Imperialists Weaponize Protests in Iraq, Lebanon, Iran…

Legitimacy of protests undermined by color revolution allusions
Empowering Weak & Oppressed

Kevin Barrett

Rabi' al-Thani 04, 1441 2019-12-01

News & Analysis

by Kevin Barrett (News & Analysis, Crescent International Vol. 48, No. 10, Rabi' al-Thani, 1441)

Protests against “the Establishment” are commonplace all over the world. As of this writing (November 19) demonstrations in Hong Kong, Iraq, Lebanon, Iran, France, and Latin America are making headlines. Though the massive Yellow Vest protests in France ought to be given wide coverage in the Western media — after all, France is a Western country — that doesn’t seem to be the case. Instead, the Euro-American media downplays or blacks out the Yellow Vests (and Morales supporters in Bolivia, Chavez supporters in Venezuela, and neoliberalism opponents in Chile) while hyping protests against governments that refuse to take orders from the West.

All of these protests are driven by material privations imposed by the neoliberal Western bankers, who are scrambling with increasing desperation to shore up their crumbling global empire. The driving force behind the Hong Kong protests is anger over skyrocketing rents, a symptom of neoliberal capitalism’s culture of untrammeled greed. Iraqi and Lebanese protestors are angered by stagnant economies and widespread corruption — both products of the West’s intentional destruction of the region. Iranian protestors decry gasoline rationing at controlled prices, a necessary measure due to economic hardships imposed by US sanctions. The French Yellow Vests, likewise angered by economic deprivation, have correctly diagnosed the root of the problem as the tyranny of the Zionist international bankers. Perhaps for that reason, the corporate-owned mainstream media ignores and vilifies them, while French police maim them with impunity. Pro-Morales protestors in Bolivia, like pro-Chavez protestors in Venezuela and anti-neoliberalism protestors in Chile, also understand who is really oppressing them. As awareness spreads, perhaps some day we will see one united global protest movement targeting the neoliberal international banking elite.

Meanwhile, why are many of the protestors in Hong Kong, Iraq, Lebanon, and Iran lashing out at the wrong targets? Primarily because they are being manipulated by their real oppressors. All of these protests show signs of being infiltrated by CIA-linked networks responsible for the rise of “color revolutions” around the world. CIA color revolutions, given plausible deniability through USAID, NED, and NGO front groups, are a 5th Generation Warfare (5GW) tactic aimed at pressuring, destabilizing, and overthrowing governments that resist imperial plunder.

The Hong Kong protests are re-using the original color revolution color — black, the symbol of OTPOR, the CIA-sponsored protest movement that overthrew Slobodan Miloševic in Serbia. CIA proxies lavished many tens of millions of dollars on OTPOR during the late-1990s, financing the disguised coup that overthrew Miloševic on October 5, 2000. The same agencies, and presumably some of the same individuals, are undoubtedly behind the Hong Kong riots, whose purpose is to destabilize China on behalf of US imperialism.

The CIA’s OTPOR veterans are obviously present in Lebanon. Sometimes they don’t even bother to disguise themselves. Consider the photo (next page) taken by Andre Vltchek, which shows a huge CIA-manufactured OTPOR clenched black fist with the Arabic word thawrah (revolution) — a stronger version of the Serb otpor (resistance).

Is it a coincidence that protests almost simultaneously broke out in the three core countries of the Axis of Resistance — and a few quickly turned violent? Though it is certainly suspicious the way the Western media instantly began singing from the same hymn book from the very beginning of the protests, as if a script had already been written, it is entirely possible that some or all of the original protests in all three countries may have begun innocently. Some people in Iran are furious about gasoline rationing. Originally priced extremely low but even with the price increase, it is still very low. Iraqis are sick of corruption. Many Lebanese people feel swamped by the nearly three million refugees, more than two million of them Syrian, who are taxing the already struggling economy. Quite a few Lebanese blame these and other problems on the political elite associated with the confessional system that allocates positions according to religion and ethnicity.

In this photograph taken by Andre Vltchek of the protests in Lebanon, the placards and props used by some of the demonstrators indicate the infiltration of imperial and Zionist intelligence operatives, whose objectives would be to channel the anger at local institutions rather than those who leverage control over them from the outside.

But no matter how genuine the motivations of the original protestors, their gatherings — at least in targeted countries — are always quickly infiltrated by 5GW psy-op specialists who seek to divert the crowds toward the imperialists’ purposes. The infiltration happens not only on the streets, but more importantly, in social media and other regions of cyberspace, where the Empire’s heavily-funded psychological warfare experts are not just proficient in, but in some cases actually run the platforms that the protestors are using (to take just a few examples, the CIA basically runs Google and Amazon, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook works closely with Israeli intelligence, and Twitter betrays its affiliation to Zionism by deleting the accounts of its critics, most recently Palestinian Quds News Network).

The psy-ops experts are trained to use depth psychology, which manipulates people’s emotions below the level of consciousness, to conjure up rage against the Empire’s enemies. They do this both in cyberspace, where the right messages and images can incite mass anger and even violence, and in what used to be known as the real world, where they use the Empire’s virtually unlimited funds churned out by the Federal Reserve Bank dollar-printing presses to hire rent-a-mobs and pay professional “activists.” Despite its misleading name, the Federal Reserve is not a bank but a privately-owned entity dominated by well-healed Zionists.

The mainstream media is the heavy artillery of the Empire’s 5GW propaganda army. Witness the New York Times story “The Iran Cables: Secret Documents Show How Tehran Wields Power in Iraq.” That story, and many others, was designed, presumably with the help of CIA Operation Mockingbird officers, to try to hijack the Iraq protests and turn them against Iran. The shamelessness of the US — which invaded Iraq in 2003, killed millions of Iraqis, and still occupies the country — as it tries to make the case that the real occupier of Iraq is Iran, is both breathtaking and nauseating.

Writing about the unrest in Lebanon, Sonja van den Ende explains the larger picture,

Some regular MSM outlets in the US, Israel, and EU already called this uprising larger and bigger than the last Cedar Revolution in 2005 and dare to call it the “New Arab Spring.” This is a dangerous remark because all well-informed people know that the so-called Arab Spring was initiated by the US and its allies EU/NATO and financed by George Soros foundations like the Open Society Foundation. It brought the destruction and downfall of Libya, it destroyed Syria and led the world to the brink of collapse. The current situation in Lebanon is caused by exactly that, the so-called Arab Spring and the economic collapse, which is a result of the Arab Spring. Millions of Syrian refugees fled to their neighboring country Lebanon, causing a huge economic burden.

So chaos causes economic privation that causes more chaos which in turn causes more economic privation. It is a vicious cycle with no end in sight. This is the deliberate policy of the Zionist entity and the West: to annihilate the Muslim East in order to facilitate its plunder. From the Zionist Oded Yinon’s plan to balkanize the region in service to Greater Israel, to Col. Ralph Peters and his Pentagon-funded “blood borders map,” Zionists and imperialists have openly announced their mission: to smash the historical heartland of Islam into ever-smaller, ever-more impotent pieces.

The protesters in Lebanon say they are tired of the current confessional system, which is understandable. But impulsively destroying the present system, without offering a viable replacement, is a recipe for disaster. As Hizbullah leader Sayyid Hasan Nasrullah observed, “Some protests have been financed by embassies and suspicious sides. Certain elements are seeking to stir political tensions in Lebanon in a bid to create a political vacuum in the country” with the apparent objective of inciting another civil war.

The people of Iraq, Lebanon, and Iran should reject the chaos scenarios sponsored by their manipulators, and instead demand unity in confronting the aggressors who have crippled their countries’ economies and infrastructures. Specifically, they should be demanding trillions of dollars in reparations from the United States and Israel, a real investigation of the 9/11 false flag that blew up the Muslim East, a united Muslim Ummah with full sovereignty over its own energy resources, and an end to the Zionist-dominated riba-based international currency system.

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