Trump’s treason, Détente 2.0, or business as usual?
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Kevin Barrett

Dhu al-Qa'dah 19, 1439 2018-08-01

Special Reports

by Kevin Barrett (Special Reports, Crescent International Vol. 47, No. 6, Dhu al-Qa'dah, 1439)

Most mainstream American media spent the third week in July, 2018 screaming from the rooftops that US President Donald Trump committed treason, or at the very least a colossal and probably impeachable blunder, by conferring with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki. Trump’s performance at the joint press conference with Putin, in which he fended off hostile question after hostile question while repeating the mantra “no collusion,” is being hyped as one of America’s biggest all-time foreign policy disasters. The only things the mainstream pundits disagree on are whether Trump’s catastrophic performance was more like the old (1941) Pearl Harbor or the New (9/11/2001) Pearl Harbor, and whether Trump or Putin bears a closer resemblance to Hitler.

The carnival of nonstop media hysteria began just days before Trump touched down in Helsinki. On Friday the 13th — said to be an unlucky day ever since the Knights Templar, the proto-freemasonic Crusader bankers, were destroyed on Friday, October 13, 1118 — the American Deep State launched a two-pronged preemptive strike aimed at forcing the cancellation of the Trump-Putin summit. The first salvo was the indictment of 12 Russian agents for hacking Democratic Party servers in 2016 and releasing secret emails to WikiLeaks. The implication was that this “election interference” by Russia had put Trump in the White House.

The Trump-Russia indictments were accompanied by stark, seemingly deranged warnings that Russia was about to launch a sneak attack against the United States. Simultaneously with the indictments, “The nation’s top intelligence officer said on Friday [July 13] that the persistent danger of Russian cyberattacks today was akin to the warnings the United States had of stepped-up terror threats ahead of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks,” the New York Times reported.

The Deep State’s one-two punch on Friday the 13th left Trump, reeling, furious, and facing two unpleasant choices: he could either cancel the July 16 summit and surrender to the forces that he felt, with some justification, were conspiring against him; or he could defy his antagonists, go ahead and meet Putin, and try to control his rage during the post-summit press conference. Trump, no master of self-control, apparently opted for the latter choice… and the rest, as they say, is history.

The summit and its aftermath — which included Trump halfheartedly denying that he trusted Putin more than his own intelligence community, then shocking and horrifying that community by inviting Putin to Washington — revealed a stark split in Washington’s ruling circles. Most of the Deep State, otherwise known as the permanent government, opposes Trump and his “Détente 2.0” project. These people despise Trump as a fool and a blackguard, and justifiably fear that the orange-haired buffoon may irreparably damage America’s imperial interests. Most of this group supported Barack Obama’s sneakier and more nuanced policies, and would have much preferred a Hillary Clinton victory in 2016. This, the dominant faction of the Deep State, is associated with the late Zbigniew Brzezinski, whose congenital Russophobia was apparently contagious.

Media mouthpieces of the Deep State reacted to the Trump-Putin lovefest with the most extreme attacks on a sitting president in US history. CIA-CNN frontman Anderson Cooper called Trump’s summit “the most disgraceful performance by a US president” ever. Former CIA director John Brennan tweeted,

Donald Trump’s press conference performance in Helsinki rises to & exceeds the threshold of ‘high crimes & misdemeanors.’ It was nothing short of treasonous. Not only were Trump’s comments imbecilic, he is wholly in the pocket of Putin. Republican Patriots: Where are you???

The New York Times published an op-ed headlined “Trump, Treasonous Traitor.” As always, the rest of America’s monopoly media provided an echo chamber: (i) “If this is not treason, what is it?” (Washington Post); (ii) “Is Donald Trump Committing Treason?” (MSNBC); (iii) “Trump’s treason, confirmed” (Baltimore Sun); and (iv) “Has Trump violated his oath of office and committed treason?” ­(Boston Globe).

Even many prominent Republicans went along with the Orwellian two minutes of hate. “That’s how a press conference sounds when an Asset stands next to his Handler,” tweeted former RNC Chairman Michael Steele. Liz Cheney, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, and of course John McCain, along with many other Republicans, repudiated their party’s standard-bearer and echoed the dominant mainstream narrative: the intelligence community is right, Trump is wrong.

But there is another powerful faction of the Deep State, the neocon Likudniks.­ These are individuals whose primary loyalty is to the most expansionist and genocidal policies of the Zionist entity occupying Palestine. A crucial element of extremist Likudnik power in the United States is organized crime, whose dominant Jewish faction is sometimes known as the Kosher Nostra. This group features names like Meyer Lansky, the CEO of all organized crime during his lifetime; Mickey Cohen, Lansky’s West Coast boss and America’s biggest-ever fundraiser for Israel; Roy Cohn, the former pedophile prince of New York; Jeffrey Epstein, the Mossad’s pedophile pimp who gathered dirt on the world’s most powerful people, including Bill Clinton and Donald Trump, while running the so-called Lolita Express airline as well as a Caribbean island stocked with child sex slaves; Arnon Milchan, the billionaire Hollywood mogul who stole American nuclear secrets and materials for Israel; Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law, whose father did time in federal prison; and Sheldon Adelson, the Las Vegas godfather who helped insert Trump into the White House.

The old American-based Kosher Nostra has been largely taken over by Russian crime oligarchs, as documented by the Jewish journalist Robert I. Friedman, who was apparently murdered in retaliation for publishing Red Mafiya. Some of these Russian criminal oligarchs are close to Trump, whose career was originally launched by Kosher Nostra kingpin Roy Cohn. Indeed, Trump Tower is said to be the Russian mafiya’s North American headquarters.

Mobster Roy Cohn and Donald Trump at the opening of Manhattan’s Trump Tower, 1983. In 1973, a brash young would-be developer from Queens met one of New York’s premier power brokers: Roy Cohn. With the ruthless attorney as a guide, Trump propelled himself into the city’s power circles and learned many of the tactics that would inexplicably lead him to the White House years later. Cohn defended Trump in a Justice Department lawsuit charging that at 39 Trump-owned properties, wide-spread practices were used to avoid renting to African Americans.

Nobody associated with this crowd has complained about Trump’s cozying up to Putin. On the contrary, Israeli PM Netanyahu reacted to “Trump’s treason” with wild cheers. The reason: what a Washington Post headline termed the “Putin-Netanyahu-Trump deal on Syria.” According to reports, Trump rubber-stamped a Russian-Israeli agreement to keep Iranian forces at least 80 km from Israel’s border. Additionally, the Russians allegedly agreed to not object if Israel continues to attack Iranian and Iranian-supported forces in Syria. As the Post acerbically remarked, “The deal works well for Israeli interests, but what about US interests?”

The Likudnik faction of the US Deep State is rife with mafiya types who, like Trump, have zero respect for legalities, institutions, or formalities. These folks are accustomed to getting what they want using personal, authoritarian, clandestine approaches, rather than working openly through established institutions and legal channels.

One ultra-Machievellian who straddles the two factions of the Deep State is Henry Kissinger, a Trump advisor and supporter who pointedly refused to criticize Trump’s behavior at the summit. Kissinger, like other Trump supporters including Steve Bannon, views China, not Russia, as America’s main geostrategic antagonist.

Assuming there is method to Trump’s madness — an admittedly dubious assumption — one might posit a Kissinger-backed strategy of realignment. Under this scenario, the US aims to use Détente 2.0 with Russia to try to split Russia from its alliances with China and Iran. The geostrategic principle underlying such a strategy is simple: the number-one power (the US) must ally itself with the number-three power (Russia) against the rising number-two power (China).

The Likudniks would be expected to wholeheartedly support this US strategy. Israel, through the Red Mafiya and its billionaire dual-citizen oligarchs, has tremendous power in Russia, just like in America. If Israel could help engineer a rapprochement between the US and Russia, it might hope to draw the US into an escalation of the Zionist war on Iran, while keeping the Russians out, or at least limiting their involvement. Netanyahu’s obsession with Iran is shared by Trump’s current top foreign policy advisors, John Bolton and Mike Pompeo, who appear to be tools of the Kosher Nostra faction of the Deep State.

From Kissinger’s perspective, the best way to weaken the Russia-China-Iran alliance would be to split it up as much as possible, then go after the militarily and economically weakest member, Iran. This may be the strategy that Trump and his Kosher Nostra handlers are pursuing, albeit clumsily.

But will it work? It seems likely that Islamic Iran, despite escalating sanctions pressure, will (insha’allah) continue to successfully resist, repelling the bizarre MKO-driven plots of Bolton and Pompeo. It also seems likely that Russia, despite paying lip service to Netanyahu’s anti-Iran ravings, will, at the end of the day, stand by its allies in Tehran rather than allow any full-scale war to erupt. And it seems even more likely that China, the long-term target of any prospective US-Russia realignment, will step in to support Iran — overtly by buying oil, and covertly by making sure Iran has a deterrent force sufficient to dissuade Israel and its lapdog in Washington from contemplating all-out war. Finally, the role of Turkey, which facilitates sanctions-busting trade across its Iranian border, may shift in an ever-more pro-Iranian direction.

Given all of the above-described countervailing forces — along with the liberal Deep State’s opposition to, or at least extreme skepticism concerning, any prospective Pompeo-Bolton-Netanyahu plan for all-out war on Iran — the result of the Helsinki summit could easily turn out to be continued paralysis in Washington’s halls of power, with Trump’s carnival of chaos continuing into the indefinite future and becoming the new normal. In any case, the slow decline of the American-based, Zionist-influenced unipolar empire will continue, as Trump’s outrages (and the outraged and outrageous reactions against them) are gradually accepted as “business as usual.”

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