French electoral fraud and the corporate media

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Muharram 13, 1434 2012-11-27

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by Crescent International

If the electoral crisis that occurred within a French political party would happen to an Islamic party, Western media would turn it into a main headline.


November 27, 2012, 00:05 EST

A serious allegation of fraud during leadership election of the Union for a Popular Movement (UMP) party in France is a first major sign that the economic crisis in the EU is slowly spreading to Europe’s political system.

After the vote for the leadership of UMP between former Prime Minister François Fillon and his opponent Jean-François Copé was concluded on November 19, both candidates declared victory.

When the first results were released Cope was declared the winner by a margin of just 98 votes in a contest in which more than 150,000 party members participated. As both sides declared victory, they also traded accusations of fraud.

On November 25, the AFP reported that “the party electoral commission has since said that ballots cast in France's overseas territories that were not counted would have reversed the result, while the Cope camp has claimed he would have won by a clear margin but for vote-rigging in the Mediterranean city of Nice.” Fillon claims that he would have won by 26 votes had overseas territories not been omitted by mistake.

Even though results of a survey by IFOP poll announced in Le Journal du Dimanche newspaper, stated that 71 percent of respondents and 67 percent of UMP supporters said the leadership election should be held again, the party's Electoral Appeals Commission confirmed Jean-François Copé as the winner on Monday (November 26). However, Francois Fillon declared the ruling "illegal" and refused to accept the results.

If such a scenario had occurred in an Islamic party election somewhere in the world, Western corporate media would have turned it into a major global event in order to discredit the Islamic model of governance. However, because an imperialist-secular model is involved, the story was reported in a matter-of-fact manner; only sophisticated observers would have noticed that there was something remiss.

During a recent internal election within Hamas, Western media outlets ran the news giving it a conspiratorial twist. Words like “allegations”, “split” and “power struggle” in Hamas were used to describe the event as a major global news headline. Even Mohammed Morsi’s recent electoral victory was reported by the Western media in a manner to create doubts about his victory.

The fact that the electoral crisis within UMP was reported in a casual manner by the corporate media shows that the Western imperialist bloc realizes its own vulnerability. This small, but significant phenomenon is a sign that the new world order free from imperialist domination is emerging, slowly but surely.


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