Foreign NGOs spread western culture and pornography in Muslim Bangladesh

Developing Just Leadership

Mohammad Abul-Hayat Jalal-Abadi

Rabi' al-Thani 08, 1419 1998-08-01


by Mohammad Abul-Hayat Jalal-Abadi (World, Crescent International Vol. 27, No. 11, Rabi' al-Thani, 1419)

Foreign non-governmental organisations (NGOs) operating in the Muslim world have become the primary vehicle for spreading western culture and pornography. Operating under the guise of providing ‘help’ and support, their principal target are the most vulnerable peoples in these societies.

Where pornography and western culture - the two are virtually synonymous these days - cannot be pushed down the throats of people directly, Christian missionaries soften up the target population first. The recent cases of Afghan refugees in camps in Peshawar is part of this phenomenon (see articles on Afghan refugees in Muslimedia - Archives (World), issues no. 40 and 41).

The predatory activities of foreign NGOs have now spread far and wide. Take the case of Bangladesh whose population is 90 percent Muslim. Since 1981, foreign NGOs have created an indigenous mercenary army and set up a parallel government of their own in the country. Given handsome salaries, bribes, awards, vehicles, machinery and huge funds, the nouveau riche mercenaries pretending to be writers, lawyers, teachers, artists, human-right activists etc., have set up factories, printing presses, and publishing houses.

Indoctrinating job-seekers, they have employed more than 200,000 people in a country where unemployment is nearly 50 percent. To generate funds to finance the additional projects which are not sanctioned by the governments of foreign NGOs, local inhabitants allege that they have entered the lucrative drug trade, opening development projects in the sensitive areas of the north (Mymenshing, Rangpur, Dinajpur) and in the East (Chittagong Hill districts).

In the cultural field they have cultivated many orchards and planted the seeds of kufr ideology and poisonous plants. Bangladeshi anaesthetist, the apostate Taslima Nasrin is their first known fruit. Their local agent, a teacher at Dhaka university openly proclaimed that new ideas were in full blossom and soon ‘mullahbad’ (or Mullahcracy, a derogatory term used for Islamic tradition) would be replaced.

Foreign dignitaries (NGO representatives) attending a mini seminar in Dhaka, the Bangladeshi capital, earlier this year applauded enthusiastically when the professor claimed everything was changing. ‘The world is changing and if we want to get rid of poverty then we have to change our outlook, traditional beliefs and prejudices. People who oppose change are ignorant. They only talk of religion. Religion is not food. Religion is not clothes.’

Getting carried away, he said it was not the ‘Mullahs’ who gave people jobs but factories; hospitals provide medication to the sick, not the Mullahs. This teacher does not believe in what he calls ‘organised religion’ and insists Islam has no role to play in Bangladeshi society or politics.

Throughout Bangladesh, foreign NGOs have produced more than a thousand such ‘forward-looking’ and ‘progressive’ professors who have been indoctrinating students to disassociate them from Islam. Taslima Nasrin is an ardent fan of this professor. Educational institutions and Bangladeshi Trade Unions have also been penetrated by NGO agents.

There are 29 newspapers in Bangladesh whose small circulation does not justify their existence. Without increasing circulation, reducing staff or increasing advertisement revenues, these third-rate newspapers have become the focus of attention and main sources of information for the foreign media. The editors of these newspapers frequently travel abroad to cover events or to attend International seminars/conferences.

The Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), India’s secret service, with 4700 full-time agents has spun a spider’s web in tiny Bangladesh, which is awash with Indian-made small arms of almost every description. An Indian-made handgun costs less then the price of a large fish. Scandinavian pornographic videos with Bangla subtitles or a 100-page Indian pornographic magazine costs less then the price of a packet of razor blades or a tube of toothpaste!

The world’s largest producers of pornographic materials are the Scandinavian countries whose total output is estimated to be US$22 billion annually. Scandinavian NGOs and their governments refuse to disclose the amount of money they have spent/invested in Bangladesh and what percentage of money comes from the pornographic industry.

A Swedish government spokeswoman in Dhaka denied that foreign children adopted by Sweden were used in child pornography. But when naked pictures of foreign children were shown to her, she questioned their authenticity and doubted whether the pictures were taken/printed in Sweden at all. When more Swedish pornographic magazines containing children’s pictures were shown with the names of Swedish publishers, the spokeswoman took a deep breath and said, Sweden has banned child pornographic magazines (This is a lie). As far as she was concerned that was the end of the matter. She then left the scene excusing herself on the pretext that her English was not good enough to express herself properly.

Swedish authorities in Dhaka also declined to answer why they were sending students to a secular State like Bangladesh to study Islam instead of sending them to places like Al-Azhar, Makkah, Qum, Amman or Kuala Lumpur. The Swedish and Norwegian governments believe that as donor countries, they can blackmail any democratically elected government in the ‘third world.’ Also, to implement the Anglo-American sponsored zionists agenda (to contain and combat Islam) they are ready to go to any length.

Many responsible Bangladeshis suspect that zionist Mossad agents may be working as Scandinavian diplomats and NGOs throughout Bangladesh. While there is no direct evidence, Scandinavian citizens of Jewish faith stationed in Bangladesh are automatically citizens of the illegal zionist entity as per its Law of Return. Yet to say they are all Mossad agents is a sweeping statement, said a prominent member of the National Democratic Alliance in Bangladesh.

Throughout history, Scandinavians have been known to practice incest. At present 49 percent of Scandinavians are born out of wedlock. Illegitimacy has been accepted as normal social practice, which neither shames nor bothers them, unlike people in Italy, France, Spain, Germany or Greece.

The most glittering side of Scandinavian ‘progress’ and civilisation is its absolute freedom in matters sexual. Any consenting adult (of either sex) can perform sexual intercourse anytime, anywhere. A man can marry either man or woman. Both the church and government recognise all such marriages! Homosexuality and lesbianism are rife and common.

Muslimedia: August 1-15, 1998

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