Is Turkey the Trojan Horse, or is it the Saudi Islamists?

Developing Just Leadership

Zafar Bangash

Jumada' al-Akhirah 18, 1431 2010-06-01


by Zafar Bangash (Opinion, Crescent International Vol. 39, No. 4, Jumada' al-Akhirah, 1431)

The flotilla of humanitarian aid sponsored by the government of Turkey was attacked in international waters by Israeli pirates equipped with the latest technology Washington can offer to its sea wolf client in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea.

The flotilla of humanitarian aid sponsored by the government of Turkey was attacked in international waters by Israeli pirates equipped with the latest technology Washington can offer to its sea wolf client in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. This lowdown Israeli crime on the high-seas against a humanitarian convoy of foodstuffs, medicines, building materials, toys, etc. should ring the bells of Canterbury and the Vatican. But gone are the days when there was a “Christian” conscience in those two citadels. Zionism cloaked in Judaism has occupied the religious territories of Europe and America. Nothing much can be expected from an ailing America and an expiring Europe who have for centuries now been in a progressive chock-hold by the Zionist political class.

The issue of Israel hence is a Zionist/“Jewish”-Islamic issue par excellence; Christianity has been effectively domesticated by evangelical Christians and secular politicians who report to their Zionist spiritual and financial bosses respectively. With what is called the Christian world for all intents and purposes recruited to the cause of Zionist Israel there can be no expectation that the regime in Washington and the regimes in Europe will do anything at all to bring justice to the Holy Land. That is why this issue is now an Islamic issue that will inevitably clash with those Zionists who have not only hijacked Judaism, but are trying to wave it as a historical document of statelessness to rationalize their land larceny and now their sea piracy against innocent people who are trying to eke out a living or others who are helping them survive.

This brings us to the ramifications of Israeli piracy on the high-seas in international waters. The Turkish government has been catapulted into the limelight because its citizens were killed by Israelis — without Israeli second-thoughts or apologies. Many impassioned Muslims want to conclude that Turkey is anIslamic state! Hold your horses. Turkey is a secular republic. Its constitution is not derived from the Qur’an and the Sunnah.

It does have a ruling party that carries within it Islamic sympathies, Islamic tendencies, and Islamic dreams. In particular, the president, the prime minister, and the foreign minister would love to see Turkey become an Islamic state. But facts on the ground are not to be confused with fellow feelings and aspirations. Both Turkey and Israel still have full diplomatic missions in each other’s capitals. The Turkish military class enjoys a camaraderie of sorts with the Zionist military class. Joint military exercises between Turkey and Israel have been as routine as military exercises come. There is also a tourist industry thriving on both sides of this relationship. Turkey also has its inordinate number of Freemasons who are lodged into all aspects of Turkish civil and military institutions.

All these commonalities between Turkey and Zionist officials have been on a downward spiral ever since the Islamic trend in Turkey was voted into office eight years ago. This tells us that there is a will in Turkey to break away from its recent history of Europeanization. Add to that a popular groundswell of millions of people resuming their Islamic identity, their Islamic culture, and their Islamic self-determination. This fixed and persistent intent or purpose has to be nurtured and supported so that it can break loose from the Masonic, Zionist, and kafir establishmentarians who have been calling the shots in Turkey ever since it disavowed its Ottoman past.

We do not believe that the American and Zionist presence in Turkey is asleep at the wheels. They are monitoring very closely the Islamic “New Turks” who are inching their way away from Washington and Tel Aviv. Necmettin Erbakan’s students who are now carefully steering Turkey in an Islamic direction will need all the help they can get. And the only significant help they can get will be from the Islamic State and theIslamic Movement. The time-frame that Turkey is in at this juncture is equivalent to labor-pains. But once the Islamic newborn arrives it will be a decisive factor in the politics of the region, and dare we say in the map of the world.

Turkey, when it was the Ottoman State in its final decades, was called the “sick man of Europe.” So, by European confession, Turkey belongs to Europe, but only when it is sick. When it is healthy Europe disclaims it. When the Ottoman Turks were defeated in the First World War, the whole Muslim world was wide open for all colonial powers of the time. To reverse engineer this whole process, Islamic Turkey has to come back to the Islamic fold, and that is what is happening now. We want everyone who reads these lines to think outside of the box. And in so doing we should visualize, post haste, a corridor of officials shuttling between Istanbul and Tehran. This is no time to be foot-dragging on the issue. Even though the Islamic figures in Turkey are cautiously and slowly advancing toward an Islamic reign, their internal opposites and external enemies are busy trying to figure out how to undo a latent Islamic form of self-determination. It will not be easy to immediately synchronize Turkey and Iran in their foreign policy decisions, but it is not hopeless. And our Islamic minds should not stop here; Syria and Iraq have to be brought into a political and eventually a military bloc that will, in time, amass millions of committed Muslims in their jihadi spirit to liberate Palestine from the kleptocrats of Zion. Simple arithmetic will put the population base of Turkey, Iran, Iraq, and Syria at well over 200 million committed and combat-ready Muslims. Before that day arrives, there will have to be many odds and ends that have to be sorted out. But it can be done.

David Ben-Gurion, the first prowling prime minister of the Zionist entity along with his worldwide Zionist connections and supporters conceived of “Israel” as a nation-state secured by the grand-periphery: Turkey, Iran, and Ethiopia. These were the non-Arab nation-states that had their nationalist antagonisms with the Arabs. He also relied upon “minorities” (religious and ethnic) within the Arab sea of people to help with “Israel’s security”. If Ben-Gurion were to rise from his grave today he would see his strategy marching in reverse. Two out of the three pillars of Israeli security, namely Iran and Turkey, have become or are becoming the primary threat to Israeli national security. The minorities that at one time were offered a pool of recruitment for intelligence and other dirty missions are no longer what they used to be. As for that sea of Arabs that surrounded the occupiers of Palestine, the only barrier between them and the impending assault on the Zionist state is the non-representative governments — junkyard dogs of the Israeli gangsters. These tyrannical governments, though, are living on borrowed time. Ben-Gurion’s sea of Arabs will burst the official banks, and when that happens we can comfortably say good riddance to that political pathogen that defrauded the world of its Holy Land, that is, Israel.

There are snippets of news here and there saying that the Turkish Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan is thinking about joining a future flotilla into Ghazzah. A good idea; a better idea is to have other officials from Muslim countries join him, although we know they are more interested in their comfort zone at home than to be concerned with the plight of almost two million starving Palestinians in Ghazzah. How about prominent members of the Islamic Movement and State in the world accompanying Mr. Erdogan to Ghazzah? Is Sheikh Yusuf al-Qardawi (who always invokes his desire for shahadah) ready to join Mr. Erdogan? There are many prominent members of the Islamic Movement, are they prepared to join Mr. Erdogan? Or do they think that this is a Zionist conspiracy? The Zionist conspiracy is their long-lasting paranoia about anyone who steps forward and wants to do something to help the Palestinians who are dying while “purist Islamists” rationalize their inactivity by “deep thoughts” about a Zionism that immobilized them into bystanders and viewers.

Behind this Islamic suspicion and mistrust lies the mother of all suspects — Saudi Arabia. Two centuries or so ago, the ancestors of those who currently rule over Arabia were at war with the ancestors of those who rule in Turkey and Iran today. The crying call out of Arabia by the Wahhabi fanatics of that time was that the Iranians were Shi‘i kafirs, and the Turks were Sufi kafirs. We wonder whether the rulers in Arabia today hold that to be true. And if they do, it would explain to us why the regime(s) in Arabia are looking obliquely while humanitarians from all over the world are trying to throw a life-saver to the poverty drowning inhabitants of Ghazzah.

The people of Ghazzah are neither Sufis nor Shi‘is, some of them even have an affinity with the religious lords of Arabia. And look who is helping!

Wa-Allahu a‘lamu haythu yaj‘alu risalatahu: And Allah knows best where to place His missive (6:124).

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