Has the Arabian stampede to recognize the Zionist entity begun?

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Muharram 23, 1442 2020-09-11

Daily News Analysis

by Crescent International

Bahrain's British appointed king, Hamad bin Khalifa, has come out of purdah to recognize the Zionist state of Israel that is illegally occupying Palestine

Bahrain has agreed to establish full diplomatic relations with Israel, US President Donald Trump announced today.

He hailed the deal as “a historic breakthrough”.

Not surprisingly, he claimed it would “further peace in the Middle East,” in a joint statement issued by the United States, Bahrain and Israel.

It was reported that the agreement was reached after Trump spoke with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Bahrain’s King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa.

The putative Bahraini king will now join the lanky Muhammad bin Zayed of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for a formal signing ceremony at the White House on September 15.

There is nothing historic about the agreement and it will not usher peace in the Middle East, especially not for the hapless Palestinians.

The Arabian dinosaurs have been dealing with the Zionist entity for decades, even if they did it surreptitiously.

All these regimes and their shaikhdoms and kingdoms are illegitimate products of British colonialism.

They have now become wards of the American empire after Britain relinquished its territorial possessions.

Tiniest of all the Arabian shaikhdoms, Bahrain serves as a brothel for the Saudis and Americans.

IT is linked with Saudi Arabia through a 15-mile long causeway.

Every Thursday afternoon and evening, thousands of Saudi vehicles head toward Bahrain for a weekend of drinking, gambling and illicit sex with prostitutes—activities banned in public in Saudi Arabia.

Bahrain is also home to the US Fifth Fleet. The shameless Americans also indulge in all the vices that ordinary Muslims would find abhorrent.

But it is the illegitimate Bahraini rulers that have no shame surpassing even Dubai in vulgarity by allowing their country to be used as a brothel.

Naval vessels of the US Fifth fleet terrorize other countries in the region even though the US has no business being there.

So, what precisely did Bahrain achieve by publicly agreeing to recognize the illegitimate Zionist entity?

The Bahraini ruling family has a tenuous hold on power where the overwhelming majority of the population is Shia (90%).

It relies on mercenaries from Jordan and Pakistan to fill the ranks of its police force and army.

After establishing diplomatic ties with Israel, there is little doubt that Israelis will provide security, of course at a hefty price.

Bahrain could not have taken this step without approval from Saudi Arabia, its godfather.

Is this a precursor to the Saudis also announcing recognition of the Zionist entity?

During the Jumuah Khutbah on Friday September 4, Shaikh Abdul Rahman Sudais, Imam of Masjid al Haram, spoke about being kind to Jews.

There is nothing wrong with that but he really meant the Zionists.

Many observers interpreted Sudais’ sermon as preparing the public for full recognition of Israel.

Sudais and the Saudi regime were roundly condemned on social media with many pointing to Bani Saud’s hypocrisy.

The Saudis insist that politics and religion should not be mixed yet they use so sacred a platform as the minbar of Masjid al Haram, the most sacred mosque in the world, to peddle their policy of surrender to the Zionists and other oppressors.

These Arabian dinosaurs are heading for extinction. Zionist Israel will not be able to save them.

But by recognizing Israel, these regimes have exposed themselves to the entire Muslim world.

Far from respecting the rights of Muslims, they have caused immense suffering in the Ummah.

It is time to consign them to the dustbin of history where they rightly belong.

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