Indian rapes

Empowering Weak & Oppressed

Kimberley Scott

Rabi' al-Thani 29, 1435 2014-03-01

Letters To The Editor

by Kimberley Scott (Letters To The Editor, Crescent International Vol. 43, No. 1, Rabi' al-Thani, 1435)

The truth about rapes in India has shocked this reader who was led to believe that India is the “largest democracy” in the world.

I was truly shocked to read the appalling story of rape cases in India. As a woman I had no idea the situation was so grim for women in India that claims to be the world’s “largest democracy.” I was under the impression that India had a female prime minister, Indhira Gandhi, heralding women’s equality that has so far eluded many Western countries. There has never been a female president or vice president in the US; Canada’s one female prime minister, Kim Campbell, was thrown out of office within a few months. I now know better. Thank you.

Kimberley Scott

Ottawa, ON, Canada

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