shut up.”

What is beginning to come into focus is that 9/11 was cooked up by certain intelligence agencies to become a justification for making Muslims all over the world feel guilty of a crime against humanity. In these 10 years Muslims all over the world, particularly in Europe and North America have been hounded like yokels. You can throw a Muslim into prison on suspicion of being a “terrorist”. You can rip a Muslim of his civil rights on suspicion of helping a “terrorist”. You can introduce secret evidence into a court of law with the excuse that you are fighting “terrorism”. You can profile Muslims at ports of entry from many “civilized” countries because some intelligence service has some unexplainable information pertaining to him.

Police states have sprung up in the first world when it comes to Muslims who are law-abiding, tax-paying, ballot-voting citizens of their adopted or native countries (the USA, Britain, France, etc.) Post 9/11 we got Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib, Bagram, Terre Haute (USA), and other black holes in who-knows-where areas of the world. Words unknown before 9/11 sprang into existence: “secret rendition”, “jihadzis”, “Islamophobia”, etc.

The only thing that reminds us of 9/11 is the Holocaust. Why is that you may ask? Well, the answer is clear if you think outside of the box. There is a symmetry of sorts between the Holocaust and 9/11. There are those who deny the Holocaust as there are those who deny 9/11. Not that these two atrocious acts did not occur. No, they did occur. But there has been an industry that has come into existence due to these two events; an industry that has blown out of all proportions the magnitude of these crimes against humanity for reasons that are related to the “national interest” of the Zionist State of Israel.

Any student of WWII will tell you that it was absolutely necessary for the establishment of a “Jewish homeland” in Palestine to have hundreds of thousands of Jews leave Europe and relocate to Palestine. Therefore, we had the media of the world inflate the Holocaust into a guilt complex that would have Europe and America feel they owe the Zionists everything the latter asked for. And the Zionists throughout the past 60 odd years have been receiving everything and anything they want from a “guilty” Europe and Germany to survive in their bunker nation-state called Israel. And it seems like there is no light at the end of this guilt-tunnel into which the Germans, then the Europeans, then the Americans have been traveling throughout the last six decades.

Any student of WWII will tell you that it was absolutely necessary for the establishment of a “Jewish homeland”

Now, 9/11, it appears is meant to serve the same purpose. But this time the Muslims are supposed to feel guilty for the hellish and monstrous crime of 9/11. For the Zionist brains behind 9/11, we assure you that you are not going to get away with this. No Islamic Movement, no Islamic Party, no Islamic Organization is party to 9/11. We will say it to your face: it is the Saudi generation of American influence throughout Arabia that brought the world the likes of those who praise 9/11 and those who endorse 9/11.

And you have the chutzpah to send your education specialists to certain Muslim countries to tell Muslims what they may learn and what they may not learn from the noble Qur’an! You give orders to your Saudi slaves to omit certain references about the “Jews” in the Glorious Qur’an. And you do the same in other countries. Is it not enough for you to have goaded a lost generation of Muslims into a “jihad” against the Soviets and then a “jihad” against the Americans and in both cases you were macro-managing this “jihad” courtesy of your own clients in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and other quisling establishments?

You are not troubled by your innovation called “al-Qaeda”. For heaven’s sake, you breast-fed that media creature; and you continue to inflate it into a formidable enemy. You have 100,000 troops in Afghanistan consuming a budget of scores of billions of dollars each month… for what? Chasing (and these are your numbers) between 60 and 90 al-Qaeda desperados — on the run somewhere, where no one knows where, in Afghanistan!

And where are you — the real criminals of 9/11? Where are you Mr. Rumsfeld? Where is ticking-heart Cheney? Where is slam-dunk Tenet? Where is that cabal of neo-conservatives who got the world into the 9/11 mess? Are you hiding somewhere? Ten years ago you were all over the airwaves, spewing your venom against Islamic terrorism — a creature of your own making. The truth is catching up with you. It is you who stand behind these patsy terrorists to justify your occupations and your military budgets. And now that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have gone sour on you, what else do you have up your sleeves for the Muslims and oppressed peoples of the world? We know that you haven’t given up. Experience tells us that you may be in the process of hatching another one of your schemes that will serve to borrow time for your deity called Israel. But can’t you see your own economy is on the ropes? You are in a race with time. And time is not on your side.

And do not consider Allah to be oblivious of what offenders do (14:42).

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