Kobani also part of ‘Greater Israel’?

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Tony Seed

Safar 29, 1436 2014-12-22

Daily News Analysis

by Tony Seed

The colonial settler entity of Zionist Israel has set its sights far and wide. Not only does it covet all of Palestine but also parts of Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria and Turkey. It has just added the besieged Kurdish town of Kobani in northern Syria to areas it wants to occupy.


2014-12-22, 09:23 EST

According to CNN, Israel has added Kobani to its occupation collection.

Kobani (Arabic name is Ain-al-Arab) is the Kurdish community in northern Syria under siege by the takfiris that go by the misleading title, ISIS or ISIL, ally of the Zionists in the war against the Syrian Arab Republic.

This comes amid UN reports that the zionist occupation army is helping Syrian rebels along the border. Many wounded Syrian rebels are transported to hospitals in Israel. Syria's ambassador to the UN, Bashar al-Jafari has officially complained to the UN Secretary General but no action has been taken on this serious breach of Syrian sovereignty and aid to terrorist groups.

The zionists' expansionist aims are well known.

It should be remembered that many Israelis, including Benjamin Netanyahu and others of his ilk who hold the seats of power there, believe in the “biblical borders” concept concerning the area known as Ersatz Israel.

This area in their estimation includes not only the post-1967 borders, but also the areas of Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, together with a huge part of Turkey (up to lake Van); and in the west, Cyprus, and parts of Iraq south of the Euphrates; all of Kuwait and Northern Saudi Arabia (cf, Israel Shahak’s book, Jewish History, Jewish Religion, Pluto Press, 345 Archway Road, London N6 5AA, ISBN 0 7453 0819 8).

This concept was formally presented by the Zionist delegation at the Versailles conference following World War I as their demand for territory on the basis of the infamous Balfour Declaration.

The map of Ersatz Israel actually adorns the walls of the Israeli Knesset.

This concept of “biblical borders” is but another example of the Manifest Destiny ideology first adopted by the Americans and now adopted by the Chosen People.

With this in mind, one should not contemplate with too much gullibility the idea that either Israel or CNN is intent on giving the Palestinians their land back in any permanent fashion.


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