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Muharram 11, 1443 2021-08-20

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by Crescent International

On August 11, the Beirut-based TV channel Al Mayadeen reported that it had obtained classified documents exposing the presence of a team of six Israelis at the explosion site in Dubai on July 7.

As a result of the explosion, “3 Israelis were killed, and 2 were severely injured.”

Israel has been conducting maritime attacks against Iranian targets in the Persian Gulf and Islamic Iran has responded appropriately.

It is, therefore, plausible to assume that the July 7 explosion in Dubai was related to the ongoing regional hybrid war between Islamic Iran and Israel.

The Dubai incident is not the only one in recent days when Israel has concealed its losses via regional proxies.

In April of this year pro-Zionist Kurdistan Regional Government denied reports which claimed the death of Mossad agents in Iraq.

What exactly happened in Dubai on July 7 is not as crucial as understanding why it is in Israel’s strategic interest to constantly conceal blows it is receiving from its adversaries.

As is evident from history, Israel is unable to engage in a prolonged war.

The last extended war it fought in 2006 with Lebanon ended in military humiliation and political defeat.

Many, if not most Israelis possess dual citizenships, a phenomenon which makes a prolonged conflict unsustainable for Israel.

In case of prolonged conflict, Ukrainian, Russian, Uzbek and US passport holders of Israel will opt for abandoning occupied Palestine.

It’s natural human instinct, best demonstrated today by US proxies in Afghanistan, fleeing abroad.

Israel’s social fabric which is made up of colonial-settlers makes it crucial for Zionist rulers to appear strong.

Once the perception of strength is lost, the will to resist Palestinian liberation struggle will collapse.

Israelis understand that their regime is able to occupy Palestine due to massive military and economic subsidies provided by the US and its NATO allies.

Thus, if Israelis begin to feel that even with massive political, military, and economic backing from Western powers, the Zionist regime is suffering serious setbacks, the Zionist project will lose credibility within its immediate constituency.

Considering Al Mayadeen’s latest revelations, it should be kept in mind that any news of Israel denying its setbacks must be treated with great skepticism.

It is in Israel’s strategic political interests to conceal its setbacks.

As the masses begin realizing this, it will further undermine Israel’s already difficult situation in the information war.

With the emergence of a multipolar global order which is already being reflected in the media, as well as economic and political aspects, the tables are most likely going to flip.

The ball is now in the Israeli court to prove its narrative. It will not be easy.

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