Hizbullah inflicts humiliating defeat on Israel

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Muharram 04, 1441 2019-09-03

Daily News Analysis

by Crescent International

Series of Israeli attacks on August 24-25 on three sovereign states, Lebanon, Syria and Iraq, ended in a strategic defeat for Israel on September 1 when Hizbullah reciprocated by targeting Israel’s Avivim military base.

According to Hizbullah’s media arm, the Islamic resistance movement destroyed an Israeli armored personnel carrier (APC) killing or injuring all the occupants.

While Zionist officials tried to downplay Hizbullah’s success, the denial spin collapsed once RT Arabic correspondent, Dalia Nammari, showed that the Israeli forces had hurriedly abandoned the Avivim military base.

RT’s video report showed a hastily abandoned and partly destroyed Israeli military base, which made it clear that Hizbullah’s operation was highly successful.

At the early stage of the attack there were unconfirmed reports that an Israeli general, in charge of the northern command was also in the APC that Hizbullah destroyed.

When news of Hizbullah’s retaliation against the Zionists appeared in the international media, Israel’s PR campaign took-off with several contradictions.

At first, the Israelis claimed that an ambulance was hit and no APC was destroyed. Later the Zionist entity admitted destruction of the APC.

Once RT Arabic showed the abandoned Israeli military base after it was hit, Zionist narrative changed again to claim that the base was “evacuated” days ago, even though the video footage showed clear signs of a hasty retreat.

Israelis are deliberately trying to focus on the specific elements of Hizbullah’s response in order to conceal the bigger political blow delivered by the resistance movement’s military operation.

Since 2006, when Hizbullah fought the Zionist entity to a standstill and scored a major political victory, Lebanon and Israel have had an unwritten agreement to keep the Lebanese-Palestine border calm.

On August 24, the Zionist entity tried to test what would happen if it broke this unwritten rule. The resistance movement delivered a decisive blow.

Hizbullah’s response eliminated Israel’s monopoly on the use of force and further demonstrated that the Zionist entity can be successfully confronted.

This has demolished Israel’s deterrence. It also underscores yet again the humiliatingbehavior of puppet Arabian regimes. They would not dare to even dream of retaliating against Israeli aggression.

It should be noted that it is not the first time that Hizbullah has put Israel in its place since 2006.

In January 2015, Israel tried to upset the established balance by attacking Hizbullah fighters in Syria, but was shown its place by Hizbullah when it eliminated three armed Zionist soldiers.

The latest Hizbullah operation is also a major boost to its image as the only force in the Arab world capable and willing to confront Israel.

The entire NATO-propped cabal of “Islamic” militias, better known as ISIS, formed to attack the Syrian government has never dared to throw a stone at Israel but enthusiastically attacked and murdered fellow Muslims since the 2011 war in Syria was instigated.

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