In leaked audio, CIA chief had asked former Yemeni autocrat to release Al-Qaeda terrorist!

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Sha'ban 14, 1442 2021-03-28

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by Crescent International

The Yemeni TV channel Al-Masirah made an explosive revelation last week.

It leaked a telephone conversation between former director of CIA, George Tenet and then Yemeni autocrat Ali Abdullah Saleh.

Based on Al-Masirah’s revelation, reported on March 18 that Tenet had asked Saleh to release an al-Qaeda terrorist arrested in Yemen.

For nearly two decades, the US has claimed that it is fighting al-Qaeda terrorists.

The US invaded and occupied Afghanistan to eliminate al-Qaeda. It also invaded Syria based on the same pretext.

Surely, the released audio recording that exposes CIA links with al-Qaeda, should be headline news.

Yet this explosive news has been greeted with stunning silence by the corporate Western media.

Under the pretext of fighting terrorism, Western regimes have targeted peaceful Muslim citizens in their own countries.

The lives of hundreds of families have been ruined.

Some were deliberately lured and trapped into illegal acts by Western intelligence agencies.

Such incidents were reported in screaming headlines by the media and almost every Muslim was projected as either a “terrorist” or a “terrorist sympathizer”.

So, why the silence over a revelation that exposes the close links between the CIA and al-Qaeda terrorists?

We, in the Crescent International have maintained that al-Qaeda is an American/Western creation and is used as a bogeyman to invade and occupy Muslim countries.

In June 2015, a terrorism case against Bherlin Gildo collapsed in a London court when his lawyer argued that British intelligence were supporting the same group in Syria that his client was.

The lawyer asked that the British intelligence officer appear in court to testify. The request was denied and the case collapsed.

We now have one more proof.

If a leaked audio of this type had exposed conversation between officials of governments deemed hostile to Western powers, it would be headline news and repeated endlessly in media broadcasts worldwide.

Imagine the global headline if an audio leak contained conversation between, let’s assume, Turkey’s intelligence chief calling the Venezuelan president and requesting him to release an Al-Qaeda terrorist?

Even if there were no concrete proof of the audio recording being authentic, the sheer volume of headlines on this topic would be huge.

It would be reported as fact.

A few weeks ago, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken repeated a lie that Islamic Iran is ‘weeks away’ from nuclear material for a nuclear bomb.

Blinken’s statement was widely circulated by the corporate media with little or no scrutiny.

The default position of the corporate media is to accept statements of their governments which justify their meddling in West Asia as established truths.

While it has not been independently verified, the authenticity of the leaked phone conversation between Tenet and Saleh is highly probable.

The relationship between Saleh’s regime and the CIA was always an open secret.

What makes the leaked audio conversation even more interesting is that the al-Qaeda operative named was US citizen Anwar Al-Awlaki. He was based in Virginia but left the US to his ancestral home in Yemen.

(Anwar al-Awlaki, an American citizen, was killed in a US air strike in September 2011 in Yemen. His 8-year-old daughter, Nawar, was killed by the US on February 01, 2017), also in Yemen.)

Did the CIA want him released from prison in Yemen because he had outlived his usefulness?

If the audio was fake, instead of identifying Awlaki, the AnsarAllah could have named some current leader of al-Qaeda and discredit him.

These and other issues surrounding the leaked tape need to be fully investigated by regional media outlets.

The Western corporate media will not investigate issues that expose the pretext used by Western regimes to continue their criminal meddling in West Asia.


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