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Jumada' al-Akhirah 08, 1430 2009-06-01


by Crescent International (Opinion, Crescent International Vol. 38, No. 4, Jumada' al-Akhirah, 1430)

The Islamic Republic’s successful test in late May of a medium-range, solid-fuel missile diminishes Tel Aviv’s potential threat to the Islamic East. This should be the conviction of all Islamic observers, whether they are totally involved in or operating at the periphery of the global Islamic movement. This development coupled with the progressive power-increase of the Islamic State could either cement or crack the American-Israeli duet.

The US Secretary of War Robert M. Gates commenting on the Sejjil-2 surface-to-surface missile’s range as being about 1,200 to 1,500 miles said “it was a successful flight test.” The Sejjil-2 missile can be launched more quickly and with a shorter warning time than a liquid-fuel missile. Liquid fuel rockets are more vulnerable to preemptive strikes because it takes hours or even days to fuel them. Insiders say that this is the first time Islamic Iran successfully launched a solid-fuel missile of this range. Solid fuel rockets can be launched with greater frequency and are more mobile. The advantage of solid fuel is that it can be put on a truck and driven around or even stored in a cave, according to one expert on the subject.

Another technical breakthrough for the self-reliant military industry in Islamic Iran is that it was a two-stage missile. Such a rocket can go farther because it jettisons some of its weight in mid-flight. A country has to develop a two-stage system in order to build intercontinental ballistic missile systems. Whether or not the timing of this launch had anything to do with the June 12th presidential elections in Iran is anyone’s guess. If members of the Islamic movement were to vote in the upcoming presidential elections, the overwhelming majority would vote for president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad who has been fearlessly breaking diplomatic ice and political new ground for this type of military industry to proceed at full strength and intensity.

The Israeli crowd is nervous and their Zionist supporters are on edge, watching the only Islamic political orientation in the world acquire war technology at a pace that challenges the Zionist and imperialist schemes within the “house of Islam.” Imperialist talk about countering Iran with a buildup of missile sites in Europe is a distraction from the real policies of Washington and Tel Aviv: the beefing-up of military bases in Asia. From now on, Washington’s political class should know that acquisition of weapons and weapon-systems by an Islamic State is for the security of Muslim peoples, and that the time when militant supporters of Zionism could flash their military credentials as the bullies on the block is coming to an end. Tel Aviv’s nuclear arsenal and the means to deliver will no longer go unchallenged. And this is only the beginning. It should be clear that a nuclear-armed Israel with deliverable weapons systems is the reason and has always been the reason for an arms race in the Islamic East.

Israel reacted to this development by saying that Europe and the United States should share Israel’s goal of stopping Iran’s missile program. Therefore it only makes sense for the Islamic world to say back to Israel: all the Muslims share Islamic Iran’s goal of checking Israel’s military hegemony in the region. Israel’s Deputy Foreign minister Danny Ayalon, ever anxious to bring the US into the picture, said, “Israel believes that Iran is also trying to develop a ballistic missile with a range of 6,250 miles, which could reach the United States!”

The Islamic Republic of Iran has not forgotten the war lessons of the past 30 years: hot wars and cold wars, psychological warfare and economic warfare… And true to its Islamic nature and future it builds its military might to defend against all enemies: domestic and foreign. The regimes in the Arabian countries have recently joined the chorus of a “Persian nuclear threat.” We think they are still in deep slumber but their Zionist and imperialist masters are trying to scare them by painting a nightmare scenario of a nuclear Iran. Nuclear Israel has never been of any concern to these heads-and-butts of state. Nor were they alarmed or intimidated by an Israel that hides its nuclear arsenal from the public eye but which these rulers are well aware of. Now all of a sudden Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and even minuscule Jordan are thinking about going nuclear! There must be something very Islamic about Iran that has caused the Zionists and the Arabian political hypocrites to embrace each other. Voices are heard now in the West saying that for the first time since the creation of the Zionist nation-state, “Jews” and “Arabs” see eye to eye concerning the strategic threat a nuclear Iran would present. The truth is beginning to come out — that Arabian leaders say one thing to their friends and something quite different to their enemies.

Let us make one thing very clear, the regimes in the Islamic world are companions of Zionism and imperialism, while the peoples in the Islamic world are supporters of the Islamic leadership in Iran. President Ahmadinejad may not be all that popular in the elitist and upper crust ranks of Iranian and Arabian societies but he is very popular throughout the Muslim and oppressed worlds. When he took to the podium at the Durban II anti-racism conference in Switzerland in April and spoke words of honesty and certainty about the Zionist regime, he captured the hearts of Muslims everywhere. Some Muslims came to realize that president Ahmadinejad, who is not a Palestinian, said what Mahmud ‘Abbas knew but would not dare utter. Ahmadinejad, who is not an Arabian, said what all other Arabian rulers knew but would not dare to say either. Many individuals when they heard an Islamic head of state pronounce the truth about Zionism said: He makes me feel proud of being a Muslim. Others in Arab countries said: When I heard him speak, even though I am an Arab, I wished I were a Persian! (This of course is no nationalist statement, it simply says that finally a Persian speaking person spoke the truth that no Arabian president or king could speak at such an international conference).

This man comes from the generation that suffered the brunt of war — in all its horrible manifestations. Along with him are millions of others who lived through an American-Zionist imposed war on their own country — for no other reason than the desire to be an Islamic country. How can this war-hardened generation have any confidence in imperialist and Zionist officials who are still incapable of confessing their political sins and their war crimes?

Pity the individuals and officials in Islamic Iran who have lost sight of imperialism and Zionism. Pity some ex-revolutionaries who regret their anti-imperialist past and have an earnest and strong desire to let imperialist bygones be bygones and want to live and let live with the imperialist shaytan. Meanwhile, the shaytani officials in Washington and its sister city Tel Aviv are thinking war, planning war, and preparing for war against any Islamic self-determination anywhere in the world.

Twenty years after Imam Khomeini passed on to heavenly company, some officials in Islamic Iran are still true to their Imam while others have found their secular, sectarian, or money-making escape routes away from him. Muslims beware: a Mu‘awiyah lurks beneath the surface.

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