Lebanon’s garbage problem turned into political crisis

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Dhu al-Qa'dah 17, 1436 2015-09-01

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Who is behind the crisis in Lebanon? A genuine concern of the people--piles of garbage in Beirut--has been turned into a political crisis with demands for the government's resignation. How would that solve the garbage crisis or indeed the lack of electricity and water in the country has not been explained. There is mounting evidence that Western, Zionist and Saudi agents are involved in instigating trouble. Their ultimate target is Hizbullah.

Beirut, Crescent-online
Tuesday September 01, 2015, 09:09 DST

Lebanon’s garbage that has been piling up since mid-July has been turned into a political crisis with protesters demanding resignation of the government.

There are rallies in Beirut’s Martyrs Square almost on a daily basis. ‘You Stink’ has become a popular social media event that is being successfully exploited by people that appear to have an altogether different agenda.

True, the garbage problem is serious. When Beirut’s sole dump was shut down in mid-July because it ran out of space, the government failed to find an alternative with garbage piling up in the streets.

This poses a serious health hazard but people’s demands have now blown into demanding electricity and water that are available only sporadically as well as resignation of the government.

It is not clear how the government’s resignation would solve the country’s problems. Parliament has been paralyzed since May 2014 and has not been able to choose a new president.

Prime Minister Tammam Salim has threatened to resign. There are demands for Environment Minister Muhammad Mashnuq’s resignation as well. The Environment Ministry was occupied by about two dozen protesters earlier today pressing their demands for the minister's resignation.

From his eighth floor office in the ministry, he sent a message to receive a representative of the protesters for talks but this went unaswered. He also called on the security forces to do their job, implying they should clear the ministry building of protesters.

The two rival blocs in parliament—March 8 and March 14—are backing different candidates. The March 8 supports Michel Aoun while the March 14 bloc of former prime minister Saad Hariri backs Samir Geagea, a warlord with much innocent blood on his hands.

The 128-member parliament remains paralyzed.

The trash crisis, however, has been hijacked by external powers that want to destabilize Lebanon since Hizbullah fighters are tied up in Syria against the takfiri terrorists.

They believe Hizbullah would not be able to prevent internal destabilization.

Should the government fall, it is almost certain that the US-Saudi-Zionist-backed takfiri terrorists would benefit and occupy large swathes of territory.

It appears this is what they want.

Aware of these machinations, Parliament speaker Nabih Berri on August 30 called for a national dialogue among all political factions to overcome the crisis. The following day, Hizbullah Secretary General Seyyed Hasan Nasrallah welcomed the proposal saying this was the only way to avert a greater disaster.

“Hizbullah expresses its full support for the dialogue initiative launched by Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri in his speech yesterday [August 30],” Hizbullah said in a statement on August 31.

It added that it views the proposed national dialogue as a “serious opportunity to find an exit” to some of the country’s major issues.

There appears to be a race against the forces of disruption and sedition in Lebanon. What started as a genuine concern over the piles of rotting garbage and health hazard it posed has been turned into a full blown rebellion against the state.

The movement seems to have been hijacked by agents of foreign powers: the US, French, Israeli and Saudi. A number of people have noted the presence of foreigners—British, French and Israelis—in the protests.

One Western diplomat even admitted that like the ‘workshops’ organized in other Arab countries before the ‘Arab Spring’, Lebanon has had its own series of workshops at the American University in Beirut.

And who is paying those muscular men, stripped from their waist up throwing stones at the security forces?

Is Libya’s experience being repeated in Lebanon with Hizbullah the ultimate target because it has stood up to the Zionists and frustrated Western plans?

Instead, it has become involved in confronting the Western-Saudi-Zionist backed throat-cutters and organ eaters to block the overthrow of the elected government of Syria.

Lebanon faces serious health and education problems. Hizbullah is the only organization that provides these services.

By targeting it, the West and its Saudi-Gulf Arab agents are trying to weaken Lebanon to the point it will not be able to stand on its own and would have to beg for Western help and intervention.

The price the West would demand would be Hizbullah’s total destruction and the end of Lebanon as a state. This would open the gates of hell in the Middle East and make Syria look like a tea party.


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