Firsthand observation of election in Syria

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Tony Seed

Sha'ban 06, 1435 2014-06-04

Daily News Analysis

by Tony Seed

A large contingent of international observers from four continents is in Syria to observe the election firsthand. Despite threats from the Western-Arabian backed takfiri terrorists, the people of Syria have defied these and voted with their feet in the presidential election. These independent observers also give lie to the vile Western propaganda against the Syrian government. The photo shows Syrians lining up near the Lebanese border to vote.

Damascus, Crescent-online
Wednesday June 4, 2014, 15:09 DST

I am honoured to inform my friends that I have been invited to Syria as an independent observer of the June 3rd presidential elections. After a brief visit to Beirut, Lebanon, where I witnessed the unprecedented participation of hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees in the advance poll and the extraordinary reconstruction of this vibrant city from the barbarous devastation caused by Zionist Israel in its 2006 war of aggression, I arrived in historic and beautiful Damascus in Syria, on Sunday June 1.

This is my first ever visit to Syria, cradle of civilization, and to the Middle East itself. I am humbled by the reception, grace and warmth of welcome of Syrians from all backgrounds and ages.

I am becoming acquainted with the true reality on the ground, the real nature of the forces in combat and the accomplishments of the Syrian people in the midst of a brutal three-year siege of aggression and subversion unleashed on all fronts, military, diplomatic, media, economic and cultural, which has caused so much tragedy for Syria and neighbouring countries.

Two other observers from Canada, Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya, a political analyst and sociologist from Ottawa, and Elias Hazineh, a longtime activist from Toronto, are also observing the elections, along with distinguished parliamentarians and independent observers and NGOs from four continents – from Venezuela, Bolivia and Brazil to Pakistan, India and the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea, from Uganda to the Russian Federation.

The hundreds of mainstream media attending, especially from the Middle East and South Asian region, attest to the interest in and significance of the Syrian struggle to the Arabic, Persian and Asian peoples. The boycott of the elections by the Western media, with the exception of a stringer for Associate Press who writes falsely about “blood election” and some journalists from Germany and Turkey, speaks volumes to their refusal to inform the peoples of the US and NATO countries with factual information on the issues.

I have been very active with little time to write. There is a report that a one hour interview was aired on Press TV along with Farsi translations of my articles. Yesterday I was in Latakia, including the village of Bshar in the mountains as well as the port city. I was literally mobbed at Tishreen University. The election was a festival of the Syrian people and nation. I was full of joy and had a day of such happiness that I have not known for some time.

As soon as possible, I will be submitting reports to Crescent International and other publications in an effort to break the information blockade of the US and NATO facilitated by the monopoly media and to convey a true picture of the reality of the heroic struggle of the Syrian people and nation.


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