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Sha'ban 14, 1436 2015-06-01

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by Crescent International

There was a howling mob of Iranian monarchists, the MKO munafiqeen and Communist Party of Iran outside the Islamic Society of York Region premises where Imam Khomeini's anniversary was being commemorated on May 31. Sobre speeches inviting deep reflection were observed inside while the disparate goups outside started to fight each other. When the police intervened, they attacked them as well. They have the gall to complain and demand freedom!

Monday June 1, 2015, 16:09 DST

Imam Khomeini’s anniversary is regularly commemorated in Toronto. Various mosques and Islamic Centres organize programs to pay tribute to this man of God who brought about a genuine Islamic revolution and changed the global political landscape.

This year, the Imam’s anniversary was commemorated on Sunday May 31 at the Islamic Society of York Region in Richmond Hill. There was also a howling mob outside the gates of the Islamic Society. Comprising largely expatriate Iranians, they were egged on by one Reza Moridi, MPP for Richmond Hill.

Moridi had taken out full-page advertisements in various Iranian language newspapers and magazines urging people of Iranian origin to protest against the event. An odd assortment of nutcases gathered outside the Centre. True to their violent nature, they started to fight each other in addition to hurling obscenities at those attending the Imam’s anniversary program.

Inside, there were sobre speeches as well as children presenting drawings reflecting achievements of the Islamic revolution. The Imam’s impact on global politics and how he had radically changed the landscape were discussed at length.

Canadian author Eric Walberg whose latest book, Islamic Challenge to Imperialism was also launched at the program addressed the gathering. ICIT Director Zafar Bangash’s latest book, The Doomed Kingdom of the House of Saud, was also launched at the same time.

Maulana Zaki Baqi of Al-Mahdi Centre was the other speaker who shed light on the life of the Imam and his great Islamic understanding, knowledge and contribution to Muslim political thought.

Kevin Barrett, a former US War veteran who had been invited to attend and speak at the event was refused entry into Canada. Canadian Border Security Agents made allegations against him—vehemently denied by Kevin—that he had a conviction for drug dealing in 1977. Kevin Barrett has taken up the case and will be challenging the allegation.

The real reason for denial of his entry into Canada appeared to be that he recently edited a book: We are Not Charlie Hebdo. This apparently touched some raw nerves, hence the denial of entry to Canada. Freedom of speech clearly has limits in Canada even if there is no limit to abuse against Muslims and the promotion of Islamophobia.

The howling mob outside the Islamic Society premises in Richmond Hill was supported by various unrepresentative Iranian groups like the monarchists, the MKO munafiqeen and the Communist Workers’ Party. B’Nai Brith, a Jewish group that claims to advocate human rights, also opposed the gathering of Muslims at the Islamic Society and urged denial of their free speech rights!

Another anti-Muslim ranter, Tarek Fatah, who has gained notoriety and is promoted by the Zionists because of his vicious attacks against Muslims, was also there. True to his nature, he used foul language and made scandalous allegations against Muslims. These are being investigated and charges may be pressed against him for defamation.

What was revealing about the howling mob was that they started to fight each other. When the police intervened to stop the fight, the mob attacked the police as well. Several arrests were made. The mob also attacked and vandalized some cars inside the Islamic Society premises.

It appeared the mob—or at least the monarchist wing of it—was trying to score brownie points because the Shah’s son was visiting Canada and he was scheduled to speak at the Persian Palace restaurant in Richmond Hill the same evening.

The mob had arrived outside the Islamic Society premises at 1:30 pm and started their hate-filled messages. They were in a hurry to leave because they (or some of them) were scheduled to attend the event for the Shah’s son that evening. The mob was drenched by pouring rain. It served them right. It seems God did not favour their scandalous and obnoxious behaviour.

The conference attendees inside the hall listened to enlightened speeches enjoying a warm friendly environment. May the mob continue to remain in the wilderness howling like animals and may the sincere Muslims continue to discuss their issues in a sobre manner as commanded by their great religion—Islam.


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