Islamic Iran

Developing Just Leadership

Leyla Hamid

Safar 02, 1441 2019-10-01

Letters To The Editor

by Leyla Hamid (Letters To The Editor, Crescent International Vol. 48, No. 8, Safar, 1441)

Despite facing enormous odds, Islamic Iran has shown that it is possible to remain dignified and stand in the face of global bullying. What is required is sincere commitment to Allah (swt) and His Prophet (pbuh) and the pristine principles of Islam. Other countries in the region go scurrying to the imperialists and Zionists for protection; Islamic Iran stands up to them. And it has come out on top. Today, no decisions about the region can be taken without Iran’s approval. This is the power of Islam and it makes all Muslims proud.

Leyla Hamid
Montreal, PQ, Canada

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