India’s cow vigilantes

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Dhu al-Hijjah 10, 1438 2017-09-01


by Editor (Editorials, Crescent International Vol. 46, No. 7, Dhu al-Hijjah, 1438)

Since Narendra Modi’s election as prime minister of India, Hindu Nazis have been given a boost. Modi rose to power after perpetrating the massacre of innocent Muslims in Gujarat in 2002 when he was chief minister. He has appointed hard-core anti-Muslim Hindus to top posts. Under his watch a new breed of criminals masquerading as “cow vigilantes” has emerged ostensibly to prevent cow slaughter and the consumption of beef. These vigilantes target two groups of people in particular: Muslims and Dalits. The former are attacked because they are accused of eating beef (true) and slaughtering the largest number of cows (false). Dalits are attacked because they allegedly kill cows to sell their skins.

In last April’s state elections, Modi’s party, the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP), won Uttar Pradesh (UP), India’s largest state. Since then a number of Muslim-owned slaughterhouses in UP have been closed. While Muslims are targeted, Hindus own India’s largest slaughterhouses.

Hindus consider the cow to be their mother. Strange as it may sound, we are not bothered with who the Hindus choose as their mother. They also worship idols made of stone or wood. They have millions of them. That too is their business. Our concern is with Hindu vigilantes using the slaughter of cows to target Muslims. Some have been killed; others have been beaten up. Muslims — and Dalits — live in absolute fear in India since Modi’s rise to power.

If Hindus truly care for cows, they should go after the largest slaughterhouses in India that are owned by Hindus — yes Hindus. With 1.85 million metric tons of annual beef exports, India and Brazil top the global list, far surpassing even the US (1.12 million metric tons).

Let us identify some of India’s largest beef exporting companies and their owners.

1. Al-Kabeer Exports Pvt. Ltd, owned by Satish Saberwal, a Hindu. In 2016, the company did business worth INR 6,500 million (US$101.56 billion)!

2. Arabian Exports Pvt. Ltd, owned by Sunil Kapoor, also a Hindu.

3. MKR Frozen Food Exports Pvt Ltd, owned by Madan Abbott (another non-Muslim).

4. Al-Noor Exports Pvt Ltd, owned by Sunil Sood, also a Hindu. The company’s slaughterhouse is in UP where BJP’s Yogi Aidyanath is chief minister. While he has closed much smaller Muslim slaughterhouses, Hindu businesses are unaffected.

5. AOB Exports Pvt. Ltd, owned by O.P. Arora (another non-Muslim), is also based in UP.

6. Standard Frozen Foods Exports Pvt. Ltd, another UP-based company, owned by Kamal Verma (Hindu).

7. Maharashtra Food Processing and Cold Storage Pvt. Ltd, owned by Sunny Khattar (non-Muslim).

It is worth noting how Hindus use Muslim-sounding names for their businesses — Al-Kabeer, Arabian Exports, Al-Noor exports etc. — to hoodwink unsuspecting Muslims abroad. Captialists and their enablers can’t be bothered by a prickly conscience. At home, they slaughter cows as well as Muslims!

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